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Lava & Frost Emperor QS Boss Guide

Lava Emperor
and Frost Emperor are Abyss final floor bosses introduced in v3.8. This boss duo is one of the easiest bosses so far, since they are just enhanced Elite enemies. As a result, there's a lot of competition for retention/promotion. This guide aims to provide basic boss info, strategy, team options, and gameplay examples against this boss duo in Masters Red Lotus.





  • BIO-type DPS are the best against Emperors due to type advantage. 
  • Lightning or Physical teams will work. Fire and Ice DPS are not really recommended due to Fire/Ice Resist. But hey, you can try if your team is stacked!
  • Example: Knight Moonbeam (KMB), Night Squire(NS), Darkbolt Jonin(DJ)
  • ELF choice: Blood Embrace for Physical DMG, or Fuxi ELF for Elemental support.

Unlike most of the other Abyss bosses, Emperors can be floated, paralyzed, time slowed etc. so they are basically your punching bag for most parts of the fight. The next step is just figuring out how to charge Evadion fast.

Note that Physical teams like KMB and NS don't need to rely on Evadion for damage.



  1. Lava Emperor attacks are very sudden, hit hard and can interrupt you. 
  2. All his attacks can be evaded multiple times for fast Evadion charge.
  3. Either evade, switch to another valkyrie, and then evade again, OR
  4. Evade and trigger time fracture, then move closely to the attack, and evade again.
  5. If this sounds too hard or unnecessary, just evade normally~



  1. Frost Emperor attacks are much easier to anticipate and evade compared to Lava Emperor.
  2. Spin and projectile attacks can be evaded multiple times.
  3. If you are hit by the projectile, a weak BIO-type Baradiel will spawn. Try to avoid this from happening because
  • You might hit your single-target debuff/attack on Baradiel instead of Frost Emperor. (Eg. Newton B)
  • Stigmatas such as Jingwei T will not activate (requires a single enemy on the field to take effect).
  • More enemies may result for longer time to clear the floor.




 Knight Moonbeam  team is a easy to pull off but hard to get top score due to Crit RNG. This team absolutely needs the PRI-ARMs. If you don't have them, I suggest doing the easier Night Squire team.

 Night Squire  team scales well with weaker gears. A classic choice for easy-to-play team.

 Darkbolt Jonin  is strong against this boss even without the Evadion charge. Make sure to apply MAG-Typhoon paralyze to get Fuxi M and Cleo B bonuses.



Compilation of the teams mentioned above, with explanation of each team. Also, a short Stygian Nymph example in this video. (RL 173 Eh)


List of gameplay with higher scores / other teams:

You've reached the end of this guide. Hopefully you learned a thing or two from this short guide. Quick fact: In v3.8, Darkbolt Jonin was the top scorer. In v3.9, Emperors' HP were rebalanced, and this allowed KMB and NS teams to score higher, but DJ score remained the same. RIP DJ. Here's a gameplay compilation of v3.8 Emperor Teams. https://youtu.be/8feqTXmzAek

If you have any feedback, you can find me in Official Discord or here or on Youtube.