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#HonkaiGLB3rdAnniv Ver. 4.6 Patch Overview - Kopenych & A.E.N



Hello, captain! Welcome to Version 4.6 Patch Overview by Kopenych & A.E.N.! Global Server 3rd Anniversary draws near with a tremendous celebration, so we finally can shed some light on upcoming update details! Let’s check all the news out together! 
WARNING: All information is based on BETA 4.6.



 Global Server 3rd Anniversary 



Global server is ready to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary with tons of bonuses and events!

Be sure not to miss anything in the list of Anniversary Feast, let’s check out v4.6 freebies!


  •  Anniversary Bonus Event:  Spend 30000 Crystals between 12:00, MAR 5 and 12:00, APR 15 to claim [Herrscher of Thunder]'s limited outfit Aqueous Springtide and other rewards!

  •  Anniversary Special Event:  complete certain missions to receive S-rank battlesuit option, Bridge theme [Taixuan Steps], [Starlit Astrologos]'s 4★ outfit Herald of Spring, and loads of Crystals for FREE!

  •  7-day Login x2:  Log in to claim Focused Supply Card x20, special 3rd-anniversary emblem and Asterite x3000 in total!
  •  Card Option boxes:  exchange for anything from Focused Supply Card x5, Expansion Supply Card x5, Dorm Supply Card x8, ELF Supply Card x10, 1200 Crystals for 3 times!
  •  Material Option boxes:  Exchange for anything from Honkai Cube x1, Einstein's Torus x70, Ancient Legacy x100, Ancient Willpower x200, SC Metal-H2 x200, Spatial Convectron x75, Ether Fuel x400, 30000 Asterite for 2 times!
  •  Activity LITE:  Forget about boring stuff as now you’ll be able to skip it entirely and just enjoy the events without missing your daily rewards!

Also don’t forget about first top-up resets and 30% off first 10x drops in FOCA Select's first 3 rounds!



 New Battlesuit: Herrscher of Sentience 



Rank: S

Valkyrie type: BIO

Damage type: Physical

Role: Support


She is the master of sentience and a nightmare to all… She will reverse all creations! Fu Hua’s S-rank Herrscher battlesuit [Herrscher of Sentience] debuts! Switch between sword, spear, and chain blades seamlessly, stop time with illusive space, and disrupt enemy mobs with combo slashes!




New Herrscher enters the battlefield, and she uses all Fu Hua’s millenial experience in martial arts to its fullest. Herrscher of Sentience is a perfect candidate for both Support and Attack roles, so try to choose her equipment wisely depending on her needed position in your team. HoS is a Burst-type Valkyrie who has Impair, Time Mastery and Gather options at her disposal, so she greatly performs with Burst Mode stigmas as well.

Don’t forget to check the possible options with different types of gears if you want to find an alternative! Biggest thanks to Marisa Honkai and other Captains for the translation of this table.




 New ELF: Water's Edge 



Damage type: Ice
Special features: Support, gathering enemies


Formless water joins everything and flows everywhere. Her circle freezes and drowns! New Ice support ELF Water’s Edge is combat-ready!

I'm Water's Edge, once one of the Xuanyuan Swords. I can control the flow to remove any barriers for you. Huh? You're interested in my martial arts? Just child's play. I can't even hold a candle to her…

How to get Water’s Edge:

  • ELF Supply
  • Supply Shop: exchangeable for [Battlesuit Shard] (limited time)



 Spring Event 

 Once Upon a Time in Shenzhou 



Legends say deep down the southern tropics lies an uncharted island that is the home to the mysterious Nian and the even more mysterious Phoenix the Celestial… St.Freya sets sail for a southern island to celebrate the coming of spring!
Participate in 4.6 special event to get Starlit Astrologos outfit “Herald of Spring”, an S-rank battlesuit option, the brand-new Taixuan bridge theme, and other rewards!




 New Equipment 


New weapons, two new stigma sets, and one new PRI-ARM joined the Hyperion Arsenals!



Keys of Oblivion

Source: Focus/Expansion Equipment Supply

Weapon Skill: 0 SP;
Cooldown: 20 sec;
Wielder gains 2 stacks of Mind Mark. Combo ATK consumes 1 stack on hit to restore 12 bonus SP. CD: 2 sec.

Passive Effects:

While wielder is on standby, team deals 15% bonus Physical DMG. This effect cannot stack with Domain of Sentience passive skill.




Domain of Sentience

Source: PRI-Arm Crafting

Weapon Skill: 0 SP;
Cooldown: 20 sec;
Wielder gains 2 stacks of Mind Mark. Combo ATK consumes 1 stack on hit to restore 15 bonus SP. CD: 2 sec.

Passive Effects:

• Boosts Crit Rate by 15%;
• In Herrscher form, wielder deals 20% bonus Physical DMG;
• While wielder is on standby, team deals 15% bonus Physical DMG. This effect cannot stack with Keys of Oblivion passive skill.



Fenghuang Down

Source: Focus/Expansion Equipment Supply

Weapon Skill: 10 SP
Cooldown: 25 sec
Unleash Fenghuang Down's power to immobilize enemies nearby for up to 8s (up to 3s against elite enemies or bosses). 1 sec after being attacked by wielder or her teammates, immobilized enemies recover and take 2000% ATK of Fire DMG.

Passive Effects:

• Wielder deals 40% bonus Fire DMG. 
• Against enemies affected by the weapon active, she deals 40% bonus Total DMG.



Fenghuang Pinions

Source: Bounty Mark Crafting

Weapon Skill: 6 SP
Cooldown: 25 sec
Unleash a lightning strike upon the target to deal 3x200% ATK of Lightning DMG. Tap the weapon button again to cast weapon finisher which deals 400% ATK of Lightning DMG to the target and enemies nearby, paralyzes the target for 1 sec and makes them take 35% bonus Lightning DMG for 9 s (cannot stack).

