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Blazing Hope Character Guide





Asuka's SP battlesuit [Blazing Hope] debuts! She is a BIO melee Physical DMG dealer battlesuits that can deal massive DMG with Charged ATK by building up Field Energy. Her Ultimate boosts her DMG output and its Finisher summons a gigantic lance to strike down at enemies for lethal AOE Physical DMG!

Instead of calling her BH (Simple-form of Blazing Hope), I will call her Asuka instead.



  • Easy to understand and control movement set
  • Awesome animation for movement set
  • Tsundere Kiana 2.0
  • Catchphrase “Anta baka?” is a must



  • Strong shield-breaking Valkyrie
  • Can recover SP with the help of teammates' attack
  • Great performance with boss / single enemy



  • High dependence on SS rating
  • Poor performance with a group of enemies



(Based on Lvl. 80, no stigmata and Lance)





S⭐ - Unlock 75% of her potential.
Most of the core skills have been unlocked and the output is considerable.

SS⭐ - Unlock 95% of her potential.
Unlock multiple SP recovery skills, have initial Field Energy, and strengthen the damage output for Charged ATK II and Physical DMG.

SSS⭐ - Unlock 100% of her potential.
Slightly strengthen damage output, max Field Energy from the start of battle and gain more SP.




(Valkyrie are based on SSS-rank Lvl 80)


 Leader Skill – Heart: Pure Again 

In the first 15s of battle, team deals 20%/22%/24%/26% (A/S/SS/SSS) bonus Total DMG. Team deals 30%/40%/50%/60% (A/S/SS/SSS) bonus damage to shields if formed by 3 BIO battlesuits.



 Passive Skill – Say Goodbye Today 

Field Energy: Maxes at 200.


 On the Journey of Hope  (Unlocked at SS-rank) 

Valkyrie has 100/200 (SS/SSS) initial Field Energy.


 Treasure Up the Joy 

Valkyrie's imminent death procs 1.5s of invincibility and 30% HP regen. In the following 6s, she restores 5% HP per second. CD: 120s.


 Till We Meet Again  (Unlocked at SS-rank)

Breaking enemy shield restores 5/10 SP (SS/SSS). CD: 10s.



 Evade – Eins Zwei Drei 

Evade enemy attacks up to twice in row.

Ultimate Evasion triggers 3s of global Time Fracture. CD: 15s.
Tap [ATK] after Ultimate Evasion to perform Ultimate Evasion ATK dealing 4x120% ATK of Physical DMG and restoring 60 Field Energy.

Evasion + ATK


 No More Prayers 

Ultimate Evasion ATKs deal 30% bonus Physical DMG.


 Time Weaving  (Unlock at S-rank)

Eins Zwei Drei's CD is reduced by 3s.



 Basic ATK – Anta Baka? 


 I'm Special  (Unlock at S-rank)

Valkyrie deals 30% bonus Physical DMG against single enemies.


 I'm More Than Enough 

During 3rd/4th/5th sequences of Basic ATK, Valkyrie has higher Ignore Interrupt and takes 30% less Total DMG.


 QTE: So Look at Me Please 

Triggered by knocked-up enemies. Procs 3s of global Time Fracture and deals 900% ATK of Physical DMG.



 Special ATK – Charged: Chance! 

Charge for a duration or longer to perform different attacks.

Charged ATK I + SP ATK


Charged ATK II + SP ATK


 Don't Order Me  (Unlocked at S-rank)

In non-enhanced form, Charged ATK II restores 50 Field Energy.


 I Knew It Already  (Unlocked at S-rank)

Charged ATK II deals 16%/20% (S/SS) bonus Total DMG to unshielded enemies, and the last hit deals 120%/150% (S/SS) ATK of bonus Physical DMG after a 2s delay.


 One More Hit 

Charged ATK I deal 75%/100% (A/S) bonus damage shields. In enhanced form, Charged ATKs deal 40%/50% (A/S) bonus damage to shields.



 Ultimate – Thorny Lance Bloom 

Enter enhanced form and enable different attack moves.

 Enter Ultimate


Basic ATK in enhanced mode


Charged ATK + SP ATK in enhanced mode




 Field: Spikes  (Unlock at S-rank)

In enhanced form, enemies take 15%/20% (S/SS) bonus Physical DMG.


