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Tesla Band Stigmata Guide

Tesla Band Stigmata Guide by Reinbex  

Hey, Captains! Today we are going to be taking a look at the Anti-Entropy Band set: Tesla Band introduced a few years ago and now available in Bounty v4.5. Tesla Band was a gacha-only Support stigmata set that revolves around providing the team buffs while the host is switched out. In this guide, we will review the set's functions, which valkyries will enjoy the stigmatas the most, and its place in today's meta.


Stigmata Intro

※ Stats below are all Lv.50 figures.

Tesla Band (T)
5★ HP: 483; ATK: 106; DEF: 70

Frenzy Chord: After exit, team gains 10% Physical DMG (effect cannot stack). When on the field, the host gains 15% Physical DMG and 20% faster Attack Speed.


Tesla Band (M)
5★ HP:507; DEF: 158; CRT: 7

Determined Chord: After exit, allies gain 15% Lightning DMG Resistance and attacks deal 15% more Lightning DMG (effect cannot stack). When on the field, the host takes 25% less Physical DMG from enemy hits.


Tesla Band (B)
5★ HP: 483; ATK: 53; DEF: 53; CRT: 9

Rapid Chord: After exit, team gains 10% Move Speed (effect cannot stack). When on the field, the host gains 35% Lightning DMG and 10% Move Speed.

2-pc bonus: Lightning Chord
Every Basic ATK (including Charged and Combo ATKs) grants 1 Accord Charge stack (CD: 1s). After gaining 4 Accord Charge stacks, reset stacks to zero and unleash Chain Lightning that attacks 4 random targets, paralyzing them for 5 sec and dealing 600% ATK of Lightning DMG to the first target, with each leap dealing 20% less total Lightning DMG to enemies. Chain lightning does not hit the same target twice. CD: 15s.

3-pc bonus: Advanced Chord
Gain 20% Max HP and 40% Lightning DMG in battle. Lightning DMG dealt by Chain Lightning no longer decays with each leap.


Stigmata Skill Review

In this guide, we will be shortening “Tesla Band” to “TBand”, similar to abbreviation. Comparisons to other stigmatas are mostly limited to realistic possibilities given that Tesla Band is now a farmable Stigmata and not everyone is a whale.


Tesla Band (T): Provides team Physical DMG buff and host Physical DMG and Atk Speed buffs. TBand T was one of the first Physical Support stigmatas that had a team passive buff. While it provides the host with a decent Atk Speed buff and a small Physical DMG buff, TBand T provides a better effect of a smaller team 10% Physical Buff while the host is switched out. 

Despite the wording, the host does not need to switch out first to trigger TBand T. So as long as the stigmata is equipped and the host isn't out, the entire team, especially the DPS, would get to enjoy the Physical DMG buff. Typically, TBand T would be ideal for supporting the Physical DPS teammates who need to stay outside for an extended period of time.


Tesla Band (M): Provides teammates Lightning DMG , teammates Lightning Resistance buff, and the host Physical Resistance buffs. Similar to TBand T, TBand M provides the host with Physical DMG resistance. However, while the host is switched out, the rest of the team gains 15% Lightning Resistance and the more importantly 15% Lightning DMG buff. For a team-support passive buff that does not have a CD or limited time of effect, 15% Lightning DMG buff is a pretty good effect. TBand M is viable for supporting Lightning DPS valkyries who need the extended period of support such as Shadow Knight and Herrscher of Thunder.


Tesla Band (B): Provides team Move Speed, host Lightning DMG, and host Move Speed buffs. Just like the other TBand pieces, TBand B provides the host with a good 35% Lightning DMG buff and 10% Move Speed, and while the host is in the backlines, the entire team gains 10% Move Speed. Unfortunately, 10% Move Speed is not really that good of buff, both in percentage aspects and the type of buff that it is. As a support, TBand B falls behind in. However, as a Lightning DMG stigmata, it's a decent choice for Lightning DPS valkyries to equip.


2-pc bonus: Deals Lightning DMS and Paralyze to enemies after 4 Basic ATKs. Combining two of the TBand pieces enables the host to deal some Lightning DMG and Paralyze to up to 4 enemies. Unfortunately, this takes too long to set up and isn't even strong. You would have to waste time hitting the enemy with 4 Basic ATKS, with a 1s CD requirement in between, in order to even trigger Lightning Chord. Additionally, the Lightning DMG this effect deals per target decreases by 20% per leap. It nerfs itself when it wasn't even that strong in the first place.

