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Playing Asuka in Exalted Abyss

Hello all captains, in version 4.5 we will have Asuka - a Valkyrie collab with EVANGELION anime.

Asuka is a valkyrie that has a strong power of fighting BOSS in the Exalted Abyss. Especially in physical weather with enemies with thick shields. Here are some of the videos playing Asuka in Exalted Abyss.

Fighting Jizo in Red Lotus D368: 

Fighting Saha Assaka in Red Lotus D366:

Fighting Saha Assaka in Nirvana D417 (Compared to HoV):

Fighting Dark Jixuanyuan in Nirvana D417:


Thanks everyone for viewing my post. Hope you guys likes it.
See you in the future articles. Bye!