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31733 Hephaestus | HoT KMB MC

Memorial Arena Exalted: Hephaestus (31733) HoT KMB MC

Low affixes are at work here. Most of the videos I have seen has at least 1380+ ATK with 1 line sp regen. However, most of the players do not have the luxury of having a ton of affix material. Thus, I'm trying my best to use decent affixes to score at least 1 second slower than the cap with only 1368 ATK + 0.40 sp/s. The current score cap for S HoT is 31786 with godly affixes. Using both sp regen divine key is essential on this particular strat as using lightning DMG divine will result 1 sp short of 125 sp. Which will result, two less seconds away from 31786