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EX ABYSS Type Counter DXY Guide


Hi, this is Captain Marisa. In this guide, we'll review EX Abyss BOSS - TYPE COUNTER DARK JIXUANYUAN to help you clear it. This guide is made based on Red Lotus bracket.


  • Weather: Nemesis
  • Effect: Type countering effects are 20% stronger.
  • Enemies: Death Web (BIO) and Dark Jixuanyuan (PSY)



1. Dark Jixuanyuan (DXY) is PSY-type. When the shield is broken, DXY falls off her horse and turns to BIO-type.

2. DXY takes 20% more damage when bleeding or ignited. This is a UNIQUE MULTIPLIER - which means it is a very powerful debuff!


3. DXY has 40% ranged damage resistance, so avoid ranged DPS like Herrscher of the Void.




There are a lot of options for this boss


1. Night Squire (NS) team is the most recommended for f2p option

  • NS Burst Mode bleeds JXY, so no need to put Ranger's Cross or New Year set on your support. 
  • Drive Kometa (DK) makes shield break easier and can carry Briareus EX for impair.


2. Other recommended DPS

  1. Herrscher of Sentience (HoS): Currently the top scorer for this boss in RedLotus. However, if you're undergeared, and lacking bleed/ignite, then it's probably a good idea to use NS instead.
  2. Bright Knight: One of the best valks for DXY
  3. Dea Anchora: Full gear DA can easily shred both Death Web and DXY.
  4. Danzai + Starlit: Just make sure Astrologos has enough damage to break the shield and Danzai can deal damage~ Danzai haiyah~
  5. Blazing Hope: High damage and high shield break power
  6. Other options: Stygian Nymph, Fervent Tempo, Twilight Paladin, Void Drifter


3. Tesla Zero ELF

As mentioned before, Tesla Zero ELF bleeds the enemy, making DXY take 20% more damage (unique multiplier). Use it if you have it! 

‘Let’s beat a dead horse!’




  1. Night Squire, Danzai, Dea Anchora [326D]
  2. Herrscher of Sentience [352 D] [Score 880]


  3. Bright Knight [361 D] [Score 765] 


  4. Blazing Hope [365 D] [Score 810]




You've reached the end of this guide. Hopefully, you learned a thing or two from this short guide, but you guys are Exalted captains so you probably know what you're doing. Okay, see you again in another guide~

This is Captain Marisa. If you have more questions or feedback, you can find me on Official Honkai Discord and on Youtube~