The paralysis, while can hit multiple enemies, is nothing compared to Rinaldo M and Kepler M. Both Rinaldo M and Kepler M can do a better job at paralyzing as single stigmata pieces with a smaller CD and better application of Paralyze via AOE.

Top it all off with Lightning Chord's large 15s CD and TBand's lack of synergy between any of its singular pieces, makes for a very unappealing 2-pc effect.

3-pc bonus: Provides Max HP and Lightning buffs. As it states, the host gains two passive buffs: 20% Max HP and 40% Lightning DMG. The HP buff is irrelevant while the Lightning DMG buff is powerful. Unfortunately, it does not justify equipping all three pieces of TBand together. TBand T, TBand M, and the 2pc effect all have useless effects/buffs for a potential Lightning DPS host. Also, the removal of the DMG-decay for TBand's 2pc effect thanks to its 3pc effect doesn't really help. 


Stigmata Comparison

Since Tesla Band has terrible 2pc and 3pc effects, we will only be taking a look at how Tesla Band's 1pc effects fares against the other similar and popular stigmatas in today's meta.

Tesla Band T

Right off the bat, we can easily deduce that Shuijing T is better than TBand T. Although Shuijing T’s passive only provides 8% team Physical DMG compared to TBand T's 10%, it works all the time, even when the host is out. In addition, having the host QTE provides an additional long 8% team Physical Buff that lasts for 8-12s. These 8-12s are usually enough time for a Physical DPS to accomplish what they need. 

Originally, TBand T was one of the top choices for T slot long-lasting Physical Supports. That is, until Gluttony T’s rework made its candy effects apply to the entire team and refreshable. Total DMG Multiplier is typically viewed as far better than Physical DMG due to its scarcity and thus avoiding watering down. Gluttony T’s 16-24% TDM buff that lasts for 5s until you pick up another candy can be easily accomplished due to how easy it is to spawn candy. In other words, TBand T got power crept by Gluttony T.

And as for Gustav T, while it appears to provide no support at first glance, is always seen to be with Gustav M. Gustav M is the stigmata most Physical teams use today. With Newton B taking up the B slot, Gustav T is there to help trigger Gustav’s 2pc effect to apply an AOE Physical DMG debuff. The Physical DMG debuff to enemies avoids watering down and therefore makes for a better choice than TBand T's team Physical DMG buff.

Tesla Band M

Tesla Band M is a unique M-piece long-lasting Lightning Support. There really isn't anything claiming its unique spot apart from Mei: Beach Party M's short but more powerful 15% TDM intake-debuff. In terms of supporting Lightning DPS for long periods of time, Tesla Band M is the best choice today.


Tband M's 15% team Lightning DMG buff actually gives it priority over Irene Adler M. Irene Adler M does not provide any support, but the set's 3pc effect does. Unfortunately, it's weaker buff, required activation methods, and long 20s being shorter than infinity makes Irene Adler M a weaker choice for support. Unless you wish to strengthen your Rita host's Lightning DMG output, it's actually better to utilize Tesla Band M instead.

Tesla Band B

Tesla Band B does have a good effect for Lightning DPSing with its 35% Lightning DMG and 10% Move Speed.

For its fellow G2 Bounty Stigmata, Monet B, the piece is lackluster. It only provides a better buff of 15% Atk Speed if the Combo Count is 30+ and it can inflict Move Slow for 6s. The Move Slow is good for Lightning DPS valkyrie Shadow Knight (SK).

SK's Empty Heart skill would enjoy Monet B's Move Slow debuff. However, to compare Monet B to Tesla Band B, we need to look at Monet's 2pc effect. It provides the host with a shield that buffs the host with a weaker 30% Lightning DMG buff  that gets disabled for 15s upon being hit. With Monet T being one of the best and versatile T Lightning DMG stigmatas, both Tesla Band B and Monet B would want to pair with it. However, unless the host can enjoy the Move Slow of Monet B like Shadow Knight can, Tesla Band B would be the more logical choice over Monet B.

Zhangheng B is a unique stigmata with a powerful Lightning DMG buff. If it didn't have its restrictions, it'd likely be the most powerful and versatile B-slow Lightning Stigmata. 

