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Dirac Sea Weather Explained(v2.8)

Honkai Impact 3rd Dirac Sea Guide: Weather Explained(v2.8)
by Reinbex ID 100005819

How to navigate to Dirac Sea

This is a guide explaining the effects of every weather in Dirac Sea Abyss. Please mind that this guide has been made based on and when Honkai Impact 3rd was version 2.8 .

Where to Locate Weather:

There are 3 ways to check the weather.
The first is from the screen before you enter the floor.
The second and third ways to check is when you are in stage.
You can find the weather shown to you on the left the moment you enter the floor. 
You can also at any time check the effects of the current corresponding weather with the top right button.

Here is a video demonstration:


As of now, there are only 6 existing weather conditions in Dirac Sea. 
What this means is that:

-    There will always be a weather condition on every floor, including the boss rooms. 
-    In the boss rooms, they will retain the same weather as the floor just before the boss room. 
-    Weather is the same for everyone in the same bracket, and same tier.
-    But in different level brackets, as well as different tiers, the weathers could differ. 

Here is a chart depicting all the possible weather conditions and their effects, created by yours truly.


How does weather buff/debuff your attacks:
Weather can help both you and your enemies depending on the situation. For weather effects, the effects apply on your enemies. They will either be more resistant and/or susceptible to your attacks. 

Under the assumption that there is no crit (also elemental attacks cannot crit), the weather's buffs of +35% DMG is applied before the attack “touches” the enemy's HP.  If you use any outside effects that debuff your enemies (aka buff your attacks), then those calculations apply along with the weather effects.

An example is if you had 1000 fire base dmg after applying base attack stat, stigs,and weapon. If you used a Max Blood Dance's weapon skill (+60%) in Frost weather (+35%), the resulting damage will be:
1000 x (1+0.6+0.35) = 1000 x [ (1x1.35) + (1 x 0.6) ] = 1000 x 1.95 = 1950 DMG 
                                                                       (before applying resistances)

Don't make the mistake of calculating all the buffs incorrectly.

Incorrect calculation:
1000 x 1.35 x 1.60 = 2160 DMG <- Wrong!

The same can be said for debuffs. If the weather gave the enemies a 50% resistance, then the -50% is applied to the dmg before the dmg applies to the HP. 

So as you can see, it is very important to consider what Valkyries, weapons, and stigmatas to use depending on the weather condition. If you do not pay attention to the weather, your damage output can go from 1000 DMG to only 500 DMG! However, the opposite can be said for those who pay attention. If you utilize the weather to your advantage, you can go from 1000 DMG to 1600 DMG! Between dealing 1600 DMG and dealing 500 DMG, you'd want to obviously do more, right? (Unless you're a masochist, by all means go right ahead…) 

Below here are the links to the following guides that recommend team builds based on the corresponding weathers against non-Boss floors.

<Link for each weather>
1 Normal/Main - https://walkthrough.honkaiimpact3.com/article/show/51/397 
2 Lightning - https://walkthrough.honkaiimpact3.com/article/show/51/429
3 Fog - https://walkthrough.honkaiimpact3.com/article/show/51/416
4 Frost - https://walkthrough.honkaiimpact3.com/article/show/51/414
5 Magma - https://walkthrough.honkaiimpact3.com/article/show/51/413
6 Honkai Spill - https://walkthrough.honkaiimpact3.com/article/show/51/415

Hopefully this guide will provide you an easier and better understanding of how weather can affect your gameplay in Dirac Sea. Thanks for reading, Captains!