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Holmes Stigmata Guide

Holmes Stigmata Guide by Reinbex  

Hey, Captains! Today we are going to be taking a look at the new Detective of the Fog set: Holmes introduced in v4.5 alongside Dark Star. Holmes is a Physical support stigmata set that revolves around the host inflicting dmg on bleeding enemies. In this guide, we will review the set's functions, which valkyries will enjoy the stigmatas the most, and its place in today's meta.


Stigmata Intro

※ Stats below are all Lv.50 figures.

Holmes (T)
5★ HP: 411; ATK: 109; DEF: 66
221B: Host deals 18.0% Total DMG and host-inflicted Bleed lasts 36.0% longer.


Holmes (M)
5★ HP:459; DEF: 288
Stradivari: All team members' QTEs deal 18.0% bonus Total DMG against Bleeding enemies (cannot be stacked).


Holmes (B)
5★ HP: 459; ATK: 60; DEF: 66; CRT: 8
Bartitsu: After host deals damage to a bleeding enemy, team deals 18.0% bonus Physical DMG for 12s (cannot be stacked but can be reset).

2-pc bonus: Abductive Reasoning
Host attacks inflict a 5s Sanguine Stain on bleeding enemies, making them take 20.0% bonus Physical DMG (cannot stack).

3-pc bonus: Elementary
Sanguine Stain lasts 3s longer.


Stigmata Skill Review

Holmes (T): Provides TDM buff and extends host's bleeding. The T stig's effect is pretty self-explanatory. Also, it extends any bleeding the host does by 36%. Provided below is a conversion chart for the extended seconds of bleeding due to this stigmata's effect.

The extension of bleeding is definitely a good thing; 221B makes more bleeding skills viable and compatible with Holme's support effects. However, by itself, Holmes (T) is not that viable and needs to be at least paired with another piece.

Holmes (M): Provides TDM bonus to team's QTEs against bleeding foes. Stradivari is going to buff your team's QTEs after you bleed the enemies. So to QTE after applying bleeding to your enemies is encouraged if you want to maximize the effects of Holmes. However, 18% TDM is a good amount but because it only applies to QTEs, its usage won't be useful most of the time. Even if a DPS's QTE is one of their strong methods of dishing out DMG, QTE isn't a complete game-changer. Nevertheless, the M piece by itself is decent but that's about it.

Holmes (B): Provides team Physical DMG buff after host directly hits bleeding foe. Bartitsu is the best Holmes piece amongst the three. The B piece is the only sole piece that can provide a support effect by itself. It's simple to activate; the host only needs to directly hit (attacks that can trigger stigmatas such as Newton B) a bleeding enemy to buff the entire team's Physical DMG for a good 12s. The effect of this buff lasts pretty long and is a good 18%, making it pretty viable.

2-pc bonus: Provides Physical in-take debuff to bleeding enemies upon a host's direct hit. Abductive Reasoning, the other team support effect, enables the host to inflict bleeding enemies with a 5s debuff upon direct hit. This debuff, known as Sanguine Stain, makes the target take 20% more Physical DMG and it can be applied to multiple enemies at the same time. Provided below is a picture sample of how the Sanguine Stain looks on Wendy.

Sanguine Stain is a very short lasting yet good debuff due to its debuff nature that can be applied to multiple enemies.

3-pc bonus: Extends the 2-pc's debuff effect by 3s. Like it says, it extends Sanguine Stain to 8s. While it isn't much, it makes the debuff more viable through Elementary’s extension. With a larger time window, the DPS can make more use of the debuff and inflict more DMG onto enemies.

Stigmata Comparison (On paper)

We will be taking a look at how Holmes fares against the other popular long-lasting Physical Support stigmata combinations.

Stigmata Comparison (Testing)

Because Holmes works best in scenarios where there's multiple enemies and that we only can test against single targets, Holmes will only be compared to Shuijing and Musician TM + Ogier B. This is in part due to the nature of Newton B being a singular targeting debuff that only lasts momentarily. 

