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Starlit Astrologos Abyss Guide



Starlit Astrologos is the new physical support with unique QTE skill. In Abyss mode, she excels in supporting offensive valkyries that stay on the field for a long time, mainly Bright Knight Excelsis, and to some extent, Herrscher of the Void and Swallowtail Phantasm. In this guide, we'll take a look at SA team gameplay vs Red Lotus Abyss mobs.




[1] The teams I'll be using are:

  1. Starlit Astrologos, Drive Kometa, Bright Knight (SA DK BK)
  2. Bright Knight, Starlit Astrologos, Celestial Hymn (BK SA CH)
  3. Herrscher of the Void, Starlit Astrologos, Celestial Hymn (HoV SA CH)
  4. Starlit Astrologos, Drive Kometa, Swallowtail Phantasm (SA DK SP)


[2] SA can use Zither + Shuijing (the best), Beethoven, Gustav, etc but in this vid I'll just use Ranger's Cross + Gluttony T Mei M Newton B. It's not the best for mobs, but it's good enough in Red Lotus and very common so you can try it too~


[3] The basic idea of each team is farm SP and burst while SA use qte and ult in the background. During the long burst, SA can use qte twice, thus she will apply Mei and Newton debuff TWICE! 


[4] SA already unlocks core support skills at S-rank! However, her Perfect Cast charged atk recovers bonus 10 sp (A-rank) / 25 sp (SSS-rank). Rotations will be much faster at SSS-rank.


[5] If you have proper gear and skills, you can also apply this rotation in Myriad Abyss.



Watch and learn! Explanation and timestamp for each lineup included in the vid~

Some key points from this video:

[1] SA DK BK

  • SA lead to get team crit rate and TDM.
  • This team requires Dante set for BK. It's the best set for her, and is our main source of impair.


[2] BK CH SA

  • This team trades DK support kits for CH's huge impair from Ultimate. BK will deal more damage at the early part of her burst compared to SA DK BK team.
  • You have to farm sp for one more valk. Yikes! Luckily, CH can recover sp fast by just dropping 11th Leitourgia.


[3] HoV SA CH

  • With HoV's new pri arm Domain of the void, this team is a pretty strong combination.
  • Use weapon skill after ultimate to extend Herrscher Form duration.


[4] SA DK SP

  • SA lead to get team crit rate and TDM.
  • This team requires Dirac set for impair. However, since it's Redlotus abyss, Briareus EX impair might be good enough.



That's it. Hopefully you have the basic idea of how Astrologos teams work. The biggest winner here is Bright Knight. She now has someone to support her during her long burst duration. BK went from a solo powerhouse in 3.9 to a monster in 4.0. 


If you have further questions, just leave it on the youtube video or ask the helpful residents of Official Honkai Discord.