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Herrscher of Sentience Guide


Hey, Captains! In this guide, we will cover v4.6’s new Herrscher of Sentience (HoS). HoS is a BIO Valkyrie who can perform both DPS and Support roles. We will take a closer look at her and how she works.









Leader: Alliteration is an Agony
Team deals 26/28/30% Crit DMG in burst mode. For every BIO battlesuit on the team, team has 4/5/6% bonus Crit Rate.

This skill is shared alongside the rankup of SK’s leader skill.

Passive: Ace Arsenal

HoS has three weapon modes with their own gauges. Weapon modes are interchangeable through quick-tapping the Ultimate button. 

Switching from Sword to Spear to Chain Blades to Sword

Innate Invulnerability
Combo ATKs grant Shield: I’m Untouchable to all unshielded team members. Shield HP equals 30% of Valkyrie’s max HP. The shield grants 50% Total DMG Reduction, moderate Ignore Interrupt, and boosts team Crit DMG by 24%/30% (S/S.3). Subsequent procs refresh the shield. CD: 12s.


Combo ATKs can easily create a shield and Crit DMG buff for entire team. While the shield has great protection, the more important benefit is its easily reappliable team Crit DMG buff


Stellar Start  (Unlocked at SSS-rank)
Valkyrie has 40 bonus initial SP. Can only be triggered once every 10 minutes in Open World.


Against All Authority
When Valkyrie sends an enemy into coma, they take 15% bonus Physical DMG from her for 15s (independent effect). In addition, when she impairs enemies with her own skills, they take 15% bonus Physical DMG while the Impair lasts (independent effect).

HoS’s coma and own impairment invoke additional 15% Physical DMG in-take debuffs each! That’s a total of 30% if she inflicted coma status and impair on an enemy.


Basic: Trial of Trinity

HoS has a unique arsenal of different types of attacks based on her current weapon mode (interchangeable by quick-tapping ult button).

Sword basic attacks


Spear basic attacks


Chain blades basic attacks

Connecting Attacks

You can connect your basic attacks into your next weapon mode without stopping yourself.

Sword to Spear


Spear to Chain Blades


Chain Blades to Sword


The Best of Both Worlds
Upon entry or exit, Valkyrie deals 30% bonus Total DMG for 15s.


The World is Never Enough
In non-Herrscher form, attacks restore 2 SP and 30 kinetic energy for all weapons on hit. Only procs once every 5s for every weapon.


QTE: Always Here, Always Ready
Triggered by Time-Slowed enemies in non-Herrscher form to launch spear attacks dealing 4+800% ATK of Physical DMG and restoring 300 spear kinetic energy.

With QTE, you can always be ready to use your Spear Combo ATK. Note that QTE spears do not impair.


Special Attack Combo: Transcendence of Trinity

Simply hold down the Basic ATK button when your respective KE meter is full to launch a Combo ATK.


Sword Combo ATK
Gathers and Time-Locks


Spear Combo ATK
Gathers and Impairs (via Spear Stands for Strength skill)


Chain Blade Combo ATK
Inflicts 1.2s coma

Riding the Blade Waves
Every weapon switch or QTE grants 5s of Psyched status where the next Combo ATK restores 5 bonus SP and removes the status.

As it states, every time you switch weapon modes (or QTE) presents you the 5s opportunity to gain SP should you Combo ATK.


Spear Stands for Strength
Spear Combo ATKs impair enemies and reduce their DEF by 50% for 15s.


Mercy Mean Meekness  (Unlocked at SS-rank)
In Psyched status, Combo ATKs restore 2 bonus SP and have special effects:
Sword: The 2nd sequence inflicts 0.5s of coma on enemies hit.
Spear: The 1st sequence Time Lock enemies for 1s on hit.
Chain blades: Attacks impair enemies and reduce their DEF by 50% for 15s.


Ultimate: A Worldful of Woes

With at least 125 SP, you can hold down the ult button to activate ULT and enter both Herrscher form and Burst Mode. This ult animated attack will pause ALL timers, including debuff/buffs such as Newton B and Abyss Timer. This is an unprecedented ability in Honkai Impact 3rd, and it enables HoS to be able to ult right after or even during short-lived debuffs (such as Newton B) without worrying that her ult-DMG won’t overlap.


In addition, Herrscher form and Burst mode are one and the same for HoS. It will last even when she is switched out. You can tell when it is over when the stage surroundings are no longer red and your Herrscher timer hits 0.

And in Herrscher form, she (pretty much instantly) impairs enemies by 75% while also gaining Ignore Interrupt and Total DMG Reduction for 15s. Since the initial ult-damage stops any and all timers, she makes for a great support when impairing and applying any other various debuffs/buffs.

Herrscher form and Burst Mode timer/meter


By holding the ATK button, you can then hold/spam the ATK button to Combo ATK  heaps of damage. 

Ultimate Combo ATK


Alternatively, you can tap the ULT button to launch a tower with chains for gathering and additional big DMG.

Ultimate Special ATK


A Leaf for Lifeboat
In Herrscher form, Valkyrie deals 35%/60% (S/S.1) bonus Crit DMG.