There were 3 team damage tests, each consisting 
Test Conditions:

  • No ELF

  • HoV + DK + SA

  • Same sequence of attacks

  • Vs Honkai Chariot

Team Compositions

The reasons for the valkyries not equipping their respective stigs is to see which team composition can outperform the other in which we observe if Holmes contributes more or Shuijing does. And Musician TM + Ogier B is on DK for the final test because DK is before HoV. The final test, for f2p, is to observe how much of an improvement one can get beyond f2p.

Provided is the video for the testing with each stigmata set. All tests start with DK triggering for HoV QTE and then proc-ing bleed. Then HoV enters via QTE while SA also QTEs and ults. HoV evades and snaps for ult to test her damage to the mob character. This simulates the usual best rotation and outcome for HoV when abyssing.

Team DMG comparisons


Test Results
As we can see from the results, Holmes outperforms the F2P set Musician TM + Ogier B but fails to reach even close to what Shuijing can accomplish for the team. The DMG output that HoV is able to perform when DK equipped with Holmes can provide about 10% more support when compared to the F2P set. Meanwhile Shuijing can provide about 21% more support compared to the F2P set.

Recommended For

Drive Kometa (DK), Valkyrie Chariot (VC), and Celestial Hymn (CH)

Dark Star and Blood Embrace

Holmes is a support Physical stigmata set that revolves around bleeding. Therefore it makes sense to pair it with bleeding skills. The weapon that came out at the same time as Holmes, Dark Star, and the Blood Embrace are both designed to bleed multiple enemies in a wide AOE. Holmes T is extremely recommended when utilizing these weapons, particularly Blood Embrace, due to the short-lasting bleed effects it comes with.

When it comes to Valkyries to equip these weapons, the ones best for the job are DK, VC, and CH. DK comes with slight gathering, weakening, and a splendid support Barrier for the team. CH is the omnipotent Physical support who can gather and impair. Lastly, VC can also gather and provide Ranged Physical DMG support with her Gravity Wrench ult suib-skill. Not to mention, VC's ult can also bleed enemies, which works great with Holmes.

Provided are some sample video gameplays utilizing Holmes:

SA, DK, BKE vs Spider & DXY 612 | Abyss 

SN KMB DK vs DXY 31200 | MA


LE BKE DK vs DXY 30560 | MA


And also


If you have Tesla ZERO, you can avoid using bleeding weapons/skills and even Holmes T (if you don't care about the 3pc effect). T-ZERO comes the ult sub-skill, Super RAD, that can inflict bleeding for 10 long seconds. However, this is only for single enemy scenarios! T-ZERO cannot use her first attack of her ult one multiple enemies at once. Once she bleeds the enemy, the host of Holmes can directly hit the bleeding target to apply the Sanguine Stain debuff and Holmes (B)’s team buff.


Here is a sample gameplay:
Memorial Arena: vs Jizo - 31840 (wrong art on DK; Holmes MB)


Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, Holmes is a strong long-lasting Physical Support type stigmata set that revolves around the bleeding of foes. It has some decent versatility and can be applied on multiple enemies at once. While it pales in comparison to Shuijing, it's yet another good support set that buffs the team and debuffs multiple enemies at once. At the time of writing, v4.6 has announced 2 new types of weather called Bloodlust and Bloodbane. Both weathers will be ideal for Holmes to excel in. So while Holmes isn't mandatory for high tier dolphins, it's recommended for the whale players who wish to get the highest of scores.

Credits to Wyverein for this image

You've reached the end of this Stigmata guide! I hope you enjoyed reading this guide! If you wish to visit me, my discord ID is Reinbex #1347. My Armada's ID (NA) is 1019 and Discord link is https://discord.gg/bVBRkF4. If you have any questions or just want to visit, don't hesitate to say hi!