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[EVA] Children Stigmata Guide

In this guide we will go over about the new Physical Stigmata set which is Children set. But remember that I will call this set EVA set because it is easier to remember.





[HP: 386; ATK: 128; DEF: 66]

Asuka (T) – Hearts Together

Host deals 20% bonus Physical DMG and after landing a Charged ATK, she deals 30% bonus Crit DMG for 4s (can be stacked).


[HP: 483; DEF: 177; CRT: 11]

Rei (M) – The Warped Room

Host deals 20% bonus Total DMG and against single enemies, she deals 20% bonus Crit DMG.


[HP: 386; ATK: 57; DEF: 107; CRT: 19]

Mari (B) – Yawning Truth

Host has 15% bonus Crit Rate. Every attack against the same target deals 3% more Physical DMG (15% max). Reset if no attacks in 10s or target changes.


2-pc bonus – Combat Sync

When Charged ATKs hit, if there is no more than one enemy within 8m, host deals 45% bonus Total DMG for 6s.


3-pc bonus – Battle-tested

Charged ATKs deal 200% ATK of bonus Physical DMG. CD: 6s. Asuka equip bonus: Charged ATKs deal 40% ATK of bonus Physical DMG instead and the CD drops to 3s in enhanced form.





Asuka (T): Provides decent Physical DMG bonus and Crit DMG. This stigma provides 20% Physical DMG buff which was generic but with the addition of 30% Crit DMG buff. To apply the Crit DMG buff, host need to deal Charged ATK. While the Physical buff is permanent, the Crit DMG buff is only for 4s but can be refreshed by doing Charged ATK again. This piece is very suitable for Valkyrie that can spam her Charged ATK. 

Please beware that Asuka icon on top of the health bar is NOT for the T piece 4s timer. But it is for the 2-pc 6s timer.

Icon is NOT T-piece 4s timer


Rei (M): Provides TDM buff and Crit DMG buff. The 20% TDM buff is pretty good but that to be expected for a gacha stigma. But the downside is the sub-skill which is 20% Crit DMG only if against a single enemy. The number itself is reasonable but if there is more than one enemy, then the buff is totally unusable on the field leaving only the TDM buff to work. This piece is only suitable for boss fight with a single enemy. If against a mob of enemies, it is better to replace this piece with Kafka, Michelangelo, Fuhua Knight or others.


Mari (B): Provides Crit Rate and Physical DMG buffs. The final piece of the EVA's set provides a 15% Crit Rate buff to increase the Crit DMG consistency from the M piece. Its other effect is 3% Physical DMG per hit with 5 stack maxes (15% max) against a single enemy or more precisely the same target. But if there is more than one enemy on the field, it is hard to control the Valkyrie to attack the same target repeatedly unless the enemies are scattered all around the field. The stack will be reset if you stop the attack for 10s or the target suddenly changed. It is better if you use this piece in boss battle or any stage that only have one enemy so that you can get the sub-skill easier. Against mob of enemies, it is better to use permanent buff that does not have any condition like Lier or Mich.



2-pc bonus: Provides TDM bonus to host. The 2-pc effect provides a very good 45% TDM for 6s with condition of dealing Charged ATK. TDM is a great boost combined with all the Physical DMG and Crit DMG that the single pieces provided but this only work if there is only one enemy within 8m, might as well think that this buff is only functional when there is only one enemy. While 6s looks like a short duration, this effect is easily refreshable by doing the Charged ATK all over again. Also, spamming Charged ATK sounds easy but not many Valkyrie can easily deal Charged ATK, some need time to charge their bar (Veil for SP, Herrscher Charge for HoV, Umbra for UR) to cast their Charged ATK.

The Asuka icon on top of the health bar shows the 6s timer for the 2-pc effect. Even if you did not equip T and only equip MB, the icon will still be the Asuka icon on top.


3-pc bonus: Deals ATK of bonus Physical DMG. Also provide another bonus ATK for Asuka whenever she deals Charged ATK. The normal cooldown is 6s, but for Asuka in her Enhanced mode, the CD drops to 3s. This 3-pc effect is kind of weak as it gives ATK of Physical DMG instead of Physical DMG buff. But each of the pieces is good on its own so there is no harm in collecting all the pieces.





In this comparison, I will use some of the meta stigmas and few F2P stigmata combination:



As you can see in the chart, EVA set is right on the top with Kafka following close behind them. Although Kafka also gives Charged ATK bonus at 2-pc and 3-pc effect, this set does not have a strict condition like there must be a single enemy only; thus, it is suitable for both boss battle and mob enemies. 

While for the EVA set, it is brilliant only against boss battle but if there more than one enemy on the field, you might lose a half of the effect (M, B and 2-pc) given by the set because they either want to attack the same target or need to have no more than one enemy within a set meter.





[Blazing Hope]

The Valkyrie that can use EVA set to the fullest is Asuka with the condition that she fight in a single enemy battle only. Although this set only have one Asuka equip bonus, it still prefers Valkyrie that can spam her Charged ATK. And honestly, not many Physical DMG dealer that can easily spam her Charged ATK unlike Asuka and some others.

Another reason is that Asuka's battlesuit herself is compatible against boss fight only, she has poor performance against group of enemies. 


[Stygian Nymph]

SN is another Physical DMG Dealer that can easily deal a Charged ATK even if her charged attack bar is not full. With her kit, it is easy for her to refresh the duration of the 45% TDM bonus.

A quick comparison of SN using her signature stigmata set and EVA set. No ELF, teammates, or any buffs.


Allan set | EVA set

Charged ATK > Ultimate > Charged ATK + Evade + Charged ATK

Yes, EVA set has a higher damage output on SN compared to Allan set. But keep in mind that this is only a few movement with no support and not throughout the battle. 


[Bright Knight Excelsis]

Another Valkyrie that is excel in spamming her Charged ATK and refreshed the duration of the T piece and 2-pc bonus.

A quick comparison of BKE using her signature stigmata set and EVA set. No ELF, teammates, or any buffs.


Dante set | EVA set

Basic + Charged ATK > Ultimate > Focus EX > Basic + Charged ATK X2 > Focus EX





In conclusion, EVA set is yet another great Physical Stigmata especially against a single enemy. It also has a great compatibility with other Valkyries rather than its own designated battlesuit only (Blazing Hope). Pulling for this set is worth it if you do not have any other decent Physical DMG Stigmata.

If you are missing a piece for this set, you can use the following stigma to replace any one of them. But keep in mind that it is recommended to have at least two pieces of the EVA set because of the 2-pc effect.

For T piece > Marco, Jingwei, Theresa Gluttony.
For M piece > Marco, Fu Hua Knight, Ekaterina, Michelangelo
For B piece > Marco, Fu Hua Pride, Lier