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Jizo Boss & Memorial Guide

Phase 1


Leaping Slash

  • Jizo's fastest attack and probably the runkiller for most players.
  • Dodge as soon as you see Jizo leap into the air.



Dash Attack

  • Dodge as soon as you see the glint on Jizo's hands, or hear the "incoming attack" sound effect.



Slash Combo

  • Straightforward telegraphed attack.
  • For most players, Yamabuki Armor's shield won't survive all three hits.



  • Low damage, high stagger.
  • With 600-700 defense, an S-rank Yamabuki Armor shield will absorb the entire attack.


Phase 2: ~80% HP

(About 2.5 healthbar segments into the fight)

Jizo's second phase is identical to his first, however his attacks are enhanced and deal Fire/Lightning damage instead of Physical.


Roar/Flame Pillars

  • The first Roar signals the beginning of Phase 2.
  • Purple swirls spawn beneath Jizo and all six Flame Pillars, draining SP.
  • Afterwards Jizo gains an 80-hit shield. Destroying it stuns Jizo. While stunned, Jizo takes 200% Physical Damage.



Leaping Slash

  • Jizo will now attack twice, and each slash will send out projectiles.
  • For valkyries without double evades, run to the side after the first slash.


Dash Attack

  • Functionally the same as in Phase 1.


Slash Combo

  • Functionally the same as in Phase 1, except each slash also sends out a projectile.
  • Yamabuki Armor will now reliably prevent stagger from this attack as the damage is elemental.



  • Functionally the same as in Phase 1.



  • Radiate outwards in a spiral pattern.



Energy Orbs

  • If they are not destroyed, each orb will emit a large pulse. The first explodes after about 6 seconds.



Phase 3: <50% HP

Three artifacts appear on the stage during Phase 3, each corresponding to a legendary skill.

Sword Dance boosts Jizo's damage, Iron Wall boosts defense, and Post Haste boosts attack speed.
For players that cannot easily bypass Phase 3, the most important skill to destroy is Iron Wall.




  • The first Explosion signals the beginning of Phase 3.
  • Time your dodge carefully. The Explosion occurs a split second after the Area of Effect indicator completely fills up.


Vertical Slash

  • Jizo slashes downward. Two waves of fire then spread out perpendicular to the attack.
  • The slash itself will instantly kill valkyries, but the waves will only deal minor damage.




  • This attack has infinite horizontal range, so it can come from anywhere on the stage.



Circle Slash

  • Dodge into the slash, otherwise valkyries with shorter invulnerability on dodge will be hit as the sword goes back around.



Wave Slash

  • Straightforward projectile attack.
  • While the startup animation looks similar to that of the Circle Slash, Jizo will hold his sword lower before a Wave Slash.



Charging Attack

  • This attack is the biggest reason why it is best to skip Phase 3 entirely.
  • Jizo flares up before rebounding back towards the player.
  • After the attack, Jizo will respawn all of his Legendary Skills.


Phase 4: <25% HP

Jizo has the same moveset he had in Phase 3, however he loses his Legendary Skills and gets a Shadow Clone instead.


Shadow Clone

  • The clone shares the same moveset as Phase 1 Jizo.
  • Like the shield, the clone will be destroyed after taking 80 hits.
  • Destroying the clone will fully recover the SP of all valkyries on the team.


Team Composition & Strategy

Many of the team comps with the fastest clear times feature 2 supports and 1 DPS because elemental damage dealers are impractical against Jizo. Therefore, it is best practice to abuse global Time Fracture and defense debuffs as much as possible, and seize upon brief windows to deal optimal Physical damage in bursts.


Choose Two Supports:

Yamabuki Armor is a strong support for Jizo for several reasons. Her shield prevents stagger from almost every attack after Phase 1, and she provides global Time Fracture which is always useful in Memorial Arena. She also provides a weak defense debuff on her own, which is better than nothing if you do not have Divine Prayer or Celestial Hymn.


