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EX ABYSS Guide: Bright Knight Lightning Weather

Hi, this is Captain Marisa. In this guide, we'll go through EX Abyss - Lightning UP Bright Knight weather and show gameplay with various teams to help you clear it.



Purgatory Weather - Bright Knight Variation

  • Lightning DMG +50%
  • Physical DMG -50%
  • All enemies are MECH type
  • Boss: Bright Knight Excelsis





  1. Herrscher of Thunder is the top scorer for this weather and can easily clear the mob stages.

  2. Hawk of the Fog is a good option, Shadow Knight can fight the mobs, but might have trouble against Bright Knight boss.

  3. Some enemies are resistant to paralyze, so it is not recommended to use paralyze stigs such as FuxiM and CleoB






  1. Budget Herrcher of Thunder 373D


  2. Budget Hawk of the Fog 373D




  1. Herrscher of Thunder 373D


  2. Budget Hawk of the Fog 324Eh





Herrscher of Thunder team for top score:



  1.  Herrscher of Thunder 373D  


  2. HoT,HoR,HF 297D by Tieu Whale https://youtu.be/A7OUEsxrc0Y

  3. AND MORE FROM 3RD GUIDE SITE or just use Youtube



You've reached the end of this guide. Hopefully you learned a thing or two from this short guide, but you guys are Exalted captains so you probably know what you're doing. Okay, see you again in another guide~

This is Captain Marisa. If you have more questions or feedback, you can find me on
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