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Q-Singularis Guide

Q-Singularis Guide by Stroke


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Table of Content:

  1. Overview

  2. How to unlock

  3. Q-Singularis contents

  4. Potential teams and strategies




In this guide, we will go over the new Abyss mode addition called Q-Singularis (QS). Like Infinity Abyss and Dirac Sea, QS will also take place twice a week, have multiple ranks and have you compete against other captains for rank and those juicy crystal rewards.

Since this is another Abyss Event variant, a lot of the fundamental mechanics are carried over. You will notice the UI for the QS page is the same as Dirac Sea (DS). We have also kept the group system with multiple captains competing for the retention/promotion zones and their corresponding rewards. There is also a temperature system called “Intensity” that will adjust due to player performance, similar to how disturbance works in DS.

The real difference comes in the gameplay. For this, it is a bit of a hybrid between Infinity Abyss and Dirac Sea and we will delve deeper in detail momentarily.


2. How to Unlock

QS will be available for captains starting at level 25. It can be found in the same slot as other abyss events in the Challenge tab. For captains under level 70, QS will be replacing DS and will be the only Abyss mode for the time being. For captains level 70 and above, QS will be alternating with DS.



3. Q-Singularis Contents


Environment Hazards

  • No traps!


I figured it would be appropriate to start with something that is no longer a feature in QS. Many of you are probably familiar with bombs and traps from Infinity Abyss and Dirac Sea. For those who disliked the fear of bombs and the irrelevance of interferons, this would be a change to your liking. There is currently no way for group members to interfere or assist others in the group. This means your performance within your groups will be solely determined by your ability to climb floors.


Elite and Quantum Mobs

  • Iron Body

  • Quantum types are immune to all crowd control and take 43% less physical damage


While Elite monsters are nothing new, they are back stronger than ever. Depending on your difficulty group, you may often see mobs with the buff “Iron Body.” Iron Body gives the monster a red glow and makes them immune to interrupt. This will make them deadly as they will keep attacking no matter how much punishment they are taking from your valkyries, meaning you will need to constantly be on the lookout to dodge their attacks.

The second big bad to look out for in QS is Quantum Mobs. They are a completely new brand of monsters with new attack patterns, making them unpredictable for those who are not accustomed to fighting them. Additionally, they do not have any type disadvantages outside of their own quantum typing, and Swallowtail Phantasm (SP) is currently our only quantum valkyrie.


To make matters worse, they have a hefty innate 43% resistance to physical damage and an immunity to crowd control (CC) abilities like freeze, paralysis, stun and time slow. Luckily, quantum monsters can lose those resistance by being knocked into a collapsed state. This is done by dodging and counter attacking their phase attacks. Also, while they are immune to most CCs, they are not immune to interrupt like the previously mentioned Iron Body mobs; they also do not have any innate resistance to elemental damage.


Evasion is the Name of the Game

  • Evadions are strong nukes they provide debuff to enemies

  • Quantum Vibrations occur before every bleed intensity increase


There are many strong reasons to focus more on evading in QS. The introduction of monsters who cannot be CC'd or interrupted means you either dodge their attacks or you lose a chunk of HP. Secondly, QS introduced a new mechanic called “Evadions.” Evadions skills are special skills you can charge up by performing successful ultimate evasions. You need 5 ultimate evasions to fill the meter from empty to full. Once you have evadion charged, you can use it to nuke your enemies while also making them take more of a certain type of damage. This is a great change from DS's weather system as this will boost certain damage dealers but without suffering heavy debuffs to others. For example, in DS, a weather condition usually buffs, say fire damage, at the expense of ice damage. Now instead, you will have a strong nuke either way but can also choose to take advantage of the additional fire damage. This means you may choose to use the team you are most comfortable with good results.


Another evasion-based mechanic is called Quantum Vibrations. They provide a short reprieve of 5 seconds just before bleed intensity increases every 60 seconds. During this time, monsters will be frozen still, unable to attack or move and you will not take bleed damage. This may be the best time to attack without fear of retaliation or to take a breath and reset. At the end of the pause, you will see two vibrations marked by red circles. If you dodge them, you will gain double evadion charges to refill its meter, but it will not trigger ultimate evasion skills. The vibrations are quite annoying to dodge however, so I would recommend you using valkyries with long evasion animations like Theresa battlesuits. Mastering evasions will be key to climbing floors in QS.


QS Floors

  • Bleeding, which will increase every minute

  • 1-3 Waves, non-stackable

  • Three types of floors

  • Valkyries start at full HP and 90 SP


Speaking of climbing floors, QS floors are structured very similar to Infinity Abyss with some Dirac Sea elements mixed in. There will be 20 floors in total. You can see the Elites of each floor before you challenge them, just like in Infinity Abyss. Captains can also skip the next floor if they complete the current floor within 1 minute. Unfortunately bleeding is also back as well, and just like Infinity Abyss, it will start slow and it increases in intensity every minute. Luckily, like DS, your valkyries will start each round with full HP and 90 starting SP, allowing you to dish out damage as soon as you start.


