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Dea Anchora Complete Guide




DEA ANCHORA (DA) is Durandal's new S-rank BIO battlesuit that fires Ultimate back-to-back to deal massive Fire DMG. In this guide, you will learn how to play her, her recommended gears, lineups, and what makes Dea Anchora the best fire valk... no... THE BEST VALKYRIE IN V4.4!



This section will briefly explain her skills. If you already played the tutorial and understand how she works, then you may move to the next section.



Dea Anchora playstyle revolves around spamming Ultimate to deal massive fire damage. BasicATK is weak and is mainly used to gain SP for Ult, or to break Rimestar's ice shield.



DA has a special Astrum meter. Using Ultimate restore 50 Astrum, so 4 ults to get max meter. At full Astrum, use Charged ATK to enter [Astral Forge] mode.



In [Astral Forge] mode

  • You instanty restore 30 SP, and more over time
  • Ultimate Attack becomes extremely stronger. 
  • After using two ults in a row, Ult button will be on fire. Press ult again to unleash the ultimate finisher - Seirios Ballista. This ends Astral Forge mode.?
  • You can delay Seirios Ballista by using BasicATK between ults.



PASSIVE: Ignited enemies

  • DA ult deals 50% more Fire DMG vs ignited enemies, and they take 16% more Fire DMG from her. This is a unique multiplier, which means it is very strong.
  • However, DA's only ignite is BasicATK fifth sequence. This can be solved with Shakespeare Adrift stigma, or ignite from support (less reliable against enemies with status resistance)


QTE (Always try to enter via QTE)

  • Condition: Ignite or airborne. 
  • Trigger time fracture and restore 10 sp. 
  • If you have Shakespeare Adrift set, QTE will raise Alignment.


Evasion - Trigger time fracture, knocks enemies away, and restore 10 sp.


All DA multipliers, for reference


Her gameplay is VERY simple. Let's take a look at AE BD DA team, for example:


First rotation

  1. AE use Combo ATK (BBB)
  2. Blood Dance
  3. DA QTE > Ult Ult Ult Ult (Astrum meter is full). Use BasicATK if you don't have enough SP


For next rotation, 

  1. AE use Ultimate
  2. Blood Dance
  3. DA QTE > Charged ATK (Enter Astral Forge) > Ult Ult Ult
  4. You can delay Ballista and do one or two more ults to squeeze in more damage. Only do this if you can kill the boss during the rotation. Otherwise, you'll just be wasting SP


If enemy is still alive, prepare for another rotation.


Of course, rotation changes depending on the situation. Watch the videos in Gameplay section later to learn more.





This is a damage comparison test between different weapon and stigma sets. (Open in new tab if it's too small.)  As you can see, there is a big gap between DA signature gears and other equipment. There is also a gear comparison vs Rimestar boss, which will be shown in Gameplay section.



Azure Empyrea | Dea Anchora | Blood Dance

  • All-purpose team. Works for mobbing and bossing.
  • Azure Empyrea gives team elemental buff, gathers enemies and apply elemental penetration
  • Who's the lead? AE lead is stronger than DA, or use VK lead if she's the BD holder. VK lead skill is very strong for DA.


Dea Anchora | FS + Florid PRI | VP + Ranger's Cross

  • Lineup for Rimestar boss. Other combinations include AE DA FS, AE DA VP, AE BD DA etc
  • DA FS VP is specifically for MA Rimestar
  • VP uses Ranger's Cross to kill Phase 1 shield, and trigger time fracture
  • Florid PRI to instantly charge Lanterns' Ignite Trauma in Phase 2



 SP Battery | Dea Anchora  | Blood Dance

  • Lineup for Memorial Arena boss that isn't Rimestar.


Dea Anchora | Phoenix | FS + Florid

  • Standard all-purpose F2P team



In Memorial Arena, DA is mostly known as Rimestar killer, but she can also get high scores on some Arena bosses. She will need LE or SK tho.


In Exalted Abyss, DA gets top score on THREE bosses! And you will see them a lot in v4.4 (probably). But that's not all. In 4.5, she will also get top score vs Type Counter DJXY boss. Thanks, Mihoyo! 



DA vs Rimestar MA using different gears


DA vs Arena Bosses


EX Abyss vs AKA (Ignite Weather)


EX Abyss vs Parvati (Ignite Weather)


⭐Congratulations, you have mastered DA! ⭐ Durandal! ⭐ The strongest! ⭐

⭐The most stylish valk! ⭐ Woohoo~ ⭐

⭐Still doubting? How about we get some feedbacks from DA users?⭐

? That's it, captains! If you have further question or suggestion, you can contact Captain Marisa on Youtube or the Official Honkai Discord. ?