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EX ABYSS: Fire UP Heimdall Guide


Hi, this is Captain Marisa. In this guide, we'll go through EX Abyss - Fire UP Heimdall weather and show some gameplay with various teams to help you clear it.

 This weather (and Surtr Muspellsverd) brings Blood Rose back to meta~


INFERNO Weather - Heimdall Variation

  1. Fire DMG +50% ?
  2. Ice DMG -50%
  3. All enemies are MECH-type




  1. BLOOD ROSE is the best valk for this weather. With the new PRI-ARM Surtr Muspellsverd, she can slice through the enemies at ease.
  2. Herrscher of Thunder and Fervent Tempo are popular second choices since they are strong and have type advantage.
  3. More options open up at lower disturbance or with better gears, such as Vermillion Knight and Valkyrie Gloria




  1. Blood Rose 354D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBVCXh_0gwE
  2. Herrscher of Thunder 333D 3RDGUIDE
  3. Hawk of the Fog 354D https://youtu.be/xFV6aubz9vo
  4. Sakuno Rondo 373D JUST FOR FUN~




  1. Blood Rose 354D https://youtu.be/g6pFefW3a_o
  2. Herrscher of Thunder 333D 3RDGUIDE
  3. Hawk of the Fog 354D https://youtu.be/xFV6aubz9vo





1. BLOOD ROSE team for top score:


2. Blood Dance Carrier - VK is the preferred BD carrier for three reasons:

  • Ultimate can charge Heimdall's Heavy ATK Trauma
  • Lead skill is great for BR
  • Quick switch-in BD cast


You can sub VK with Valkyrie Triumph who can also charge the trauma meter, but you're missing the lead skill and fast switch-in advantage. Also make sure to swich off QTE skills for BD carriers.


VK double ult + BR switch maxes out Trauma


VT switch and ultimate maxes out Trauma



  1. VK AE SS-BR 373D Score 675 YOUTUBE
  2. VK AE SS-BR 354D Score 706 YOUTUBE
  3. S-VK VT AE 316D Score 694 BILIBILI
  4. S-HoT VT AE 326D Score 627 3RDGUIDE
  5. LE AE HF 292D Score 673 GAMEPLAY BY Tiểu Whale



You've reached the end of this guide. Hopefully you learned a thing or two from this short guide, but you guys are Exalted captains so you probably know what you're doing. Okay, see you again in another guide~

This is Captain Marisa. If you have more questions or feedback, you can find me on

Official Honkai Discord and on Youtube~