 Field: Blessing 

In enhanced form, Valkyrie takes 30% less Total DMG and has higher Ignore Interrupt.


 Field: Impact 

In enhanced form, Crit Rate increases by 12.5%/15% (A/S) and Crit DMG of Charged ATK / Mind, Matching, Moment / Ultimate finisher increases by 25%/30% (A/S).



 SP Skill 

 Mind, Matching, Moment 

The [ATK] after Charged ATK to perform special attack.

Charged ATK + SP ATK

After Charged ATK I/II, tap [ATK] to perform special attack dealing 300% ATK of Physical DMG, or dealing double the damage and restoring 50 Field Energy in enhanced form.


 Try Again  (Unlocked at S-rank)

Mind, Matching, Moment deals 20% bonus Total DMG and restores 4 SP.


 Discord  (Unlocked at SS-rank)

In non-enhanced form, Mind, Matching, Moment enhances teammates on hit for 12s. Can be refreshed. Attacks from teammates restore 3 SP for Valkyrie when she's on standby. Team-shared CD: 1s.


 Shall We Dance?  (Unlocked at SSS-rank)

Mind, Matching, Moment restores 120 HP on hit.




(Valkyrie are based on S-rank Lvl 80)



Lance of Longinus | Asuka (T) | Rei (M) | Mari (B)


LoL is the new Physical Lance in 4.5, especially crafted for Asuka. LoL unleash a thrust dealing 50% ATK of Physical DMG following with 90% + 1400% ATK of Physical DMG towards enemies not in invincibility or Iron Body. LoL's Active Skill will Mark enemies for 30s, any hit from teammates' Combo or Charged ATK, will summon LoL to assist dealing 100% ATK of Physical DMG.


There are also other bonuses when equipped by Asuka:
•    Charged ATK, ‘Mind, Matching, Moment’, and Ultimate Finisher deals 15% bonus Total DMG and 15% bonus Crit Rate.
•    30% bonus Physical DMG.
•    LoL's assist attacks restore 3 SP for her.


Asuka (T) boosts 20% bonus Physical DMG. After landing a Charged ATK, boosts Crit DMG by 30% for 4s.
Rei (M) boosts 20% bonus Total DMG. Against single enemy, gain 20% bonus Crit DMG.
Mari (B) boosts 15% Crit Rate. Against single enemy, gain 15% Physical DMG.
2-pc boosts Total DMG by 45% for 6s against single enemy after Charged ATK.


In term of synergy, of course Asuka has its best with this Children set because it was made for her. The reason is because there are multiple bonuses that these stigmatas provide for Charged ATK, and the main damage source of Asuka is definitely her Charged ATK. Keep in mind that Asuka is NOT suitable for multiple mob-enemies, rather she preferred the boss battle where there is only one enemy to fully take advantage of her kit, signature weapon and stigmatas.

Charged ATK II | Ultimate Finisher







Hler's Serenity | Kafka (T) | Kafka (M) | Michelangelo (B)


Hler's Serenity is the only other 5-star Gacha Physical Lance other than LoL. Of course, in term of synergy with Asuka, HS could not defeat LoL, but it does its job in replacing LoL if you did not get it in Gacha.
Kafka (T) boosts both of host's Total DMG Multiplier and Crit DMG by 2.5% for 5s upon scoring a Crit hit. Max stack is 8 equals to 20% TDM Multiplier and Crit DMG.
Kafka (M) boosts host's Physical DMG by 5% for 5s upon scoring a Crit hit. Max stack is 8 equals to 40% Physical DMG.
Michelangelo (B) boost Crit DMG by 14% for 3s after every Basic ATK (including Charged and Combo ATK). Max stack is 5 equals to 70% Crit DMG.
2-pc Kafka triggers max-stacks effects of a stigma after Charged ATK and gives the host a 45% Total DMG Multiplier for 12s.

