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Dirac Sea Guide: Fog Weather Valkyrie Recommendations (v2.8)

Honkai Impact 3rd Dirac Sea Guide: Fog Weather Valkyrie Recommendations (v2.8)
by Reinbex

Hello Captains, this is a guide pertaining details about the enemies on mob floors. This is the sub guide for Valkyrie recommendations based on fog weather. It is highly encouraged for your DPS valkyries to be melee users, even in their ultimates and QTEs. For general information about mobs and utilizing unaffected valkyries in weather, you can find them in the main guide located at the section "Other related Weather Guides".

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Valkyries handpicked for Fog Weather
Listed here are support valkyries for the Fog Weather. Please note, just because the valkyries are listed here doesn't mean that they cannot be used in other weathers.

Celestial Hymn

A top tier physical support. Can 50% impair anytime you want on point easily. Her ultimate gathers and inflicts 75% impair; however costly. With Judah, she can keep mobs in place and from surrounding you. While with 11th, she can increase the critical rate of your team even further, thus providing more damage.

Valkyrie Chariot

A gatherer valk. At 50sp, she can cast an ultimate that can gather troops in a large radius, as well as bleed if her rank is high enough. 

Valkyrie Ranger

With proper stigmatas, she can easily round up elite mobs and duo elites mobs for quick gathering without wasting sp and time to gather them all up. This is really good since there can only be a limited number of elite mobs out at a time. In addition, she can easily proc the QTE of another valk in her team.

Wolf's Dawn

A support who starts to shine starting at ss rank. Her passive barrier that she provides for her team can provide up to +30% Elemental DMG while it's up. 

Divine Prayer

A healer and provides passive 80% impair to a random single target when not in battle. Great for fighting against fights with only 1-2 enemies possible in the battle. Healing allows your valkyries to recover a fight that could drag out for too long and/or is a bit more difficult than usual. And at SSS rank, she can prevent a teammate from potential death and therefore a potential failure.


A top tier support (and also a DPS) of the Fog weather. As leader, her team gains (10/13/16)% Attack Speed. Teams with 3 psychic-type characters gain (28/32/36)% total damage dealt to combo, charged, and ultimate attacks. Her leader skill is nothing to scoff at. At S rank, she gets the Rainbow Pinion skill, and at SS rank, she gets Oriole skill. Her skill set increases her team's elemental DMG significantly. 

Team Recommendations:
The teams provided here are designed to enjoy the melee DMG buff of the Fog Weather. Because many supports and their gear can be used depending on the enemy, the supports and their gear can be shuffled around from the provided teams. The idea here is to use DPS valkyries that outputs their best DMG with their melee attacks while utilizing 1-2 supports and/or 1 side melee DPS who takes care of a bad type match-up that the Main DPS faces. The pure supports do not need to be melee users since their purpose isn't to deal DMG.

Example 1:


Main Gear: Cinder Hawk, Thales T, Nuwa M, Planck B
Substitutes: Grips of Tai Xuan, Higomaru TB, Shakespeare M, Shigure Kira Full Set, Yodo Dono M, Naoe Kanetsugu T, Bronya Magic B, Mei Pool Party, Newton B, Schrodinger Band B

Main Gear: Nuada's Grief, Monet TB, Nagamitsu M
Substitutes: Grips of Tai Xuan, Monet M, Darwin TMB,  Naga T, Shigure Kira Full Set, Tesla Band B, Schrodinger Band B, Planck B

Main Gear: Book of Fuxi, Jin Shengtan Full Set
Substitutes: Markov Type A, Bronya Magic M, Roald Amundsen Full Set, Tesla Band M

Designed to fight against Elite Mobs and Duo-Elite Mobs. Swap VC, the gatherer, for WD if against Solo Elite Mobs. Phx is the Side DPS while SK is the main DPS that enjoys the atk speed buff provided by Phx's leader skill.. SK can stun trigger VC's QTE and VC can ignite trigger Phx's QTE. The strategy here is rather simple. With VC's bleeding ultimate, gather the enemies and switch to SK. SK is to immediately Ult to punch everything down. In addition to being a secondary DPS, Phx's skill Rainbow Pinion and if ss rank skill Oriole buffs her team with more Elemental DMG when she leaves the field with s amount of Prajna. A great way to way to use her combo and build Prajna is AAABB. 

Example 2:


Main Gear: Void, Michelangelo TB, Ekaterina M
Substitute: Fairy Sword Silven, Sakura Blossom, Jizo, 3rd Sacred Relic, Crystal Edge, Galileo TMB, Lier Scarlet TB, Schrodinger TMB, Planck MB, Ryunosuke Akutagawa TMB, Attila B, Elizabeth Bathory M, Pride B, Mei Pool Party M, Newton B, Tesla Band T 

Main Gear: Mjolnir, Zhuge Kongming T, Mei Pool Party M, Isaac Newton B
Substitutes: Artemis's Guardian, Xuanyuan Pistols, Shakespeare MB, Celine Ascendant M, Rinaldo MB, Gustav TM, Stigmatas that either increase your team's DMG and/or proc their QTE.

Main Gear: Skoll and Hati, Schrodinger Band TB, Ekaterina M
Substitute: Grips of Tai Xuan, Michelangelo TB, Schrodinger M, Planck MB, Ryunosuke Akutagawa TMB, Attila B, Elizabeth Bathory M, Pride B, Mei Pool Party M, Newton B, Tesla Band T 

The strategy here is fairly simple. But it requires you to have at least S rank of both of your DPS. Preferably SS+ rank. Lead of SD for crit rate increase. Enter the battle with VR and gather opponents. Then use your weapon skill to impair them. Go into NS to begin building up your combo count, your SP, and your dmg. Use your NS ultimate only when you just switched so you can start hitting upon impair. Also make sure to maintain your combo for Ekaterina M. Go back to VR if the impair expires, too many enemies are not together, or your ultimate expires. If there are prove to be a bit difficult with NS, you can single them out with SD instead.

Example 3:


Main Gear: JingWei's Wings, Jin Shengtan Full Set
Substitutes: Artemis, Fire Spirit II, Twin Phoenix, Fire Spirit I, 2nd Relic, Shamash, New Year Full Set, Roald Amundsen Full Set, Mei Pool Party, Newton B, Rinaldo TM

Main Gear: Demonblade - Florid Sakura, Higomaru TB, Nuwa M
Substitutes: Voidblade, Thermal Cutter, Phoenix's Razor, Jizo Mitama, Ai-Chan's Crutch, New Year Full Set, Shakespeare M, Yodo Dono M, Bronya Magic B 

Main Gear: Godslayer: Surtr, Thales TM, Fuxi B
Substitutes: Blood Dance, Sunfire, Crimson Queen, Shakespeare M, Nuwa M, Higomaru TB, Shigura Kira Full Set, Mei Pool Party, Newton B, JingWei TMB

DP is the leader here to boost her team's Elemental DMG. DP's main purpose is to set up ignite with her pistols, Jin Shengtan's field, and time slow for VK's QTE. There are two DPS here. VK is the main DPS while FS is the second DPS. Go from DP to FS or DP to VK after igniting. With VK, use her two cross attacks twice to deal massive dmg. Use her Ult to remove her cross cooldown. With FS, maintain her combo of AAA-wait-AA to build up her meter and DMG. Everytime the DPS needs to take a break, go into DP. 

Side note: DP's ult, ult evasion, and FS's ult evasion all trigger time fracture/slow and therefore trigger VK's QTE.

Other Weathers:
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You've reached to the end of the Fog Weather guide! Thanks for reading and best of luck to everyone in Dirac Sea!

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