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Dea Anchora Stigma and Weapon Comparison


Dea Anchora (DA) is the new Fire DPS introduced in v4.4. DA can deal massive damage when equipped with her signature equipment, Shakespeare Adrift and Sagittarius Astra lance (or the base version Starlance Prime). What about other equipment on DA? In this guide, I'll perform a dps check using various equipment. 

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This video shows how a test run is done. Well, the vid also contains the full results. So, I guess you can watch if on Youtube if you want to, or continue reading the walkthrough.

Note: Test is actually done on v3 cn server (same stats as live version). I have tested it again on sea beta version and verified that the results are identical.



 TEST 1: Lance Comparison 

LINEUP (Fixed variable)





  • Sagittarius Astra damage gap with other lances is pretty BIG. You will be at a huge performance loss since there is no acceptable substitute for the PRI ARM.
  • In terms of F2P weapon, VF Lance is stronger than Lucia, and almost on par with Eos. 


 TEST 2: Stigma Comparison 






  • Shakespeare Adrift completely destroys other stigma options, with almost 23% damage difference compared to Leeuwenhoek.
  • This result is expected since ShakespeareAdrift provides the highest multipliers of all the stigmata and DA playstyle allows her to fully benefit them.


Picture shows the total multiplier of the three major fire sets


  • ShakesAdrift 2SET is strong enough, but the TOP piece is important since the the ignite effect activates DA's passive skill - DA ult deals 50% more Fire DMG vs ignited enemies, and they take 16% more Fire DMG from her. This is a unique multiplier, which means it is very strong.
  • Shakespeare Adrift also gives bonus SP which helps DA to keep using Ults!


 TEST 3: MA Rimestar Performance 

The previous two tests only checked DA's raw damage output. In this test, we'll see how well it translates against the new Memorial Arena boss - Herrscher of the Rimestar





From the result, we can see that having Sagittarius Astra will be the bare minimum for DA to get good score vs Rimestar. Vice versa, having full Shakespeare Adrift with VF lance also nets you a good score



  1. Based on the results, Sagittarius Astra and Shakespeare Adrift are her best set with a huge damage difference compared to other sets.
  2. It is recommended to get at least her signature lance - Sagittarius Astra for your DA to do well

? That's it, captains! If you have further question or suggestion, you can contact Captain Marisa on Youtube or the Official Honkai Discord. ?