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Lance of Longinus Weapon Guide

“Etz Hayim, or the Tree of Life gave birth to the cosmos, and from its branches, Fruits of Life and Fruits of Knowledge, were where all life including human started. This is the reason why this lance, derived from the tree's root, has the power to erase all living things.

[ATK: 287; CRT: 21]




 Active Skill – Death of the Messiah 

[SP: 0][CD: 25s] Unleash a thrust dealing 50% ATK of Physical DMG. Against enemies not in invincibility or Iron Body, this attack triggers a Throw to control enemies and deal 90% + 1400% ATK of Physical DMG.

During certain enemy moves and when the active button is flashing, a Throw counter can be performed unconditionally, controlling enemies, and dealing 20% + 800% ATK of Physical DMG (does not reset CD).

The last hit of the Throw deals 50% bonus damage to shields.

Asuka equip bonus: Charged ATK, “Mind, Matching, Moment”, and Ultimate finisher deal 15% bonus Total DMG and have 15% bonus Crit Rate.


 Passive Skill – Etz Hayim 

Wielder deals 30% bonus Physical DMG. Throws mark enemies for 30s (can be refreshed). When Combo or Charged ATKs from a teammate hit marked enemies, Lance of Longinus emerges to assist, dealing 100% ATK of Physical DMG (DMG source; teammate). Team-shared CD: 3s.

Asuka equip bonus: Lance of Longinus’ assist attacks restore 3 SP for her.




Lance of Longinus is the new Physical lance that was released in version 4.5. It will be called LoL in this guide.


  • First of all, the active skill of LoL will deal Physical DMG. Valkyrie will first deal a thrust of Physical DMG, then if the enemy not in invincibility or Iron Body, the Valkyrie will then continue to Throw dealing Physical DMG. 

 Throw Counter

  • For Throw counter, it is only available when the enemy are doing certain moves (different enemies have different moves), then the active button will flash, only after that will it trigger Throw counter that control enemy to deals Physical DMG. The last hit of the throw will deal additional damages to shields. As of now, only two Physical Valkyrie that can use lance, and one of them, Blazing Hope Asuka is really good at shield-breaking. Naturally, this bonus work well with Asuka's kit.
  • Next is the passive skill. Wielder will gain 30% bonus Physical DMG. LoL is the only weapon that grant Physical DMG to wielder, the most similar passive skills from another lance are probably Endothermic Lance VF that provide 22% Total DMG
  • Throw will mark enemy for 30s. Within those 30 second, if a teammate uses Combo or Charged ATK to the marked enemy, it will summon LoL to assist and deal Physical DMG.
  • What about the wielder's Combo/Charged ATK? No. If the wielder use Combo/Charged ATK to marked enemy, LoL will not emerge and assist, only teammate can.

Mark by LoL

LoL's assist attack

  • For this LoL's assist, the whole team shared the same CD which are 3 second. Meaning in those 30 second, LoL can only appear 10 times with a 3 second gap each. For example, if you make 2 Combo or Charged ATK within 3 second, LoL will only appear on the first Combo ATK.
  • Both active and passive skills have Asuka equip bonus:
    • The first one is 15% bonus TDM and 15% Crit Rate only for Charged ATK, 3M (SP Skill) and Ultimate Finisher. It will not work on Basic ATK and Enhanced mode.
    • LoL's assist attacks on marked enemy while teammates deal damage will restore 3 SP for Asuka.





[Blazing Hope]

LoL was made and modified for Asuka. Just by reading the skills you will know how advantageous equipping LoL to Asuka

LoL and HS almost have the same number, but the TDM and Crit Rate bonus for Asuka's Charged ATK let LoL have the upper hand for Asuka's battlesuit.



[Bright Knight Excelsis]

BKE is the only Valkyrie other than Asuka that use lance and deal Physical DMG. But as you can see, LoL is not that good with BKE. Truthfully ELVF is even better than LoL in term for BKE, even with a small margin.




In my opinion, from the stats given above, LoL is only suitable for Asuka, and no other Valkyrie at the moment. If you want to build Asuka as your Physical DMG Dealer, then by all mean, pulling LoL is a good option. But if you do not have any plan to build Asuka, then save your crystal for other more important things. This weapon is definitely not worth it if you are not planning to use Asuka in the future.