Charged ATK II | Ultimate Finisher





Endothermic Lance VF | Michelangelo (T) | Marco Polo (M) | Michelangelo (B)


EL VF is one of the F2P lance that can be forged in Foundry. It is the next suitable for Asuka after LoL and HS. Even if it is an F2P weapon, it still gives good bonus such as 22% bonus Total DMG.
Michelangelo (T) increase host's Physical DMG by 7.2% for 3s. It can be stacks up to 5 times equal to 36% Physical DMG.
Marco Polo (M) provides 25% Crit DMG. When Combo Hit exceed 30, gain another 25% Crit DMG.
Michelangelo (B) boost Crit DMG by 14% for 3s after every Basic ATK (including Charged and Combo ATK). Max stack is 5 equals to 70% Crit DMG.
2-pc Mich boost host's Total DMG Multiplier by 15%. Gain another 15% TDM Multiplier for 15s upon entering the battlefield.

Charged ATK II | Ultimate Finisher





Endothermic Lance VF | Marco Polo (T) | Marco Polo (M) | Marco Polo (B)


Marco (T) boost Physical DMG by 15%. When Combo Hit Count exceeds 30, gain another 15% Physical DMG.
Marco (M) provides 25% Crit DMG. When Combo Hit Count exceed 30, gain another 25% Crit DMG.
Marco (B) gives 11% Crit Rate

Charged ATK II | Ultimate Finisher





In this comparison, not only we will compare each gearing plan, but also the difference of damage output of Asuka S, SS and SSS rank.
Test Instance use the same movement set, no ELF and emblem.






Blazing Hope | Knight Moonbeam(Positron Blasters) | Celestial Hymn(11th Leitourgia)

  • KMB, or more precisely, Positron Blasters equipped to KMB, greatly benefit Physical Team because of the active skill [Positronic Beam], will make enemies suffer 20%  Physical Vulnerability for 8s. Combine with KMB's evasion skills that allow her to make 2 evasion with 3s Time Fracture make a great asset to trigger QTE from other characters.
  • CH, the queen of support equipped with 11th Leitourgia is no doubt the perfect partner for Asuka in every battle. Her most important skills:
    • QTE: Impairs enemy, reducing its DEF by 50% for 7s.
    • Weapon Active Skill: Nearby teammates gain 20% Crit Rate for 10s.
    • Ultimate: Impairs enemy, reducing their DEF by 75% for 10s.


Asuka KMB CH Vs. Ice Boar (31093pts):


Asuka KMB CH Vs. Jizo Mitama (31146pts):


Asuka KMB CH Vs. Hellmaru (30880pts):




Blazing Hope | Starlit Astrologos | Celestial Hymn

Both SA and CH are Physical Support Valkyrie.

  • While SA does not have Impair like CH, she makes it up with her special QTE. SA's QTE allow her to enter the field to deal damage without switching out the current DPS Valk. She can trigger buffs from Support Stigmatas easily like Gluttony, Newton, Mei Beach and Shuijing using this QTE.
    • QTE boost team Crit Rate by 15% for 15s.
    • Ultimate boost team Physical DMG by 25% for 18s.

Unfortunately, there is no footage of this team in action, but in the tutorial for Asuka's battlesuit, there is a demonstration on how to unleash Blazing Hope's full potential with this team.

Asuka's Weapon Active > CH Ultimate + Weapon Active > Asuka's Ultimate > SA QTE + Ultimate (without switching in) + Asuka's Charged ATK + Finisher




Blazing Hope | SA/CH | Drive Kometa

Drive Kometa had always been paired with either SA or CH then DPS.

  • Active Shield: 25% Physical DMG and 10% Crit Rate for whole team.
  • Crippling Field: Enemies withing the field take 50% more shield DMG.

Crippling Field is especially great with Asuka because her skills is great against boss that have shield.


Asuka SA DK Vs. Kallen (30613pts): (Time= 0:52)




Asuka is yet another great Physical Valkyrie IF she is SS-rank

For F2P player, keep note that you can only get her into S-rank only from the event. To upgrade her into SS and SSS, you need to pull her from Gacha. There is no other way to upgrade her, also her Gacha is exclusive in version 4.5 only. That also includes her signature equipment.

While she is not that dependent on her signature stigmatas, it is better for her to equip her signature weapon. Her weapon alone can boost her Total DMG and Crit Rate for Charged ATK and Ultimate finisher, also restore her SP.

Is she worth to SSS?
In my opinion, no. This is because the difference between her SS and SSS rank is merely 5 percent. BUT, if you intend to use her in boss fight, it is crucial to upgrade her into at least SS-rank.
Another but, if she is your childhood waifu, then sure, SSS her for respect.