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EX ABYSS Ranged Assaka Guide

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Welcome captains to another EX Abyss guide! In this guide - how to clear Ranged Assaka!


Ranged Assaka is currently the only Ranged weather boss in the game, and it is specifically made for Herrscher of the Void (HoV). She is the only good BIO-type ranged dps, and has type advantage over Saha Assaka. HoV finally has her own weather! Yay! 


We got a free HoV and Keys of the Void in 4.7, and you can get her stigma from Battle Pass, so you should have a decent HoV by now. Unfortunately for those without HoV, you have a fat chance for top 3 spots; there are just too many captains with HoV now, but you can try the gameplay shown below and aim for a retention spot!



  • Weather: Sniper
  • Effect: Ranged DMG +50%. Melee DMG -50%
  • Boss: Squid (PSY) and Saha Assaka (PSY)
  • Best Valkyries: Herrscher of the Void


WAVE 1 - The flies and the squid

Wave 1 consists of two easy Archangel and a very annoying Whirlpool Phantom:

  1. It fires attacks that knock you down
  2. Can push you away
  3. Can teleport away randomly. 

And the worst of all, if you fail to kill it around the 840 score mark, he activates a barrier and takes almost no damage as long as the barrier is up~

BREAKING THE SHIELD: A very annoying barrier. To break this shield, stay close to it and wait for a Honkai Cube to drop and detonate near it.

WAVE 2 - Saha Assaka

  • Assaka's shield reduces all damage taken while it is up. Dish out some damage to break the shield, but save your strongest attacks for when the shield breaks. Both physical and elemental attacks can damage the shield.
  • The shield recovers REALLY FAST. Make sure to give an all-out attack once the shield breaks.
  • As for Assaka's attacks, they aren't that hard to evade. Just fight it a couple of times and you will get used to it.





Herrscher of the Void (HoV) is the winner of this weather. We got free HoV and Keys of the Void in 4.7, as well as a farmable Celestial Hymn. Just put the proper gears on them and your HoV is ready to snap!


Possible teams:


Unfortunately, there is nothing close to HoV score. All the other ranged DPSs are bad! However, here are some possible teams that you can try for retention score, but they are pretty expensive.



This is a dual dps team of Knight Moonbeam (KMB) and Starlit Astrologos (SA). Preferably SSS-rank KMB and SA with Shuijing are needed to deal enough damage. If you lack damage, then see the next example with Starlit Astrologos DSP and pure support KMB and Celestial Hymn.



Starlit Astrologos with Shuijing stigma is an okay-ish damage dealer in Ranged Weather. Weird fact - STARLIT ASTROLOG ULTIMATE DEALS MELEE DAMAGE, NOT RANGED! Use more Combo ATK! When Assaka's shield breaks, use her Combo ATK, not Ultimate!



Argent Knight is a melee damage dealer, so why is she in this list? The reason is, her Ice Cell is an independent damage source - it does not count as Melee or Ranged Damage! Still, I don't recommend this for most players - You need some end-game gears for this to even get a decent score. Just get HoV.


All gameplay shown below have around 340 Disturbance


This vid has the following teams

  • SS1-HOV SA HOS 865 (Works with S-HoV too)
  • KMB SA CH (KMB DPS) 704
  • KMB SA CH (SA DPS) 517


S2-HOV SA HOS 860 by Captain Neal


And Argent Knight by Alpha7xgaming



You've reached the end of this guide. Hopefully, you learned a thing or two from this short guide, but you guys are Exalted captains so you probably know what you're doing. Okay, see you again in another guide~

💬This is Captain Marisa. If you have more questions or feedback, you can find me on Official Honkai Discord and on Youtube💬