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Titan and Hierophant Q-Singularis Boss Guide

Titan and Hierophant boss wave finally debuts in v3.9 Red Lotus Q-singularis. It's not exactly a new mob - it just never appeared in Red Lotus bracket before. This guide aims to provide basic boss info, strategy, team options and gameplay examples against this boss wave in Masters Red Lotus.




  • Physical Evadion: MECH-type or QUA-Type Physical DPS is the best choice here.
  • Example: Bright Knight: Excelsis (BK), Swallowtail Phantasm (SP), Stygian Nymph (SN), Void Drifter (VD)
  • Celestial Hymn(CH) is the best support to gather and reduce enemies' DEF in an area. Drive Kometa(DK) with Briareus EX can be a substitute for CH.
  • ELF choice: Selune's Elegy can nuke and freeze the enemies in place.


  • These Mechas just leap and throw punches that are easy to evade. Use them to gather Evadion.
  • Sometimes, Gigant will put up a shield. Attack at close range, and evade his counter attack for an Evadion charge.
  • You can get two Evadion charges from Rime Titan's Overload Strike.



  • Hierophant can summon zombies. More attacks, more evadion opportunity.
  • CH's Blade Barrier (Evasion Skill) might interrupt summoned enemies, slowing down your Evadion charge. Turn it off if it bothers you.
  • Jo-Ninja and Shadow Dancer have quick attacks and can easily interrupt you. Be careful~

Look at all these zombies~



 Bright Knight and Swallowtail Phantasm 

  1. A full-geared BK or SP teams are the best for this boss, as they are able to defeat both waves in one Burst Mode.
  2. After Titan wave dies, BK and SP can impair Hierophant wave using Dante / Dirac stigmata. This ensures their damage stays high enough to finish the fight before Evadion or Burst Mode expires.

 Void Drifter and Stygian Nymph 

  1. VD and SN teams have almost the same rotation. CH gathers evadion, use Ultimate, DK weakens the enemy, VD / SN switches in and BURST!
  2. VD team can make do with cheaper support gears. Good for budget players.

1) BK, SP and VD gameplay compilation by me. (Red Lotus 192 Eh)

2) SN team gameplay:  https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV18A411b7KT

3) There's also this Knight Moonbeam team. Try it out~


?Don't limit yourself to my suggestions. Be creative and try for retention score!?


You've reached the end of this guide. Hopefully you learned a thing or two from this short guide. This boss was available in Flash Explosion (Fire) Evadion in Myriad, but I did not encounter such setup in Beta RL. I'll try to update this guide with Fire teams once it appears in live RL QS. 


If you have any feedback/question, you can find me in Official Discord or on Youtube. 

Also thanks to Ai-chan team for the beta~