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Dea Anchora Character Guide





Durandal's S-rank battlesuit [Dea Anchora] debuts! She is a BIO melee tactical battlesuit who can dish out insane Fire DMG by combining unarmed and lance arts! Activate [Astral Harness] form to greatly enhance her DMG output, allowing her to cast multi-Ultimates successively for devastating effects!


Opinion of the battlesuit:

  • Hard to understand skills at first glance as it is completely different playstyle than other Dudu's before.
  • Most powerful Fire DMG BIO for now.
  • Design is not my liking.



(Based on Lvl. 80, no stigmata and Lance)

S⭐ 2455 187 706 397 65
SS⭐ 2689 196 789 425 72
SSS⭐ 2923 204 873 453 79


Fragment Required to evolve

  Fragment required to evolve
S 80
SS 100
SSS 200



S⭐ - Unlock 85% of her potential.
Most of the core skills are unlocked and the output is considerable.

SS⭐ - Unlock 90% of her potential.
Unlock [Vela of Speed], restores SP on standby, and [Eye of the Archer], increasing the output damages of Ultimate. These will significantly improve the gaming experience.

SSS⭐ - Unlock 100% of her potential.
Unlock [Charged Arrowhead], further strengthen Seirios Ballista Total DMG by a large margin.




(Valkyrie are based on SSS-rank Lvl 80)

Keyword to remember:









 Leader Skill – Crux Galactica 

Team's Ultimate ATKs deal 18%/21%/24% (S/SS/SSS) bonus Total DMG. With 3 Fire DMG Valkyries, team deals 21%/25.5%/30% (S/SS/SSS) bonus Fire DMG.


 Passive Skill – Argo the Navigator 

Astrum: Yellow bar above the health bar

  • Astrum: Maxes at 200.
  • In Astral Harness, Dea Anchora's Basic ATKs are permanently enhanced and she moves in DEA Astra state. In DEA Astra, tap [ATK] to connect into Astral Barrage. Forward evasions can be connected with DEA Astra faster.


 Vela of Speed  (Unlocked at SS-rank) 

On standby, Valkyrie restores 0.6 SP per second.


 Puppis of Power 

Casting Ultimate boosts Total DMG by 20% for 3s. 2 stacks max and further procs can reset the duration.


 Carina of Flames 

When attacked by Dea Anchora, ignited enemies take 16%/20%/24% (S/SS/SSS) bonus Fire DMG from her (independent effect).


 Evade – Flight of Bellephoron 

  • Quickly dodge enemies attacks up to twice in a row
  • Can be connected into Astral Barrage and deal 120% ATK of Fire DMG. Astral Barrage can be further connected into the 2nd sequence of Basic ATK.
  • Ultimate Evasions trigger Ultimate Evasion Skill: Flight of Bellephoron, which triggers a 3s global Time Fracture and can be connected into Ultimate Evasion ATK to deal 600% ATK of Fire DMG. Ultimate Evasion ATK can be further connected into the 3rd sequence of Basic ATK. CD: 15s.

Evade + 3rd sequence of Basic ATK


 Stallion's Muzzle 

Shorten Flight of Bellephoron's CD by 3s.


 Stallion's Shoulder 

Last attack of Flight of Bellephoron restores 10 SP on hit.


 Basic ATK – Orion the Hunter 


 Shoulder of Orion 

5th sequence of Basic ATK ignites enemies hit, dealing 30% ATK of Fire DMG per 0.5s for 10s.


 Foot of the Hunter 

During Basic ATK and 3rd/4th/5th sequence of Enhanced Basic ATK, Valkyrie takes 30% less damage.


 QTE: Bellatrix 

Triggered by knocked-airborne or ignited enemies to proc a 3s global Time Fracture, deal 1100% ATK of Fire DMG, restore 10 SP, and gather enemies around.


 Special ATK – Hercules the Warrior 

Unleash the astral power within and enter Astral Harness to deal high burst damage.


  • With over 200 Astrum, hold [ATK] to activate Astra Forge and enter Astral Harness, which cost 20 Astrum per second.
  • After the 1st activation through Astra Forge, Astral Harness will later be activated through Cosmic Nova.
  • Astral Forge and Cosmic Nova are both Charged ATKs which deal 800% ATK of Fire DMG and trigger a 2s global Time Fracture.


Basic ATK are enhanced in Astral Harness mode.