Divine Prayer is a simple addition to a Jizo team. She is primarily used for her passive defense debuff, and as a Judgement of Shamash carrier. On teams with lower DPS, the attack speed boost in her ultimate is also useful. Divine Prayer with Mjolnir is a common support for Herrscher of the Void teams.


Depending on how much gear you have, Celestial Hymn may not be that much better than Divine Prayer. If your DPS is too low, CH will not have enough SP to deploy crosses throughout the entire fight. However, with a full Kallen Hymn stigmata set and the 11th Sacred Relic, CH easily bests any other support.


Knight Moonbeam is mostly used with Celestial Hymn in order to create pure Creature-type teams that take advantage of her strong leader skill. She is also the fastest at destroying Jizo's shields and Shadow Clone. Her on demand Time Fracture is perfect for triggering CH's QTE, and she can wield the Judgement of Shamash to boost the main DPS further.

If you are confident that you have enough burst damage to kill Jizo immediately after his first shield, SS-rank Snowy Sniper in combination with the Bronya Sloth stigmata may be able to improve our clear times. The debuff she applies with her ultimate also works on Jizo.


Choose a Damage Dealer:

(Requires Schrodinger T, Newton B on support)

Jizo is a large immobile boss, perfect for missile pod users. Despite the typing disadvantage, Valkyrie Chariot is still capable of doing great amounts of burst damage to Jizo if you are patient enough to restart the fight for big Schrodinger T rolls. A Valkyrie Chariot comp should bring a secondary DPS, which would be an exception to the usual 2 Support + 1 DPS comps.


(Requires Schrodinger T)

The classic 2 support plus Black Nucleus comp is very effective against Jizo. Black Nucleus herself should have good enough equipment in order to kill Jizo quickly from at least 50% HP, as the talismans and Shadow Clone in Phases 3 and 4 can make targeting a pain.


(Divine Prayer support recommended if DPS is low)

Shadow Dash has always been a strong Mecha-type damage dealer, so her typing advantage makes her a natural pick for Jizo. Even with F2P gear, she can still achieve decent clear times using the 50 to 0 strategy (described below). Remember that you can trigger your combo attack by holding down the attack button instead of evading. This is useful when you need to save your evasion skill for Jizo's attacks.


(Jingwei T, SS-rank strongly recommended)

Low clear times on Jizo always center around high amounts of burst damage, and Night Squire has some of the best burst damage in the game inside of her ultimate. Lining up NS's ult with a shield break is an easy way to deal with Jizo.


(Requires Schrodinger T or full Ekaterina set, lots of patience)

Miko plays similar to Night Squire, but is much more reliant on favorable RNG. Because her damage comes from Blade Reversal, each Blade Reversal proc needs to both crit and trigger a high roll from Schrodinger T when applicable. Snowy Sniper can be a good support for Miko. Global Time Fracture will help line up Miko's Blade Reversal procs with defense debuffs from your supports.

Ritual Imayoh needs a lot of gear to work. She needs to be able to kill Jizo with a low number of combo attacks, as they require a lot of work to set up. A lot of this gear can be free - Wings of Jingwei, Jingwei T and Attila B are all F2P gear. However, she will require a gacha Mid piece like Planck M for good clear times.


(Keys of the Void or Tranqil Arias, Celine Ascended T recommended)

Herrscher of the Void can be played in either 2 support + 1 DPS comps, or 1 support + 2 DPS comps. The latter is more useful if your HoV is not geared, as she has good burst damage potential but falls off quickly outside of her Herrscher form. Use her QTE and on demand evasion skill to quickly rack up Herrscher Charge, then either spend it or switch to a secondary DPS.


50% to 0% Strategy

The strategy is simple. For players with lower DPS compositions, the goal is to trigger a second shield right before Jizo hits 50% HP to skip as much of Phase 3 as possible. Even though waiting seems counterintuitive, this strategy can end up saving time because Phases 3 and 4 are much harder to deal with. Spending too much time in Phase 3 alone can kill runs if Jizo resets his Iron Wall buff too many times. Try to time defense debuffs so that they start at the same time as the shield breaks for best results.