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Shakespeare Adrift - Review and Comparison



Shakespeare Adrift is a new Fire stigma set in 4.4, made for Dea Anchora (DA). During my beta testing, a lot of players asked me ?Is Shakespeare Adrift good on other fire valks?? The answer is no, not really. This guide will show you why it's only good on Dea Anchora with damage comparison with other stigma


This guide is based on this video. You can watch it, or read this wakthrough with extra info and updated EN terms.




Shakespeare Adrift provides powerful TDM and FireDMG buff for DA's Ultimate Attacks. You need at least 2-set to activate its main strength.

  • 2-pc: Fire DMG +20%. Unlocks Alignment. At Lv4 Alignment, enemies take 20.0% bonus Fire DMG from host (independent effect).
  • Top: Fire DMG +25%. Ignites surrounding enemies when Alignment increases or refreshes. Very important piece for DA since she deals more dmg against ignited enemies. 
  • Bottom: Fire DMG +25%. Restore 3 SP every time Alignment increases or refreshes. Very useful for DA.
  • 3set: Ult TDM+45%. Allows DA to increase/refresh Alignment on QTE.
  • Mid: TDM +20%, Ult Fire DMG +32%. Just pure damage increase.




Shakespeare Adrift is weak as single piece, but as a whole set, it has the highest multipliers among all the other Fire Stigma. However, a lot of Shakespeare Adrift buffs are restricted to Ultimate Attacks.

  1. None of the Fire valks in the game rely solely on Ultimate as their damage source (Vermillion Knight and Flame Sakitama) 
  2. Ultimate Attack does not include Burst Mode Attacks (Blood Rose and Sakuno Rondo)
  3. Dea Anchora can spam Ultimate 3-4 times in every rotation, so she's the only valk that can fully benefit Shakespeare Adrift


Based on the table above, ShakespeareAdrift multiplier is almost 4x on Dea Anchora, but falls drastically to 2.1x when equipped on other Fire valks.



This is a DPS Check comparing Shakespeare Adrift and other stigma on all Fire DPS battlesuits in the game.

  • Supports used are AE and BD, as shown in the vid above
  • Weapons used signature weapon at max level
  • Rotations used are written in picture







Sakuno Rondo isn't included, but should have the same result as Blood Rose since they have similar playstyle.



  1. Shakespeare Adrift is currently the strong fire stigma tailor-made for Dea Anchora. A lot of its buffs are restricted to Ultimate Attacks, which matches with DA playstyle that spams Ultimate attacks
  2. 2-set is required to activate Alignment, and Top piece is very important to ignite enemies, activating DA bonus damage.
  3. For other fire valks, Leeuwenhoek or Thales are still the best stigma for any situation, since they cannot benefit from Shakespeare Adrift.



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