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Equipping and Deploying Starcasm Nyx

Welcome to 4.8~
Today we are taking a looking at how to gear Starchasm Nyx (SCN) and use her in Abyss/Memorial Arena settings.

First, let's look at her

Team Composition

Azure Empyrea

Since her release, Azure Empyrea has become the main catalyst of elemental teams with her wide array of supportive capabilities.

From her skill, she provides the following: 

  • Elemental damage amplification
  • Elemental breach
  • Crowd Control
  • SP regeneration over time

If Bronya is absent from the team, Azure Empyrea is a better lead since she can always guarantee the full effect of her lead skill thanks to SCN’s typing.


What does she offer? 


  • Elemental damage bonuses 
  • 15 SP every 20 seconds
  • At SS rank, Phoenix can debuff enemies into receiving more elemental damage.
  • Scorch brand that deals chip damage while off the field. 
  • Can easily trigger SCN’s QTE with combos (AAABB) that knock enemies airborne.
    • Her ultimate and Grips of Taixuan also enables her to activate SCN’s QTE


Haxxor Bunny

SCN’s best friend is none other than her beloved sister Bronya. 
Haxxor Bunny’s skills synergise well with SCN’s, fulfilling her lead skill and racking up combos for the following skill:

Considering how SCN’s burst works, Haxxor’s ability to reapply her stigmata effects without interrupting SCN’s damage cycle is the icing on the cake.

Remember to perform a charged attack at the beginning to summon drones.

Blood Dance

Always and only cast blood dance before her ultimate to maximise SCN’s damage output since preserving SP is crucial for prolonged combat. Unless of course SCN can guarantee a clear before the Blood Dancer is SP deficient. 
Best users (may vary depending on the scenario)

​ ​​​

Signature equipments


Verne Set


  • Increase ice damage by 20%
  • Charged attacks deal an additional 40% total damage.


  • Total damage increases by 20%. 
  • Upon landing, charged attacks will deal 30% additional ice damage for 10 seconds. Subsequent activations will refresh the duration


  • Increase attack speed by 20%.
  • Basic and charged attacks deal an additional 50% bonus ice damage.

2 Set effect:

  • Ultimate evasions in burst mode will boost total damage by 30% for 12 seconds with subsequent proc refreshing it.
  • Charged attacks boost ice damage by 15% up to a maximum of 4 times with an internal cooldown of 0.3 seconds until burst mode ends.
    • Reaching the fourth stack will deal 900% ATK of AoE ice to nearby enemies.

3 Set effect:

  • Charged attacks restore 2 bonus SP on hit with a 2 second cooldown.
  • Seele equip bonus: all enemies take 20% bonus ice damage when she is on the field.


Won't go into too much detail for these.

Ana Schariac

  • Second best set
  • Being farmable via bounty mark makes it a nice budget set.

Worst case use

Robert Peary

If none of the sets above is available, then I'm afraid you may need to roll for her equipments.

Excellent Weathers for SCN



  • Try to save burst for Benares if the Crab isn't too tanky.


Despite being designed for lightning Valkyries, SCN can still hold her own in this weather
Be sure to collapse once Tonatiuh has one layer of Qua-shield left.

Couatl: Revenant

  • Also burst it when there's only one shield left.


  • Is outperformed by Herrscher of Reason due to type advantage
  • Pair with Haxxor Bunny (with Crusher Bunny 19C) and/or Liliya for rime traumas.
  • Same deal with the Memorial Arena counterpart

Homu King

Can remove the soul link effect from this boss, making it's most irritating mechanic trivial.

Avoid using SCN under these weathers 


  • The weather speaks for itself.


Same reasoning as Heimdall.

Shadow Knight

Every instance of elemental damage will bolster Shadow Knight's elemental resistance.

Saha Asaaka

  • SCN deals melee damage. 

Jizo Mitama

  • Jizo has very high elemental resistance.

Memorial Arena
Lightning Empress

Due to her reliance on SP, SCN should almost always be paired with Lightning Empress and Azure Empyrea or Haxxor Bunny for faster ultimates.




Mexicatl Umbreist


Couatl: Revenant 


Kallen Kaslana

  • Is immune to all elemental damage


  • Immune to ice damage


Shield and camouflage are best broken with physical damage. Elemental damage will only tickle it.

Jizo Mitama

As per the abyss counterpart, Jizo is highly resistant to all elemental damage

Argent Knight: Artemis

  • High resistance to ice damage

Shadow Knight

  • Same reason for the abyss counterpart.

She’s neutral against every other boss; far from being the worst or best at them. 

Soul link neutralising  

SCN has a unique feature to permanently nullify soul link effects from enemies


Players who have played Dirac Sea will know how obnoxious these scenarios can be because we have to face multiple waves of them @-@. 

For players approaching Dirac Sea

Soul link is a mechanic where multiple (usually two) mobs have shared a shared life and that both of them must be defeated simultaneously within a set time frame for both to be defeated. Failure to do so would revive the fallen mob with a fraction of their HP, which could spout trouble if it keeps up.

This can get irritating if one of them moves around a lot or if damage was focused on the other half. However, SCN can simply degrade them into a regular mob and defeat them separately. Making it easier to single out troublesome enemies such as lugal.

Q-Singularis Caution 
Q-Singularis also has soul lined mobs, however, unlike its Dirac Sea counterpart, all mobs share the same damage, meaning that attacking all enemies will amplify the damage. Now SCN doesn’t want to unlink them as that would hinder her damage. Whether or not she can actually do so I don’t actually know, but if she does avoid it at all costs unless damage isn’t an issue. 

How should she be played?


Due to increasing disturbances,the way in which she might be played could vary. However, given the nature of her kit, it is generally advised to stack as many buffs and debuffs from her supports before wailing on an opponent. 
Greater emphasis will be placed on bosses since every second counts. Mobbing stages have more leeway in terms of damage rotation until the disturbance escalates further, in which case, adhere to the optimisations above.
1. Gather sufficient SP for everyone on the team (Abyss usually has 90 initial SP)
2. Cast your main support's (Azure Empyrea or Phoenix) ultimate first
3. Followed by the secondary support (Blood dance or Haxxor Bunny)
4. Enter Burst mode
5. Hold down the basic attack button to perform multiple charged attacks
6. Do normal attacks to fill Carmine Gash
7. Do another barrage of charged attacks.
8. Use SCN's ultimate finisher. 

Against quantum type enemies 

Be it a boss or an elite, try to enter burst mode after her supporters have done their work when there is one layer of quantum shield left (see below). That way, the bosses are vulnerable for a longer duration, enabling SCN to dish out maximum damage. 

For bosses that have multiple layers and phases such as Coatl, try to gather enough SP on every Valkyrie whilst evade-collapsing them. Once the window opens up, she should be fully prepared to unleash every inch of damage her kit permits and go for the finishing blow. 

Ultimate finisher:

Try to activate it right before major buffs e.g. Azure Empyrea, Haxxor Bunny run out. Use the UI to your advantage! Her ultimate freezes in game time, meaning all buffs and debuff timers will stop ticking briefly. 

Memorial arena is simply:


  1. Pair her with Lightning Empress and Azure Empyrea/Haxxor Bunny
  2. Gather sufficient SP on the latter; nebulous duality is really crucial as it allows her to Ult after one or two combos. 
  3. Switch SCN while Nebulous is going off to gain some SP and save some time. 
  4. Proceed to: Cast Azure Empyrea’s ultimate>Pulse Katana>Immediately cast SCN’s ultimate and slash away. 
  5. Activate her finisher when Azure Empyrea’s buff are close to cessation.
  6. Say hello to you score~