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Sagittarius Astra Weapon Guide

“A weapon forged with astral energy, it can instantly incinerate enemies like a supernova outburst, or impale anything that stands in its way with the momentum of Sagittarius' arrow.”

[ATK: 415; CRT: 16]



 Active Skill – Stellar Excelsis 

[SP: 0][CD: 25s] Unleash a thrust dealing 50% ATK of Physical DMG. Against enemies not in invincibility or Iron Body, this attack triggers a Throw to control enemies and deal 90% ATK of Physical DMG + 1100% ATK of Fire DMG.


     During certain enemy moves and when the active button is flashing, a Throw counter can be performed unconditionally, controlling enemies and dealing 20% ATK of Physical DMG + 800% ATK of Fire DMG (does not reset CD).


     Casting Throws, Ultimate, or entering burst mode inflicts Stardust on enemies. CD: 25s. Stardust does not expire and cannot stack. Wielder's Charged ATKs can shatter Stardust to trigger an explosion dealing 1900% ATK of Fire DMG in a large area.


Stardust CD


 Passive Skill 1 – Blazing Alnasl 

Ultimate and burst mode attacks create 3 light spears to impale enemies, each dealing 45% ATK of Fire DMG. CD: 5s. For Dea Anchora, every cast of Ultimate creates light spears.


 Passive Skill 2 – Kaus Australis 

Ultimate or burst mode attacks deal 35% bonus Fire DMG. Enemies hit by the shattered Stardust blast take 20% bonus Fire DMG for 10s. Subsequent procs reset the duration.





Sagittarius Astra is the first PRI-ARM for Lance that was released at the same time with their half (Starlance Prime). Because of that, we cannot compare SA with any other PRI-ARM. Instead, we will go into depth with the skill provided.

  • First of all, like any other lance, the active skill will unleash a thrust dealing Physical DMG. The most important part is to hit enemies without invincibility or Iron body, then it will trigger a Throw that will cancel enemy's attack and control them while dealing more Physical DMG and massive Fire DMG.
  • Then there's the Throw counter, this can be performed when the weapon skill button is flashing, this action will also control enemy and deals Physical plus Fire DMG but lower in number. Keep in mind this will not reset the weapon skill CD nor adding the CD time.
  • The special part about SA's active skill is Stardust. Stardust can be inflicted by doing 1) Throw, 2) Ultimate or 3) Burst mode. After that, Charged ATKs from the wielder can cause Stardust to explode dealing enormous Fire DMG in a large area. Does counter throw inflict stardust? Yes. Counter throw does inflict Stardust. There is a 25s CD for this sub-skill, and it shared for both Throw and Throw counter.
  • The first passive skill will create 3 light spears after triggering Ultimate/Burst mode. Each one dealing Fire DMG. The CD for this sub-skill is 5s. This skill is the only one that has extra bonuses for Dea Anchora which is every Ultimate that was cast by her will create light spear. What about the CD? No, every Ultimate of DA will create the light spears, CD does not affect DA even if she makes 4 Ultimate in a row.
  • Last but the most important one, bonus Fire DMG for Ultimate or Burst mode. Notice that this bonus is only for Ultimate or Burst, normal and charged attack will have no benefit of it whatsoever. Beside that, the explosion caused by Stardust will also cause the enemies hit by it to take more Fire DMG. 





[Dea Anchora]

Compared to Starlance Prime, the difference is only the number and 1 passive skill:


There is really no difference in term of active skill and passive skill 1 for both weapons, just that PRI-ARM has an extra passive skill. Clearly, only the number hold the difference. Following are the damage output for both weapon:



[Valkyrie Gloria]

VG is another Lance-user Fire Valkyrie that can greatly take benefit of SA. While VG has Eos Gloria for her signature weapon, it obviously cannot defeat a PRI-ARM that are also made for Fire Valk. Let number do the talk:



[Bright Knight Excelsis]

The only thing BKE can use from SA is the high stat of the weapon. All of SA passive weapon can only contribute for Fire Valkyrie, BKE as a Physical Valk could not take advantage of it. But if you want to increase the basic stat (ATK, CRIT) of BKE, then SA can do the job.





Sagittarius Astra is the 1st PRI-ARM for Lance-user so it is hard to make comparison. But it greatly benefit two out of three Valkyries that use Lance, and in my opinion it is worth our resources.