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v3.7 Q-Singularis Guide for New Bosses


Version 3.7 updated Q-singularis Abyss with three new final floor bosses, and two bosses adjustments. In this guide, I'll share the basic boss info, lineup and gameplay examples to get high scores against these five bosses in Red Lotus Masters.




Type: QUA

  • Has three layers of Quantum Shields. (Only two layers in Arena)
  • Takes less dmg when Tonatiuh has at least one layer of Quantum Shield.
  • Burst Mode - becomes more aggressive and takes way less DMG

Evadion: Quantum Collapse 
Top Scorer: Swallowtail Phantasm, Stygian Nymph


Tonatiuh has a lot of DMG resistance from Quantum Shield and Burst Mode, so the best way to defeat it is to remove the shields and unleash all your attacks while Tonatiuh is collapsed. There are a few ways to remove the shield:

1) Evade Tonatiuh Phase Attack, then counterattack

Gif shows Tonatiuh's Phase Attack. Evade and counter attack removes one layer of shield. 


2) Use Quantum Collapse Evadion skill

An easy method to gain Evadion charge is to move to the edge of the battlefield at the beginning of the fight. Tonatiuh will most likely perform its Star Crash attack - throwing Energy Entities that can easily be dodged. Energy Entities stuck on the ground can also be evaded. You will have full Evadion by 960 score point.

Gif shows Tonatiuh throwing Energy Entities during Star Crash attack. 


3) Ultimate skill of QUA Valks 
Swallowtail Phantasm (SP) and Stygian Nymph (SN) ultimate will remove one layer. Once you have enough SP and all debuffs are applied, unleash SP / SN / VG ultimate and defeat Tonatiuh.

Gif shows SP ultimate collapsing Tonatiuh, and dealing massive damage.


SP 213Eh 902 Score (Undine, Dirac) https://www.bilibili.com/video/av89127717
SP 204Eh 904 Score (Acheron, Allan Poe) https://www.bilibili.com/video/av89053427/
SN 98Eh 905 Score: https://youtu.be/oo1Jv_6QaP0
SN 204Eh 831 Score: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av89070158




​Type: PSY
Properties: Resists most debuffs
Evadion: Hyper EM (Lightning)
Top Scorer: Darkbolt Jonin, Hawk of the Fog 


Most of Parvati's attacks are very easy to dodge, so you should have no trouble accumulating Evadion charges (except that Chilling Howl attack). The best one is the Falling Ice attack, which you can keep evading in quick successions. ​


Gif shows gaining full Evadion charge by evading Falling Ice  attack


AE VK DJ 150 Eh 935 Score https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lO3aguYaPA0
LE AE HF 156 Eh 906 Score https://www.bilibili.com/video/av86035307
LE MC HF 165 Eh 860 Score https://www.bilibili.com/video/av85933921/




Type: Both are PSY-type

  • Battle starts with Lava Emperor.
  • After Lava Emperor dies, Frost Emperor will spawn.

Evadion: Hyper EM (Lightning)
Top Scorer: Darkbolt Jonin (Based on Myriad)


Currently, this boss combo has only appeared in Agony and Myriad, but not Red Lotus (both Global and CN). Based on Myriad performance, once again, Darkbolt Jonin (DJ) is the best valkyrie against these bosses, as she has the advantage of BIO-type and Lightning DMG. Even as a mob in Red Lotus, Lava and Frost Emperor attacks are quick and hit like a truck, so keep both eyes open and get ready to evade any attack.

Gif shows Frost Emperor attacks

Theoretically, the best team options for Emperor Duos should be similar to Parvati.


​Type: BIO

  • Now has similar attributes as Memorial Arena HoV
  • Immune to Lightning DMG
  • When HP reaches a certain point, HoV will recover HP and activate Serenity Shield, taking less Physical DMG

Evadion: Cold Threshold (Ice) or Flash Explosion (Fire) 
Top Scorer:

  • ICE - Herrscher of Reason, Goushinnso Memento
  • FIRE - Vermilion Knight, Flame Sakitama


HoV now has the same attributes as her Arena counterpart. This change removes a few Valkyries who can previously defeat her at ease, most notably HF. The easiest way to gather Evadion (and SP) is almost similar to Tonatiuh. Move to the edge of the battlefield, dodge Void Lance attacks, followed by any of her attacks. This won't be as effective for FS since she needs to gather meter first.

Move  to the edge of battlefield, and dodge HoV attacks


Ice Evadion:
Herrscher of Reason 177 Eh 911 Score https://www.bilibili.com/video/av86515453
Goushinso Memento 107 Eh 940 Score https://www.bilibili.com/video/av84416596
Fire Evadion:
Vermilion Knight: Eclipse 241 Eh 800 Score https://www.bilibili.com/video/av93298402
Flame Sakitama 260 Eh 769 Score https://www.bilibili.com/video/av93357614


Cold Threshold (Ice) Evadion​


Flash Explosion (Fire)  Evadion​


​Type: PSY. Changes to BIO type when shield breaks.

  • Now has similar attributes as Memorial Arena counterpart
  • Takes more DMG when ignited or bleed.
  • Takes less DMG from ranged ATKs
  • Shield HP reduced.

Evadion: Spatial Fracture (Physical)
Top Scorer: N/A


Similar to HoV, DJXY now has the same attributes as her Arena counterpart. Unfortunately, she has not appeared in Q-singularis (both CN and Global) at the time of writing.
Theoretically, in Physical Evadion, Night Squire (NS) might be the top scorer since she can apply bleed constantly during Ultimate. Shield HP is also reduced, so if you manage to break the shield fast enough, Twilight Paladin (TP), Stygian Nymph(SN) or Void Drifter(VD) might score fine as well.


You've reached the end of the guide. As you can see, all Elemental teams use Azure Empyrea (AE) for max score now. Make sure to get her in future Expansion Supply if you still don't have her.
Hopefully this has been somewhat helpful. I'll try to update the info for Parvati and DJXY in the future. For further discussions for strategies, I suggest you visit Honkai Official Discord or contact me at Youtube / Discord