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Shakespeare Adrift Stigmata Guide





Alignment : Kind of like side-bonuses. There are maximum of 4 stack (triggered through 3 ways; will be explained in the guide). Each stack has a name.

  1. Jove
  2. Venus
  3. Luna
  4. Sol

Everytime Valkyrie raises the Alignment, it will be shown on top of Valkyrie/Enemy.

Also be shown in the form of little icon on top of health bar.




[HP: 411; ATK: 113; DEF: 44]

Shakespeare: Adrift (T) – Tempest

Boosts Fire DMG by 25%. Raising or refreshing Alignment deals 150% ATK of Fire DMG and ignites enemies dealing further 20% ATK of Fire DMG per 0.5s for 6s.


[HP: 507; DEF: 243]

Shakespeare: Adrift (M) – Winter's Tale

Boosts Total DMG by 20%. Raising Alignment by 1 boosts Ultimate's Fire DMG by 8%.


[HP: 459; ATK: 64; DEF: 44; CRT: 8]

Shakespeare: Adrift (B) – Midsummer Night's Dream

Boosts Fire DMG by 25%. Raising or refreshing Alignment restores 3 SP.


2-pc bonus – Shakespeare's Globe

Boosts Fire DMG by 20%. Landing an Ultimate within 4s after it's cast raises Alignment by 1 (4 levels in total: Jove/Venus/Luna/Sol). Alignment drops by 1 every 10s and can be refreshed at level 4. Alignment 4 (Sol) makes enemies take 20% bonus Fire DMG from host (independent effect).


3-pc bonus – King's Men

Boosts Ultimate's Total DMG by 30%. Raising or refreshing Alignment restores 30 HP. Durandal equip bonus: Ultimates deal 15% bonus Total DMG. Landing a Throws or QTE raises Alignment by 1.





Shakesdrift (T): Provides 25% Fire Damage. Decent damage multiplier, but not overly impressive. Overshadowed by Thales T (25% TDM Multiplier) or even Lee T (20% Fire DMG and 16% TDM).

Alignment bonus - 1) Deals Fire DMG, 2) Ignite enemies for 6s, and 3) Continuous Fire DMG per 0.5s for 6s. Not very beneficial for Valkyrie that can ignite enemies by themselves. A very mediocre piece out of this set.


Shakesdrift (M): Provides TDM bonuses by 20%. Another solid multiplier but also clashing with older stigmatas like Thales M and Lee M again, which gives 20% TDM Multiplier and 20% TDM respectively.

Alignment bonus – At maximum stack (4), will boost Ultimate's Fire DMG by 32%. Keep in mind that 1 stack of Alignment will drop every 10s, also this bonus only effect Ultimate, not every ATK. For Valkyrie that often spam Ultimate (Dea Anchora/Vermillion Knight), this bonus is very good but for other Fire Valkyrie, this can probably be the worst companion for them because trying to stack Alignment at the same time of collecting SP can be very hard when their cost for Ultimate is pricey.


Shakesdrift (B): Provide 25% Fire Damage. Exact same bonus as the T piece and Lee B, reasonably good. But in case for B piece, there is not many stigmatas that has a good DMG multiplier for Fire DMG, so Shakesdrift B could be sold as one of the best top-tier B piece Fire Stigmatas.

Alignment bonus3 SP for each stack of Alignment. Another fair bonus especially for DA that often use her Ultimate. A bit of reminder, raising Alignment itself is very hard especially if you only have 1 or 2 pieces and equipped by other than Durandal.



2-pc bonus: Provides 20% Fire DMG. Another average bonus as it was even overshadowed by Margrave 2-pc; 30% Fire DMG and Lee; 2-pc 15% TDM and enemies Fire-intake by 15% after Ultimate.

Alingment bonus – At maximum stack of Alignment (4), enemies take 20% more Fire DMG. Combining this bonus with the Alignment bonus from M piece; 32% Fire DMG for Ultimate, then the 2-pc bonus have a really good effect in battle.

