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A strategy to fight Tonatiuh with Starchasm Nyx

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Greetings, Captains! If you guys going to roll Starchasm Nyx, I recommend to you one of my best strategy to play in MA.

Today I show my team to get high score with the boss Tonatiuh.

I use a team of Lightning Empress, Stygian Nymph and Starchasm Nyx. Choose Lightning Empress as a captain which will give about 50 to 70 SP at the start of the battle.

At first, change to Stygian Nymph and make a Charged attack, then use her Utimate to inflicts 1 Quantum Implosion. At next use her Evasion to activate Time Fracture which is activate Starchasm Nyx's QTE (or you can change immediately at rank SS Stygian Nymph)

Use Starchasm Nyx's QTE, then use her attack and charged attack to get enough SP. Cast her Ultimate to inflicts the last Quantum Implosion. At this time, kill the boss with her combo as fast as you can.

Here is an example:

In this video, the weapon and stigmata I use for my team are:

Lightning Empress; Jin Shengtan (T,M), Tesla Band (B) and any weapon.

Stygian Nymph: Tesla Band (T), Mei: Beach Party (M), Isaac Newton (B) and Path to Acheron: Kindred

Starchasm Nyx: Verne (T,M,B) and Sanguine Gaze: Union

Hope you enjoy this strategy. Thank you so much!