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Holmes Stigmata Guide






[HP: 411; ATK: 109; DEF: 66]

Holmes (T) – 221B

Host deals 18% bonus Total DMG and host-inflicted Bleed lasts 36% longer.


[HP: 459; DEF: 288]

Holmes (M) – Stradivari 

All team members' QTE deal 18% bonus Total DMG against bleeding enemies (cannot be stacked).


[HP: 552; ATK: 60; DEF: 66; CRT: 8]

Holmes (B) - Bartitsu

After host deals damage to a bleeding enemy, team deals 18% bonus Physical DMG for 12s (cannot be stacked but can be reset).


2-pc bonus – Abductive Reasoning

Host attacks inflict a 5s Sanguine Stain on bleeding enemies, making them take 20% bonus Physical DMG (cannot stack).


3-pc bonus – Elementary

Sanguine Stain lasts 3s longer.





First of all, I would like to put a disclaimer here first. Holmes set work the best if you have the new cannon [Dark Star] with the Active Skill to bleed enemies. Although it can be equipped to other Valkyrie that could inflict Bleed, the effect might be lackluster if not paired with DS.


Holmes (T): Provides TDM and extend the duration of Bleed. The T piece provides a pretty hefty TDM buff for a Support Stigmata. However, the sub-skill, Bleed buff are rather rare and irrelevant in gameplay, except for the new EX Abyss stage with DJXY as the boss (will be explained more later in Recommended For section). Moreover, 36% longer duration for Bleed is not such a big difference. 

For example, Void Drifter's Basic ATK will bleed enemies for 4s. If you equip Holmes T on her, there will be an addition of 36% for that 4s:
36/100 x 4s = 1.44s. 
Adding 4s + 1.44s = 5.44s.
From 4s to 5.44s, its definitely is not a big addition.

But if paired with Dark Star, it still makes a difference. DS Active Skill will bleed enemy for 7s. When equipped with Holmes T, the duration will extend into 9.52s (almost 10s). Within those 10 second, the whole team deals 15% bonus Physical DMG against that bleeding enemy (DS Passive Skill). 


Holmes (M): Provides TDM against bleeding enemies. The M piece provide great 18% TDM BUT only for QTE against bleeding enemies. Meaning that if you use QTE but the enemy is not in bleeding state or you rarely rotate your Valkyries, then the buff is simply useless. Unlike the T piece that at least have the permanent TDM for the host without any condition, it is compulsory for the team to have at least one Valkyrie that can bleed enemies or a weapon that can bleed enemies.

It could be said that this piece is the second least impactful after the T piece, this is because the buff only works with QTE and the condition is quite difficult to achieve. Most bleeding effect only have a few second window, if you accidentally use QTE without bleeding the enemy first, then this piece might as well not exist during that battle.

But looking on the positive side, if the team have all Bleeding-inflicted Valkyrie, then it is easier to deal Bleeding more and each QTE can take advantage of this piece to the fullest.

This is where team composition and weapon shine. To fully take advantage of this M piece, you need to have a Support/Weapon that can bleed enemy then trigger Damage Dealer's QTE as fast. Example will be on the Recommended For section.


Holmes (B): Provide Physical DMG for the whole team. This is the best piece of the set. First of all, just like the M piece, there must be at least one Valkyrie in the team that can inflict Bleed status to enemies (or weapon). Although this piece did not mind who bleed the enemies, only the host must deal damage to a bleeding enemy, it is better to just equip this piece to a Valkyrie that can inflict Bleed the enemies (or Valkyrie that have weapon that can bleed enemies) so that it will be easier to do a rotation between other Valkyries. 

Right after host deals damage to a bleeding enemy, the whole team (including the host) will deal 18% bonus Physical DMG for 12s. The duration is long, but it is even better as it can be refreshed by the host attacking the bleeding enemy again. 



2-pc bonus: Provide bonus Physical-intake DMG for enemies. As usual, the condition is host must attack a bleeding enemy to inflict a Sanguine Stain. This will make the enemies take 20% Physical DMG. While the buff is good, the duration is too short which is 5s. 

Sanguine Stain Mark - Literally looks like a clump of blood


3-pc bonus: Extend the duration of Sanguine Stain. The final effect of this set is just that. From 5s, the duration will extend into 8s. The 3-pc effect is the cherry on top for the B piece where the whole team deals bonus Physical DMG. Honestly 20% Physical-intake enemy and 18% Physical DMG is very good but getting each piece just to complete the full set is not very much worth it as there are other just as good Support Stigmata.





In term of Bleed-buff Stigmatas, there are only Holmes and Dracula, but these two are very different as Holmes are for Support while Dracula are more for Physical Damage Dealer.

For number comparison, these two just cannot be compared as they have completely different function. But while Holmes is new and is for the end-game content, Dracula is old and does not have that much reputation nowadays because Dracula cannot be used by too many Valkyries.


BUT, Holmes set do can be compared with other Support Stigmata such as Gustav, Beethoven and Shuijing as they are also for Physical Support.


In Instance 1, Drive Kometa equip Dark Star, that is why the damage output of BKE with Holmes is significantly higher than others. Following behind is Beethoven, another great Support for DK.

While for Instance 2, DK equip Briareus PRI, with no weapon to bleed enemies, Holmes can only do so much to support BKE. There is very little difference in this instance, showing that all of the stigmatas have more or less the same benefit in Physical Support Team.






Bright Knight Excelsis|Drive Kometa|Starlit Astrologos


Drive Kometa equipped with both Holmes set and Dark Star is a really good combination just like Briareus PRI and Beethoven.

I had mentioned before that in version 4.5, there will be a new EX Abyss stage with DJXY as the boss. For weather, it is type counter, and DYXY will take 20% more damage when bleeding or ignited.

Dark Jixuanyuan

Holmes set and Dark Star are made specifically for this stage. More information in this video:

SA Basic ATK + Charged ATK (to restore SP)  > DK Uncharged ATK + Ultimate + Weapon Active + Basic ATK (to trigger BKE's QTE) > BKE QTE + Ultimate + Rampage

Other than this abyss, Holmes currently have really no importance in other stages as just using the old and trusty Beethoven and Gustav is enough.




For answering question “Is getting Holmes worth it?”, I would say no. While it is a good Support Stigmata, you must pair it with Dark Star or at least a good Support Valkyrie that can bleed and trigger the QTE of Damage Dealer easily. 

Also, the Holmes set are 'currently' just for endgame. There is no need to pull for this set just to fight DJXY in the abyss as using the old Support Stigmata that I mentioned before is sufficient to fight the boss in the game (Just like how Marisa use NS in their video above). 

If you still want to pull for this gentleman, then please do so, but beware that this set is not suitable at all for using only a piece on one Valkyrie. At the very least, you must have to use 2 piece -preferably MB- so that this stigmatas can start functioning.