The point system from DS has also made it over to QS. Each floor has a corresponding point value and by completing the floor, you will earn all the points of that floor. If you cannot beat a floor, it is still important to try your best, as you get partial credit depending on how much of that floor you were able to beat. Finally, the final boss on floor 20, functions like the final boss of floor 4 in DS. You will get bonus points depending on how quickly you defeat it. Captains who built the most effective teams will have the greatest chance to be promoted.


The floors themselves are structured much like DS. The 20 floors are divided into 4 stages, similar to the 4 stages of DS. Each stage has an Evadion skill, along with 4 floors and 1 boss floor. The non-boss floors consist of one of three group types. They are Elite Mobs, Soul Connection, and Boss Rush.


Elite Mobs

Elite Mobs are a group of 5 mobs, with a floor having from 1 to 3 waves of mobs. One of them will be an elite with its elite shield. It is very important to know that a second wave cannot spawn until all 5 mobs of the first wave is dead. This means you can no longer stall and stack up multiple waves like some would do back in Infinity Abyss. Luckily, QS mobs do not have nearly as much HP as their Infinity Abyss counterparts and will die off much easier. A good plan to have is to kill each wave within 1 minute. This would allow you to take advantage of the quantum vibrations to recharge evadions for the next rotation. It is recommended to have a team with gathering abilities like Celestial Hymn (CH). This will let you group the mobs together so you can knock them all down with one rotation.


Soul Connection

Soul Connection rounds feature three mobs that share the same HP pool for 1-3 waves. This one also often feature an elite in each wave. I recommend using the same teams and strategies as floors with Elite Mobs. Since they share HP pools, if you hit two mobs at once, that essentially doubles the damage done. You will want to gather them all up and maximize damage output with a strong Area of Effect (AoE) damage dealer.


Boss Rush

This last type will feature solo monsters. The monsters are usually elites, mini-bosses, or bosses you have seen throughout the game. For these floors, it is sometimes prudent to adjust your team accordingly to what you are about to face. You will see the exact monsters you will fight in the floor previews. You will want to be adaptable on these floors; be ready to bring secondary damage dealer for the boss that your primary damage dealer is weak against.


4. Potential teams and strategies


Team 1

The queen is back! God Kiana (GK) has faced some increased competition lately. DS's various weather conditions has made GK ineffective in some scenarios. It is hard to play GK with reduced ranged attack, or enemies with increased DEF, or exclusively Mecha spawns. However, that is all gone with QS. While it is true you cannot stack waves like in Infinity Abyss, you start with 90 SP and can easily set up 1 rotation per 60 seconds. This makes it easy to sync waves to Quantum Vibrations and destroy each wave in one fell swoop. Extremely effective against Elite Mobs or Soul Connection floors.



Team 2

This was my most used team in DS, and they are still quite strong here. There is just great synergy between the elemental damage support and type coverage of Phoenix (Phx), the defensive and gathering capabilities of Drive Kometa (DK), and the pure power of Shadow Knight's (SK) lightning damage. Phx can also trigger DK's qte with her dodge or Grips of TaiXuan. Both SK and Phx have great evasion animation and ultimate evasion related mechanics, allowing them to take full advantage of the evasion focused QS. In fact, I'd argue that Iron Body is a benefit for SK due to her evasions. SK have a hard time dealing with a barrage of attacks but if it is just one enemy you have to keep track of, SK can use those attacks to quickly chain evasion and ora-ora-ora combos.


Variations of the team can be used to match Evadion skills as well. SK can be switched out with other elemental damage dealers like Argent Knight: Artemis (AKA), Goushinnso Memento (Meme), Sixth Serenade (6S), Blood Rose (BR), or Vermilion Knight (VK). DK can also be switched for Wolf's Dawn (WD) if you feel that DK's defensive and gathering capabilities are not needed, like in Boss Rush/Boss floors.


Credit to iCarus for some awesome AKA footage in QS.


Team 3

A more free to play friendly team, I was able to climb up to floor 13 with Gyakushinn Miko (Miko) and to floor 19 with Night Squire (NS). CH is also a base S-rank valkyrie and those without her could replace her with Valkyrie Ranger (VR) or Divine Prayer (DP). NS can be exchanged with Miko or SP or any other physical damage dealer you have. The idea behind it is to gather sp for their ultimate and then gather/impair them. Rinse and repeat. Remember even if you cannot defeat the floor, try to do as much damage as possible for partial credit.



Closing thoughts ---


I have personally enjoyed my experience with Q-Singularis. I believe it is a great improvement from past Abyss event variants. I had preferred Infinity Abyss over Dirac Sea and was sad when the game decided to do away with the former. DS's weather system requires you to have multiple good teams which can be a source of frustration for players without a wide roster of geared valkyries. Plus, all the running around between fights can be an annoyance. Infinity Abyss was not without its flaws. Wave stacking was a bore, you basically start each round by running around for 2 minutes. The bombing system simply rewarded random RNG in invisibility potion farming and bomb trading. QS has fixed all those issues while keeping what has worked in DS. DS's 90 starting sp means you start each floor immediately and the new Evadion mechanic focuses on evasion which is one of the more fun and skill-based aspects of fighting. Evadion skills also promote diverse teams but it does not force it like DS's weather system. Plus, the new Iron Body elites and quantum typing mobs have created new challenges to overcome. Q-Singularis is currently my new favorite Abyss mode.