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Endothermic Lance VF Weapon Guide

Endothermic Lance VF Weapon Guide by Reinbex  

In version 4.4, three lances have been added! In this guide, we will be taking a look at one of these three lances in detail. The Endothermic Lance VF is now available for crafting in the Foundry!

Weapon Intro

5★ ATK: 287; CRIT: 21 

The Mikoyan Design Bureau once planned to design a multi-purpose weapon with great adaptivity to different combat environments. The project almost sank due to a lack of research data. It was the Coral Island ops that supplied valuable intel and enabled it to be forged finally.


Weapon Skills

★ Stats below are all Lv.50 figures.

Element Feedback
[SP: 0] [CD: 25] Unleash a thrust dealing 50% ATK of Physical DMG. Against enemies not in invincibility or Iron Body, this attack triggers a Throw to control enemies and deal 90% + 1,200.0% ATK of Physical DMG. During certain enemy moves and when the active button is flashing, a Throw counter can be performed unconditionally, controlling enemies and dealing 20% ATK of Physical DMG + 700.0% ATK of Fire DMG (does not reset CD).
The active's damage will match the element of the wielder's damage type (Priority: Fire > Ice > Lightning > Physical).

Variable Frequency
Wielder deals 22.0% bonus Total DMG.


Skill Review

Element Feedback
Interrupts enemy and deals DMG based on wielder's type. Just like all other lances, they come with a weapon skill that impales and stops an enemy's movement at the cost of 0 SP and a CD of 25s. One interesting aspect is that this skill's damage changes elements based on the wielder. While it's not stat buffs, it promotes some form of synergy so any damage by this weapon would likely get boosted by same element buffs from the wielder's skills and/or stigmatas. In other words, it helps, but not really at the same time.

And like all Lance-type weapons, Endothermic Lance VF come with a “counter-react” weapon skill.

Variable Frequency
Provides wielder with TDM bonus. The passive effect for this weapon is very self-explanatory. Wielder gains a 22.0% Total DMG buff. It's a good buff that can be applied to all forms of damage.


How to Obtain

As mentioned earlier, players will be able to craft for Endothermic Lance VF starting in v4.4 in the Normal section of the Foundry. Players will need 150 AE Imaginons to craft a Endothermic Lance VF.


Like other craftable 4* weapons from the Foundry, they require Honkai Cubes to upgrade, similar to gacha 4* weapons.

Comparison to other Weapons

In this guide, we will be abbreviating Valkyrie Gloria (VG), Bright Knight: Excelsis (BKE), and Dea Anchora (DA).

Due to the flexibility of the Endothermic Lance VF, its DMG performance will be compared with other lances when held by their respective valkyries, including Lucia.
On Paper

Put to the test
Endothermic Lance VF DMG performance will be tested against the other Lances in the chart above. The only exception is Sagittarius Astra due to its obvious better stats and effects as a PRI-ARMs.


  • The two Fire Durandals will be tested 4x each while BKE 4x (short and long Burst Mode)

  • No ELFs

  • No teammates

  • No Support Valkyries

  • Each Valkyrie will retain same respective Stigmata set per respective test

  • Same sequence of attacks per Valkyrie

  • All tests are conducted while fighting Wendy




Upon testing, it can be observed that Endothermic Lance VF does decently well for the versatile weapon it claims to be. In the tests with the VG and DA, Endothermic Lance VF performs better than Lucia but is outdone by Eos Gloria and Starlance Prime. It can be observed that the DMG gap in DA's tests between Endothermic Lance VF and Eos Gloria are not so far apart. This is due to DA distancing herself from the enemy in her Active State's most crucial moments, rendering Eos Gloria's aoe useless. As for BKE's testings, which were conducted under a short burst (Burst Mode and exhausting all big attack CDs)  and long burst (until Burst Mode ended), Endothermic Lance VF's DMG performance  pales in comparison to Hler's Serenity. In the short burst tests, Endothermic Lance VF fell behind in DMG by about 46% in DMG and in the long run tests, it was behind by about 48%. The TDM bonus of Endothermic Lance VF is good but it can only do so much when BKE would rather reap in the Crit Rate and Crit DMG bonuses instead. Rounding up, Hler's Serenity does about 50% better than Endothermic Lance VF!

Recommended For and Closing thoughts

DA and VG

The Valkyrie battlesuits best-suited for Endothermic Lance VF are mainly DA and VG. In all the testings, Endothermic Lance VF didn't do too far off from the performances of the gacha-lances. Despite also requiring Honkai Cubes to upgrade, Endothermic Lance VF's simple yet good effects that buff the wielder is most certainly usable in the hands of DA and VG.

Here's a gameplay of DA using Endothermic Lance VF against Herrscher of Rimestar in Abyss:



In the case of BKE, it's not really worth the investment due to the large drop off in damage when switching from Hler's Serenity to Endothermic Lance VF. Investing in Endothermic Lance VF for only BKE is a bad idea, but if you have multiple Durandals, it is recommended to craft Endothermic Lance VF from the foundry. The weapon makes for a good substitute and is f2p friendly in the sense that f2p players can still use this lance for any future Lancers they get their hands on.

You've reached the end of this Weapon guide! I hope you enjoyed reading this guide! If you wish to visit me, my discord ID is Reinbex #1347. My Armada's ID (NA) is 1019 and Discord link is https://discord.gg/bVBRkF4. If you have any questions or just want to visit, don't hesitate to say hi!