 Fighting Arm 

Astral Harness grants 50% bonus Total DMG, boosts Ignore Interrupt, reduces Total DMG taken by 30%.


 Red Ember 

Entering Astral Harness restores 30 SP instantly and 0.6 SP per 0.2s for 5s.


 Ultimate – Seirios Ballista 

Dea Anchora performs multiple Ultimates, which are enhanced in Astral Harness.

Melee mode: Astral Flares. 

Astral Flares (Not in Astral Harness mode)

Lance mode (3rd, 4th, 5th sequences of Basic ATK): Voidstar Anchor.

Astral Flare + Voidstar Anchor (Not in Astral Harness mode)

  • Ultimates can be performed in cycle.
  • Normal form: Costs 15 SP, restores 50 Astrum, and grants temporary Iron Body.
  • Astral Flares: Multiple punches dealing 1000% ATK of Fire DMG.
  • Voidstar Anchor: Leap up and hurl spears at enemies dealing 800% ATK of Fire DMG and gathering enemies for 2s.
  • In Astral Harness: Costs 15 SP and grants temporary invicibility. Astral Harness doesn't cost Astrum during Ultimate.


Astral Flare + Voidstar Anchor + Seirios Ballista (IN Astral Harness mode)


 Flaming Bow 

Ultimate deals 50% bonus Fire DMG to ignited enemies. During Ultimate, Valkyrie takes 65% less Total DMG.


 Eye of the Archer  (Unlocked at SS rank)

Last hit of Astral Flares EX deals 320% ATK of bonus Fire DMG. Voidstar Anchor EX creates 2 more Ether Anchors, and all Ether Anchors deal 80% bonus Fire DMG.


 Charged Arrowhead  (Unlocked at SSS rank)

Seirios Ballista deals 50% bonus Total DMG.






Sagittarius Astra | Shakespeare:Adrift (T) | Shakespeare:Adrift (M) | Shakespeare:Adrift (B)


Sagittarius Astra is the new PRI-ARM in 4.4, released in the same version with its non-PRI ARM (Starlance Prime). SA unleash a thrust dealing 50% ATK of Physical DMG following with deal 90% ATK of Physical DMG + 1100% ATK of Fire DMG towards enemies not in invincibility or Iron Body. There are also other bonuses when equipped by DA:

  • Every Ultimate and Burst ATK cast by DA will create 3 light spears to impale enemies, each dealing 45% ATK of Fire DMG.
  • Ultimate or burst mode attacks deal 35% bonus Fire DMG.
  • Enemies hit by the shattered Stardust blast take 20% bonus Fire DMG for 10s.

SA is one of the Universal PRI-ARM in my opinion as there is only one bonus when being equipped by DA. Meaning that any lance user can use this PRI-ARM and can still use it to almost full effect (of course more favorable toward Fire Valkyrie).


Shakespeare: Adrift (T) boosts Fire DMG by 25%. Alignment bonus: deals 150% ATK of Fire DMG and ignites enemies.
Shakespeare: Adrift (M) boosts Total DMG by 20%. Alignment bonus: boosts Ultimate's Fire DMG by 8%.
Shakespeare: Adrift (B) boosts Fire DMG by 25%. Alignment bonus: restores 3 SP.
2-pc boosts Fire DMG by 20%. Alignment 4 bonus: makes enemies take 20% bonus Fire DMG from host.
3-pc boosts Ultimate's Total DMG by 30%. Alignment bonus: restores 30 HP. Durandal equip bonus: Ultimates deal 15% bonus Total DMG. (In conclusion, for DA = 45% Ultimate Total DMG.)


In term of synergy, DA has its best with Shakespeare Adrift set. This is because of the Alignment bonuses; deal bonus Fire DMG + boost Ultimate's Fire DMG + restore SP + enemies take bonus Fire DMG + restore HP. But as I had said before, DA has its best with the SET.

Raising Alignment is not possible if you only had 1 piece, while if you had 2 piece, you can only raise Alignment by performing Ultimate; which is not hard for DA as it only cost her 15 SP. But the most advantageous is when you have all 3 pieces as it will give you 3 ways to increase Alignment: 1) Ultimate, 2) Throw, 3) QTE.


Charged ATK | Seirios Ballista







Starlance Prime | Leeuwenhoek (T) | Thales (M) | Leeuwenhoek (B)


Starlance Prime has the exact same skills with its PRI-ARM Sagittarius Astra, just with different and lower number. It is the best weapon next to Sagittarius Astra.

