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Shadow Knight Restrictions Removed!

Dear Captains, welcome to Schicksal Battlesuit Labs, I'm Ai-chan, the Chief Research Officer. This time, Ai-chan will bring you the strategy guide for the 4th Generation Valkyrie Godsbane-class Battlesuit [Shadow Knight]! Be sure to listen carefully~


A. Character Overview

◆ Features
Mech-type, Lightning DMG, Good DPS, Excellent Nuke
◆ Pros
Good DPS, Excellent Nuke
High DMG Buff, Incredible DMG Output without DMG Buff from another Valkyrie
Significantly suppresses enemy abilities in Eclipse Mode
◆ Cons
Difficult to use for inexperienced players.
Difficult to receive buffs from other Valkyries


B. Skills and DMG Output

1. Skills

The primary skills of Shadow Knight are [New Moon] and the Ultimate [Raging Drake]


Skill - New Moon: After the last hit of Ki Riptide, the last 2 hits of Shi-Ki Charged Palm, or for 18s after Shi-Ki Crescent activates Eclipse Mode, every 3rd attack deals 300% ATK of Lightning DMG in a 3-meter radius. When not in Eclipse Mode, each AOE Lightning DMG dealt recovers 3 SP.

[New Moon] is not enemies' Debuff, but rather Shadow Knight's buff, which guarantees the high DMG output and SP recovery for Shadow Knight.
In addition to Shadow Knight's attacks, you can also trigger the DMG and SP Recovery Buff of [New Moon] in the following ways: 1. Activate Celestial Hymn's Blade Barrier on the Shadow Knight. 2. Use the active skill of Raikiri. 3. Use the active skill of Skoll and Hati.
But bear in mind that the skills of Lier Scarlet (M) and Nagamitsu (T) won't trigger combo hits and therefore won't trigger the [New Moon] passive.


Ultimate - Raging Drake: When SP is above 60, cast Shi-Ki Crescent to enter Eclipse Mode: Spends 6 SP/s, -100% Attack SP Recovery, and gain 40% Lightning DMG. Max Duration: 60s. When Eclipse ends, recover 30% of initial SP when casting the skill.


We'll label [Attack] button as A and [Ultimate] button as B. At above 60 SP, hold B to cast Shi-Ki Crescent and enter Eclipse Mode. In Eclipse Mode, the attack sequence and DMG output of Shadow Knight will change.


Increase of Six Fists (AAAAAA) PDMG in Eclipse:

1st Stance 90%→120%
2nd Stance 90%→120%
3rd Stance 90%→120%
4th Stance 2*60%→2*80%
5th Stance 2*80%→2*100%
6th Stance 180%→230%
Additional Lightning DMG 50%→100%


Ki Riptide (ABB) → Shi-Ki Charged Palm (ABBB)

The Combo deals damage 6 times.
There will be 3 Dash attacks in Eclipse, instead of 2. The Dash Distance is very long, which can cross most of the map to pursue the target.
Both the 2nd and 3rd Dash Attack can generate the [New Moon] buff.
The enemy will be knocked down in the 3rd Dash Attack.


Ki Pulverize (AAABB) → Shi-Ki Onslaught (AAABBB)

The Combo deals damage 19 times.
During the onslaught, Shadow Knight will become Iron Body, immobilize the enemies and draw them to her front. This is the primary method to deal damage.
The enemy will be knocked down in the last strike.


Shi-Ki Crescent (Hold B)

Generate a Lightning Field which deals a tiny amount of damage to enemies in it. Lightning DMG dealt to enemies will also increase proportionately every second. As many as 50% additional Lightning DMG can be received.


2. DMG Output Method

When the Ultimate is not activated, be sure to keep [New Moon] active to quickly recover SP.
Method 1: Keep using Ki Riptide (ABB)
Method 2: Ki Riptide (ABB) + [Ki Pulverize (AAAAABB) + Evasion] x4


Method 1 is relatively simple, while Method 2 is more complicated and requires fewer errors. You can get higher DMG output and faster SP recovery using Method 2.


After activating the Ultimate
If [New Moon] buff is active, keep using Shi-Ki Onslaught (AAABBB) + Evasion, which will speed up attack tempo.

When [New Moon] buff expires, just use Shi-Ki Charged Palm (ABB) to re-activate the [New Moon] buff.


Try to keep the enemies airborne if you want to launch nonstop airborne attacks.