Passive Effects:

• The lightning strike will leave 3 feathers around the target. Casting weapon finisher or teammates picking up a feather extends the Paralyze caused by weapon finisher and the Lightning DMG boost by 1s.  All feathers will vanish after casting weapon finisher. 
• Team deals 15% bonus Total DMG against paralyzed enemies (cannot stack).


New stigma set - Shattered Swords

Source: Focus/Expansion Equipment Supply




Source: Focus/Expansion Equipment Supply



Columbus has the same stats and skills as the collab-exclusive Children set. Their pieces can be mixed and matched to complete the set. Columbus will enter Equipment Supply in the future. Due to the limitations of the album, obtaining Columbus set during v4.6 will not unlock it in the album (it will be unlocked in a future version).

Durandal: Dea Anchora (T)

Source: Event “Once Upon a Time in Shenzhou”


• Boosts Fire DMG by 15%;
• Every attack further boosts Fire DMG by 4% for 10 sec (can be refreshed). 5 stacks max.



Durandal: Dea Anchora opens up the set of new event stigmas - Bringer of Light, and a new collectible emblem as well.




 Battle Pass 

Elite Works update is coming with Key of Reason, Keys of the Void, Welt Yang, and Sirin: Ascendant on board! Additionally, Battle Pass will go through a lot of changes: now you can get Valkyrie Fragments in Paladin Battle Pass! This version’s exclusive is Herrscher of the Void.
Paladin Battle Pass also contains a commemorative frame border for version 4.6: Master of the Mind Ribbon and the special outfit for Valkyrie Gloria - Misty Lavender!



With a lot of changes Elite Works gets an update as well and re-opens the shop with all stigmas and weapons starting from v.4.2. [Fallen Crystallium] will also be replaced with a new Lucion-type currency, so don’t forget to use it before expiration time!





New gorgeous outfits are coming in this update! We prepared GIF showcases to show all upcoming outfits for version 4.6.


Valkyrie Gloria - Misty Lavender

Source: Knight Battle Pass



Starlit Astrologos - Herald of Spring

Source: Once Upon a Time in Shenzhou



Herrscher of Thunder - Aqueous Springtide (+ Rainy Springtide)

Source: Spending Event (30,000 Crystals)


This outfit automatically unlocks with the version without glasses!



 Game modes 


Dirac Sea 

After 4.6 Dirac Sea will be removed from Abyss for Captains below Lv81.

Superstring Dimension

  • Bloodbane: Fringe (Stage 1) — Increased bonus DMG caused by Valkyrie after 10 attacks to the same enemy.
  • Bloodbane: Intensive (Stage 2) — Main enemies of this stage now have limit shield regeneration to once.
  • Bloodbane: Perilous (Boss Stage) — The Ignored Interrupt and attack frequency of Sahã: Assaka will be decreased after its shield has been broken.


 Memorial Arena 

New boss is added — Couatl: Revenant.




 Co-op Raids 

Adjusted the execution time window of QTEs to the same as that of solo stages so they no longer interrupt Ultimate animations.


 Bounty Mark 


Weapon Fenghuang Pinions and Dirac stigma set (G3) can be forged now.






 Bridge Themes 

New Captain Bridge system is on! Now you’ll be able to set the themes, music, and even the weather on your bridge freely! New themes [Taixuan Steps] and [Arc City] will become available after v4.6 update.





 New Battlesuit Rank Up System 

Brand new rank-up system for battlesuits is coming! The battlesuit rank-up interface will be redesigned for easier navigation, but now new changes are applied to Kiana Kaslana’s [Herrscher of the Void] battlesuit and Fu Hua’s [Herrscher of Sentience].The number of Star Levels between S-rank and SS-rank is increased, but the number of total fragments/souls required by each Star Level is lowered. The total consumption of fragments/souls for SSS-rank, however, remains the same.



 Expansion Supply Adjustment 



New Supply mode is on! Now you’ll be able to switch between the Classic Mode (the current one) and the Alternative Mode when pulling Expansion Supply.



It provides the next bonuses:

  • Fully ranked (to SSS) battlesuits will be converted into [Battlesuit Shards];
  • Some secondary drop items including EXP Chips and HOMI Chests will be converted to Battlesuit Shards as well;
  • New Supply Shop is added.





 Witch’s Corridor 


“Knight Moonbeam”, “Argent Knight: Artemis”, and “Goushinnso Memento” fragments replace the previous Valkyries;



“Book of Fuxi” and “Tesla ZERO” fragments replace the previous Elves;




 War Treasury 

  • "Fallen Rosemary Character Card" is removed from the shop;
  • "Celestial Hymn" fragments are added. One fragment costs x8 [Ancient Legacy]. Limit: 6 purchases weekly.




 Exchange Shop 


Genome Reaper and Caravaggio stigma set are added in the shop.



 Supply Shop 

New shop is added.




  • Dorm Supply is updated: now you can get Herrscher of Reason, Argent Knight: Artemis, and Molotov Cherry as possible S-rank drops.
  • New Valkyries are added into the Dorm list: Molotov Cherry, Blueberry Blitz, Argent Knight: Artemis, Herrscher of Reason, and Swallowtail Phantasm.


  • Let’s welcome our new and adorable resident: Fu Hua "Herrscher of Sentience" chibi is added!




That’s all for today - thank you very much for reading our review, hope you like it! We wish you Happy Anniversary - enjoy the game, don’t forget about the freebies, and just have fun! With love, Kopenych & A.E.N.