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Herrscher of Sentience Weapon and Stigma Comparison



Herrscher of Sentience os the new Fu Hua battlesuit in 4.5. She can act as both Physical DPS and support. In this guide, we'll compare damage and performance of her optimal equipment for each role.



This video shows how a test run is done. Well, the vid also contains the full results. So, I guess you can watch it on Youtube if you want to, or continue reading the walkthrough with extra analysis.


 TEST 1: Best Fist Weapon 

This DPS check measures the damage dealt in Burst Mode playstyle. 







  • Domain of Sentience is the best weapon for her. No doubt about that.
  • Although Skoll and Stellar are high in the list, you must consider that they lack any SP recovery.
  • Some players doubt why Stellar is so high in the list, considering the damage procs are small. To be honest I'm not quite sure myself. Don't forge Stellar for more damage. Just use Grips of Taixuan for free fist option. It's good enough to get 31k score if your supports are stacked.


 EXTRA: Best Support Weapon 

For support role, there are only two suitable fists: 

  • Domain of Sentience / Keys of Oblivion. Provides team Physical DMG while buffing HoS herself.
  • Nebulous Duality. Provides team Total DMG Multiplier.
  • Both these fists also provide SP recovery.

If you don't have any of these, just use your strongest Fist to maximize damage.


 TEST 2: Best DPS Stigma 

For this DPS check, I used two common HoS playstyles:

  1. Burst Mode, commonly used in Abyss
  2. Rotation Playstyle, only used in Arena








The strongest stigma for Herrscher of Sentience is 

  1. Burst Mode: SirinAscendantT DiracMB
  2. Rotation: SchrodingerT ShuijingMB. Fully farmable option is SchrodingerT DarkJixuanyuanM LierB.

This has been proven by multiple gameplay from CN server. The top scorers will always use these stigma.

Shattered Swords isn't too bad. If you manage to get them from gacha, you may keep it because you might find it useful in the next test - Best HoS Support Stigma.


 TEST 3: Best Support Stigma 

  1. In Arena, support HoS is almost similar to Celestial Hymn. So, her stigma are either GustavTM Newton or Gluttony MeiBeach Newton. 
  2. In Abyss, HoS can use Ultimate, which opens up more available stigma such as Shattered Swords and Beethoven.


For this DPS check, I use HoS to support BK.






  • Shattered Swords is the best set for support, since it provides buffs for the whole team. HoS damage as sub-dps is pretty high so the buffs really help.
  • Gluttony MeiBeach Newton is really close to Swords in 1v1. This is one of the reasons I don't recommend getting Swords. The only disadvantage here is Newton only affects one enemy, so Swords will be better against multiple enemies.



Based on the results, the best gears for Herrscher of Sentience are 

  • Fist: Domain of Sentience (Both DPS and Support)
  • Stigma DPS - Burst Mode: SirinAscendantT DiracMB
  • Stigma DPS - Rotation: SchrodingerT ShuijingMB
  • Stigma Support - Rotation: Gluttony MeiBeach Newton
  • Stigma Support - Burst / Multiple Enemies: Shattered Swords

💬 That's it, captains! If you have further question or suggestion, you can contact Captain Marisa on Youtube or the Official Honkai Discord💬