You can knock the enemies airborne in the following ways:
1. Activate the Ultimate
2. Use the active weapon skill of Nuada's Grief
Note: In most cases, Time Slow (or Time Fracture) and Impair will reduce Ignore Interrupt of the enemies. It's easier to knock the enemies in Time Slow (or Time Fracture) and Impair airborne.


C. Recommended Equipment

1. Weapon

Nuada's Grief tops the list. Its Lightning DMG buff and weapon skill are tailor-made for Shadow Knight. Moreover, its appearance matches Shadow Knight quite well.


Cinder Hawk boasts considerable All Elemental DMG buff. When equipped with Cinder Hawk and teamed up with Phoenix in Burning Soul Abyss, Shadow Knight can enjoy Fire DMG buff.


The active weapon skill of Skoll and Hati counts toward the combo hit and triggers [New Moon], which is perfect for DPS boost for a short period.


Although the passive weapon skill of Grips of Tai Xuan offers relatively low Total DMG Multiplier, its active weapon skill can trigger Time Slow QTE for teammates.


2. Stigmata

Monet Set (T, M, B)

Monet set is, so to speak, tailor-made for Shadow Knight. While Monet (T) and Monet (M) offer considerable Lightning DMG buff, Monet (B) is able to slow down the enemies and trigger Shadow Knight's Merciless passive, thus increasing Total DMG Multiplier.
When equipped with 2 of them, a lightning shield will be generated every 15 seconds. In the duration of the lightning shield, Shadow Knight is immune to Physical DMG for a short period of time and enjoys 30% increase in Lightning DMG.
When equipped with 3 of them, Monet (B) can trigger mass slow and recover 8% HP, which is extremely useful in the scorching Abyss.


Monet (T), Nagamitsu (M), Monet (B)

While Monet (M) increases Lightning DMG of Shadow Knight, Nagamitsu (M) is able to make enemies more vulnerable to Lightning DMG. Since the Lightning DMG of Shadow Knight is not so impressive, the DMG increase brought about by Nagamitsu (M) will be higher.
The Max DMG output of Shadow Knight is achieved with this stigmata combination, which is feasible in most cases.


Other Choices:

Top: Shakespeare (T), you can also use Nagamitsu (T) and Nagamitsu (M) to make a 2-piece.


Middle: Nagamitsu (M). You can also use Beach Party (M).


Bottom: Planck (B). You can also use Schrodinger Band (B).


Temporary Set: Shigure Kira (T, M, B)

A popular choice for dealing Elemental DMG, Shigure Kira is easy to obtain and upgrade for average players.


D. Recommended Lineup

Lineup for Abyss:

Shadow Knight + Divine Prayer + Wolf's Dawn

With this lineup, we basically have the 2 support characters on standby and see the Shadow Knight fight her way out single-handedly. The shield of SS-Rank Wolf's Dawn can increase the Elemental DMG of Shadow Knight, while Divine Prayer's Divine Penalty can reduce the Ignore Interrupt of enemies after hitting them. Then use the active weapon skill of Nuada's Grief or Shadow Knight's Ultimate to knock the shielded enemies airborne. (Although not all of them can be knocked airborne) When Shadow Knight's HP is at a low level, switch in Divine Prayer and launch her Ultimate to recover HP.


Shadow Knight + Yamabuki Armor + Valkyrie Chariot

When equipped with the Cannon Lurker, Yamabuki Armor can trigger Valkyrie Chariot's QTE, which is quite helpful for Shadow Knight when dealing with Honkai Beasts. In addition, Yamabuki Armor's shield can reduce the damage taken by Shadow Knight, and Chariot can clump monsters before switching in Shadow Knight to deal the final blow!


Shadow Knight + Celestial Hymn + Phoenix

After Phoenix has applied Firebrand to the enemies, launch basic attacks to get SP Pack, then switch in Celestial Hymn to launch her Ultimate, reducing Ignore Interrupt of enemies and impairing them. Then switch in Shadow Knight, launch her Ultimate to knock the enemies airborne and unleash nonstop airborne onslaught! When Shadow Knight's Ultimate ends, switch in Celestial Hymn and launch her Ultimate, then switch in Phoenix, launch her combo attack and then her Ultimate. After that, switch in Shadow Knight back again to launch her Ultimate and unleash nonstop airborne onslaught.


Lineup for Memorial Arena

Shadow Knight + Wolf's Dawn: against Cursed Soul
Shadow Knight + Scarlet Fusion + Flame Sakitama/Phoenix: against Benares
Shadow Knight + Scarlet Fusion + Valkyrie Accipiter: against Dark Xuanyuan


That's all for today. Schicksal Battlesuit Labs wishes you all the best, see you next time.