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Q-Singularis Argent Knight BOSS Guide





Argent Knight: Artemis (AKA) debuted as Q-singularis boss in version 3.5 with the new Ignite Trauma mechanic. This guide aims to provide basic boss info, strategy, team options and gameplay examples against AKA in Masters Red Lotus bracket.





1) Glacial Armor

  • Gives 75% Ice,  35% Physical and 25% Lightning Resistance.
  • Gains 30% Total DMG Reduction while attacking.
  • Disabled during Time Fracture.

2) Ice Cell

  • Attacks apply Hypothermia that increasingly slows down valk. 
  • When Hypothermia meter maxes out, valk will be trapped in Ice Cell
  • Nothing to worry about. You won't get trapped if you fight her properly.

Left: AKA attacks applying Hypothermia. Right: Summoned field applies Hypothermia over time.
When the meter is full, Rozaliya gets trapped in Ice Cell for a while.

3) Weakness - Ignition?

  • Has 30 units of Ignite Trauma.
  • Ignite Trauma is charged by attacks that apply ignite, such as FS Basic ATK, AE Basic ATK and VK Charged ATK.
  • At max trauma, AKA will take 75% more Fire DMG, get ignited and lose anti interrupt. 
  • She also has an innate 25% more Fire DMG taken multiplier (based on Arena)
  • From v3.8 onwards, AKA will not be completely immune to ignite when trauma is not maxed.

FS Basic ATK charging up Ignite Trauma



Charging Evadion and Ignite Trauma
Azure Empyrea(AE) and Flame Sakitama(FS) can keep evading and counter attacking, charging both Evadion and Ignite Trauma. 

AE charging both Evadion and Trauma.


Stop AKA from walking around
This tip is for AE Evadion farming. Sometimes, AKA will walk around, summoning her ice field. This move wastes a little bit of time. To prevent this, hit AKA between attacks, she will get interrupted, and will perform a scythe attack instead.

Left: AKA walks around. Right: AKA gets hit. She perfroms scythe atk.

Fire DPS vs Ignite Trauma and Evadion?

AKA has a lot of fire DMG taken multiplier from:

  • Ignite Trauma: 75% more Fire DMG?
  • Flash Explosion Evadion: 70% more Fire DMG?
  • Innate (based on Arena):  25% more Fire DMG?


That's a total of 170% more Fire DMG taken! ??? This is why Fire DPS is recommended against her, such as Vermilion Knight: Eclipse (VK) and FS

Rita is hot. But now she’s way too hot!




There are other unconventional DPS that can tackle AKA, such as Blood Rose, Shadow Knight, Void Drifter, etc. They can't match the score of a stacked VK or FS team, but you can try if you have good gears and know what you're doing. Be creative in Honkai!


This is a gameplay compilation of the team options mentioned above.


Red Lotus 165 Eh (920 / 917 / 882 / 757)



You've reached the end of the guide! Hope you have learned a thing or two from this short guide against AKA in Q-singularis. Also, Valkyrie Gloria is a new free Fire DPS in v3.8. I'll try to add her lineup and gameplay in this guide in the future.