The most notable part about this 2-pc bonus is the Alignment, only by having two piece you can start raising Alignment but only by casting an Ultimate. Very very bad for every Valkyrie other than DA because DA only need 15 SP to make one Ultimate but other Valkyrie need at least 30 SP at minimum (VK) and 125 SP at maximum (FS). Not forgetting that 1 stack of Alignment will be gone every 10s.


3-pc bonus: Finally! The most important bonus out of whole bonuses. Provide 30% TDM for Ultimate. FOR ULTIMATE. Plus another 15% TDM Ultimate if equipped by Durandal. At max, Durandal's Ultimate will gain 45% TDM. 

Alignment bonusRestore 30 HP. Very underwhelming. 

By obtaining all 3 pieces of Shakesdrift, you can now have 3 ways to raise or refresh Alignment instead of only 1 way like in the 2-pc:

  1. Ultimate
  2. Throw
  3. QTE

All these requirement to easily raise Alignment can only be taken care of Dea Anchora only. 





I am gonna spoil the guide a little bit and say it ahead of time, Shakesdrift only suitable for Dea Anchora only. No other Valkyrie as of now can handle the condition of Shakesdrift as much as DA. Because of that, I will compare Shakesdrift with some of the famous stigmata combination for Fire Stigmata to only Dea Anchora and non-Dea Anchora.


First of all, let's see the Total Multiplier that infamous Fire Stigmatas can provide.

Credit for Marisa Honkai for the multiplier

As you can see, the difference of the final multiplier can clearly be seen between DA and non-DA. Shakesdrift is utterly underwhelming if equipped by Valkyrie other than Dea Anchora at the moment, but it can't be denied that Shakesdrift is a really powerful set if being used correctly. Shakesdrift's Final Multiplier surpass even the legendary set Lee TB Thales M.


Now let's try these stigmatas on DA and non-DA to view the damage output they can provide.

The first chart is for Dea Anchora exclusively. For Instance 1, we'll see the damage output of DA alone without any help of Support Valkyrie and their equipment while for Instance 2, we focus on the damage output of the whole team synergy with DA. We can see how much damage Shakesdrift can provide to DA even with all the condition of Alignment and lots of Ultimate. With or without Support, DA with Shakesdrift can surpass the damage output of infamous stigmata combination Lee TB Thales M and Thales TM Fuxi B.


Next are the chart of damage output from Shakesdrift for non-DA. For this comparison, I will go with Valkyrie Gloria as she has almost the same mechanism as DA and also Fire Valkyrie.

As you can see in the chart, damage output of VG in both instances is really falling behind the other 2 stigmata combination. Just like the first chart, Instance 1 shows the DPS of VG alone and Instance 2 display the synergy of the whole team equipped with respective stigmatas. The number alone is enough proof to show that no other Valkyrie than DA is suitable in equipping the whole Shakesdrift set. 





[Dea Anchora]

The only Valkyrie that can use Shakesdrift set to the fullest AS OF NOW is Dea Anchora only. Half of the bonuses from the stigmatas has a requirement of triggering Ultimate to gain the effects. Thus, for DA that can spam her Ultimate that only cost 15 SP, is the one suitable for Shakesdrift.

In a way, the stigmatas that the most proper for DA is Shakesdrift because as you know, DA can spam a lot of her Ultimate because that is her main source of DPS. Shakesdrift not only provide Fire and TDM, but can also provide SP recovery and ignite to the wielder which is very beneficial to DA. Currently, Shakesdrift is the only fire stigmatas that can provide SP for their wielder. 





For answering question “Is getting Shakesdrift worth it?” I would say that it is really worth it ONLY if you have Dea Anchora AND you are planning to get the whole set of the stigmatas.

Of course, only 2-piece of Shakesdrift is still good enough for DA, but having the whole set is even better as you will get 45% TDM Ultimate bonus for DA and there will be 3 ways to raise or refresh Alignment rather than only 1 way when only having 2 pieces.


To find a replacement for Shakesdrift, I would recommend;
Shakesdrift T > Jingwei T
Shakesdrift M > Thales M
Shakesdrift B > Newton B / Fuxi B