Submission Rules

1. Article Submission

1) Click [Submit] button on the home page

2) Edit your article and submit (Auto-saving is performed every 2 minutes)

3) Enter your personal information in the submission screen.

4) After submission, your article will be pending review. The results will be sent to your email address in 5 working days.

5) After getting approved, the article will be displayed on the site.

2. Review Mechanism

How to Get Approved

1) The following actions are strictly prohibited: publish pornographic and violent content, publish content with sexual descriptions, publish content concerning online earning and gambling, publish ads, post unidentified link, post texts, pictures or videos concerning sedition, pornography, horror, cult and politics, publish discriminatory content about race, gender or religion, post texts, pictures or videos containing the names or photos of political figures.

2) Any meaningless submission is prohibited, including: The title of the article does not match the contents, repeated submissions, fabrication of facts.

3) Any reposting that fails to either accredit the author or get the author's permission is strictly prohibited. Once discovered, your submission will be instantly deleted and your game account will be suspended for at least 3 days. We also reserve the right to pursue legal responsibility. You need to either accredit the original author and indicate the source or get the author's permission if your article contains contents that are not your own creation.

4) Your article will not get our approval if it contains: a) inflammatory speech b) language that belittles any character or equipment c) language that may spark controversy among players

5) Any unauthorized release of personal information, contact information or photos of other people is strictly prohibited.

6) The article should be laid out in a neat and orderly format that is reader-friendly.

7) Be sure to choose a related topic when you submit the article.

How to Get Featured

1) Easy to understand, highly detailed, informative and richly illustrated with screenshots or pictures.

2) Better than most articles in some respect or highly innovative.

3. Reward

In order to encourage creations, we will reward Captains whose articles get featured on our site. Each featured guide will get a reward of 500 to 2500 Crystals based on the quality.

Please note that only featured articles are guaranteed to get Crystal reward.

Authors of the approved articles will be notified via email. After getting featured, the author will receive Crystal reward via in-game mail before the first Friday of next month. Feel free to contact us via email if you have any question.

Be sure to enter a correct UID. Frequent changes of the reward-winning UID may lead to the temporary suspension of related UID for investigation.

4. Contact Information Email