Warden of the World
In Herrscher form, attacks from teammates summon a plume attack from HoS on hit, dealing 150%/180% (S/SS.1) ATK of Physical DMG. CD: 0.5s. 15 procs max. 


Votive in Vain
Using Ultimate or special ATK triggers a shield. Special ATK additionally inflicts 1s of coma on hit.


Evade: A Wraith without Trace


If you evade (while Ult-evasion isn’t in CD), you can create an illusion that will explode in 3s.

However, if the illusion gets destroyed, a 2.5s Time Fracture is triggered.


HoS can gain a lot of mobility if she’s sword-riding. But beware of accidentally hitting an enemy while in or exiting sword-riding if you don’t wish to trigger any stigmata-CDs and/or initiate any battles.


Blown away with a Big Bang
Illusions can be detonated by Valkyrie attacks.

This skill, that can be turned on/off, enables HoS to set off Time Fractures almost on demand. It’s recommended to keep the skill on so you can invoke Time Fractures at times such as the beginning of the stage or while enemies are not attacking.

The Wicked Will never Win  (Unlocked at SS.3)
Illusion explosions deal 600% ATK of bonus Physical DMG.

Fluffy and Florescent
When illusions explode, they drop a black plume on hit. Pick it up to restore 150 HP and 15 SP for all team members.

Like it states, illusion explosions spawn a black feather with 150 HP & 15 SP. It’s always good to pick it up for the team.



There are a lot of different gears that HoS can utilize. Here are some recommended sets  (event-gears not included):

Note that her signature weapons are very important for they provide both the DMG and SP recovery she desires to enter Burst Mode as soon as possible.

DPS Gears

Set 1 is the ideal burst mode set for abyssing, both Sirin Ascendant: T and Dirac MB provide the most amount of buffs for HoS in burst mode that also so happens to be in Herrscher form.
Set 2 is geared towards rotation style gameplay, namely Memorial Arena. It works best when HoS QTEs into the battle and quickly hits hard with a Combo ATK.
Set 3 is a slightly more f2p friendlier version of set 2 since both the M and B pieces are farmable.
Both sets 4 and 5 are very f2p-friendly sets that players can make more use out of if they lack the necessary stigmatas.

Provided below are DPS comparisons between the sets for HoS (S-rank), with the top-half in Burst Mode and bottom-half in Fast Rotation

Support Gears

Set 1 is preferred in places where you can use your ult, such as Abyss.
Set 2 is an alternative to set 1 if you lack the set, it can also be used in Abyss.
Sets 3 and 4 can be used in both Abyss and Memorial Arena due to its only requirements of QTE and Weapon Skill usage. Both are easily possible with HoS.
Set 5 is the standard quick-support that is mostly used in rotation playstyles like MA.
Set 6 is the standard f2p set that can work in both Abyss and MA.

Provided below are Support comparisons between the sets for HoS (S-rank).



Listed below are the most commonly synergized teams that you can put HoS in. Note that this is not what HoS is limited to.

Knight Moonbeam + Celestial Hymn + Herscher of Sentience

The playstyle of this team is simple; have KMB invoke Time Fracture to proc CH and HoS’s QTEs. QTE in with CH alongside with applying your buffs and debuffs quickly. Then QTE into HoS and Combo ATK and/or Ult if possible.

Vs Parvati | 31680 MA



Vs Assaka | 31680 MA



Herscher of Sentience + Celestial Hymn + Starlit Astrologos

In this team, it’s about getting everyone’s SP ready as soon as possible, especially SA’s. So typically you prep SA and HoS’s SP. And you can either proc CH’s debuffs asap and/or later with her ultimate. However, when you switch from CH to HoS, you ult with SA and HoS immediately and burst down the enemies.

Vs Homu King | 750 Abyss RL 361D



Swallowtail PhantasmHerrscher of Void/ Bright Knight: Excelsis
+ Starlit Astrologos/ Celestial Hymn + Herscher of Sentience

In this team, Gathering is mostly done through CH or SA first. Then HoS supports with her massive debuffs and buffs, including her ult. And finally, the DPS comes in inflict big DMG.

Vs Jizo | 684 Abyss RL 360D


Vs DXY | 685 Abyss RL 365D




Blood Embrace and Tesla ZERO


Both Blood Embrace and Tesla ZERO are viable ELF options for teams with HoS. For Physical Teams, both Blood Embrace and Tesla ZERO can help the team with their shield-breaking and/or Physical DMG buffing capabilities.


Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, Herrscher of Sentience is a very powerful valkyrie at already S rank. She has a lot of versatility and is flexible as both DPS and support. She can gather, impair, and even stop all timers! Even if you cannot get her stigs, try to get her signature weapon. That said, I highly recommend getting yourself the Herrscher of Sentience

You’ve reached the end of this Valkyrie guide! I hope you enjoyed reading this guide! If you wish to visit me, my discord ID is Reinbex #1347. My Armada’s ID (NA) is 1019 and Discord link is https://discord.gg/bVBRkF4. If you have any questions or just want to visit, don’t hesitate to say hi!