Leeuwenhoek (T) provides 20% Fire DMG. While it is a bit lower than Shakes Adrift T, Lee makes it up with its sub skill; boosts Total DMG by 4% for every 10% HP lost with a maximum of 4 stacks, meaning 12% TDM for 10s. This effect can also be done by unleashes Throw or triggers the 2-pc bonus.

Thales (M) boosts TDM Multiplier by 20%. Not only that, but it also makes enemy take 2% more Fire DMG for every hit for 5s that can stack into 10 times. Each stack gained resets the duration, at maximum it is 20% Fire DMG for 5s.

Leeuwenhoek (B) provides another 20% Fire DMG. Switch entry and attacks against enemies boost TDM by 25% for 10s. This is very beneficial for Dea Anchora as her Basic ATK can easily ignite the enemy for 10s.

Lee 2-pc boosts 15% TDM. Upon Ultimate, all enemies on the battlefield take 15% more Fire DMG for 12s and force-activates the 1-pc buffs of this stigma set.


Charged ATK | Seirios Ballista





Starlance Prime | Fu Hua Musician (T) | Fu Hua Musician (M) | Fu Hua Musician (B)


Fu Hua Musician (T) deals 200% ATK of Fire DMG when attacking ignited enemies or with Firebrand.
Fu Hua Musician (B) boosts 20% Fire DMG. 10% TDM Multiplier against ignited enemies or bearing the Firebrand. The most important piece in the set.
Fu Hua 3-pc provide another 30% Fire DMG.


Charged ATK | Seirios Ballista





Endothermic Lance VF | Wang Zhaojun (T) | Wang Zhaojun (M) | Wang Zhaojun (B)


Endothermic Lance VF is the new F2P lance released in 4.4 that has little similarity with Starlance Prime. Even so, EL VF still could provide decent passive skill that is 22% bonus TDM.
Wang Zhaojun (T) gain 15% Fire DMG.
Wang Zhaojun (M) gain 10% Fire DMG. Gain 1 charge every 10s that gives a 10% TDM Multiplier buff for 5s.
Wang Zhaojun (B) gain 5% TDM Multiplier.
2-pc provide 15% Fire DMG.
3-pc boost 10% TDM Multiplier.


Charged ATK | Seirios Ballista










Dea Anchora|Azure Empyrea|Blueberry Blitz (Blood Dance)

AE is the ultimate elemental support so no surprise there. Her Elemental Skill alone gives a lot of benefit:

  • Immobilizes all enemies for 11s.
  • Boosts team's Elemental DMG by 30% for 15s.
  • Team gain 16% Elemental Breach for 15s.

Next is Blood Dance-user aka BB, MC, BR. The infamous ability of Blood Dance making enemies take 60% more Elemental DMG that last for 9s.



Dea Anchora|Lightning Empress|Flame Sakitama (Ruinous Sakura)

  • LE generally does not have to do anything as she was just used as a SP-charger. Her Leader Bonus grants 70 bonus SP upon entrance. This is very beneficial against DA as it will give her a head start to spam her Ultimate or stockpile all her SP.
  • But it will be even better if she was equipped with Fairy Sword Silven that can create a field to boosts all allies within the field 10% TDM Multiplier for 20s. It is not a large number but better than nothing.
  • Flame Sakitama equipped with Ruinous Sakura is a very good support especially for Fire DMG team. RS active skill make enemies hit by the slash take 42% more Fire DMG for 17s. Triggering this skill then change to Dea Anchora will make her do much more damage.



Dea Anchora|Lightning Empress|Wolf Dawn

  • A good F2P team for DA as LE is only needed for SP while WD is for her passive skill Prismatic Refraction; when barrier is active, team gains 30% All Elemental DMG.





DA is strong, not gonna deny that. But she depends on her signature equipment a bit too much for my liking. Because the source of her damage is her Ultimate, she need a lot of SP to spam her Ulti. And obviously ShakesDrift provides her exactly what she needs.

Not too F2P friendly, but once she got her hand on her signature equipment, she became a really REALLY strong BIO Fire DMG Valkyrie. As of now, the only BIO Fire Valk is Flame Sakitama. While she is not weak, she is nowhere near meta nowadays so getting DA as your main BIO Fire Valk is a very good move as more and more enemies with a shield that can only be broken from ignition will appear in the future.