Specifically Hawk of the Fog (HotF) is capable of using this f2p stigmata, with her quick evade-into-ult combo. So in the eyes of HotF, Zhangheng B would be better than Tesla Band B.

Unfortunately, Tesla Band B cannot hold a candle towards the other gacha B-slot Lightning DMG stigmatas with their superior 2pc and 3pc effects. To use Tesla Band B over Ishikawa Goemon B or Benares - Awakening B would mean losing out on the 2pc and 3pc effects of the aforementioned stigmata sets. Therefore, Tesla Band B is not recommended to replace either Goemon B nor Benares B.

How to obtain

Tesla Band can be obtained through several ways: 

  • Gacha

  • Exchange House (6000 Stigmata Resonators)

  • Battle Pass: Vintage Elite Works (8 Lucions)

  • Bounty as G2 tier (as of v4.5)


In Bounty Crafting, each piece of Tesla Band costs the same, in which their respective Bounty materials vary based on the piece but remain the same amount as well.

Recommended For

Tesla Band T

Physical Support Valkyries

If you are an f2p player and so happen to have a Tesla Band T lying around in your inventory, TBand T would make for a decent support piece in the hands of the listed above valkyries. However, if you do not have a Tband T, you're better off farming for the more versatile and stronger Gluttony T. Still, having 1 Tesla Band T nowadays is still a good idea. Its prolonged Physical Support comes in handy for Physical DPS such as Twilight Paladin and Night Squire. Provided below is a sample gameplay video for how Tesla Band T could be used.

Memorial Arena | HoV, DK, TP vs Jizo - 31040



Tesla Band M

Lightning Support Valkyries

Due to the uniqueness of Tesla Band M and the sheer amount of Lightning teams there are in the meta today, Tesla Band M is considered a staple. It's very recommended to own 1 Tesla Band M to provide your team that extra Lightning DMG support it needs. All you need to do is to equip it to support Valkyrie and fight with your DPS.

Memorial Arena | HoT, BR, FR vs BKE - 31520


Memorial Arena | LE, DP, HotF vs Hephaestus - 31840


Memorial Arena | HoT, PX, DP vs Assaka - 31573


Memorial Arena | HoT, AE, BR vs BKE - 31520



Tesla Band B

Lightning DPS Valkyries

Tesla Band B actually doesn't have too many opportunities to be used in late game. Tesla Band B, until recently, was a gacha-only stigmata. Therefore players would exchange /farm for more viable and powerful Lightning Stigmatas such as Monet T. However, if you do have one lying around or wish to have a useful B-slot Lightning Stigmata, TBand B can be an option for you. Provided below is one of the rare occasions in which Tesla Band B could be used in a highly meta scenario.

Memorial Arena | LE, SK, DP vs AKA - 31733



Closing Thoughts

Tesla Band has been around for a long time. Its main usages were to provide the team support by having its host, equipped with either TBand T or M, be switched out. Powercrepted by the various other choices of today, Tesla Band T rarely sees any play anymore in the competitive scene. The cheaper to obtain yet better stigmata Gluttony T is preferred over TBand T. 

Tesla Band M on the other hand, is now much more easily accessible to players. If you wish to have a good Lightning Support, it's highly recommended that you get your hands on a TBand M from Bounty. Lightning teams are very good in today's meta and therefore so is Tesla Band M. Its few competitors in the long-lasting Lightning support section for M stigmatas still puts Tesla Band M as one of the most coveted Lightning-dedicated support stigmatas out there. 

And lastly, Tesla Band B is a Lightning stigmata geared towards Lightning DPS hosts. Its 1pc effects are not bad but there are many gacha ones that are better 2pc and/or 3pc effects that deter Tesla Band B from being used. However, TBand B's simple passive buffs gives a fighting chance to be used over Monet B in some occasions.Thus, if you are a f2p player or you lack the B stig for your Lightning DPS, you can opt for farming TBand B in Bounty. Tesla Band has been around for a long time and with it now available in Bounty in v4.5, players can now have easier access to some better support.

You've reached the end of this Stigmata guide! I hope you enjoyed reading this guide! If you wish to visit me, my discord ID is Reinbex #1347. My Armada's ID (NA) is 1019 and Discord link is https://discord.gg/bVBRkF4. If you have any questions or just want to visit, don't hesitate to say hi!