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Void Drifter Character Guide

Void Tuna Drifter Guide by Stroke


Table of Content:

  1. Overview

  2. How to unlock

  3. Skills Analysis

  4. Gear Suggestions

  5. Team Line- up and playstyle


  1. Overview


Void Drifter (VD) is the Augmented Skill Core of Valkyrie Ranger (VR). Introduced in Update 3.3, VR received a massive ATK buff, accumulating to an extra 99 ATK by level 80. One of VR's main issues was her painfully low ATK growth. The other set of issues were her lackluster attack pattern and ultimate. The ATK buff addressed the former, while VD addressed the latter. VD is now transformed into a very strong melee mecha physical damage dealer. In this guide we will go over both the changes to her skill set and playstyle, but first a quick overview of what has changed.




The gathering ability of VR's evasion skill is also added to the 4th hit of basic attack.

Loses some duration and range on the gathering skill.

Combo is changed to a very fast high damage melee combo sequence. Also capable of applying time slow.

Loses the low cost highly spammable ultimate that had niche advantages in Path of Apotheosis.

Gains massive Crit Rate, Crit Damage, and Total damage bonuses under certain conditions.

Inner Turmoil disables VD for 3 seconds, making it difficult for VD to deal sustained damage.

Can provide an AoE stun and buffs to teammates.



  1. How to unlock


Core Level


Valkyrie Ranger Rank / Level




















Like previous Augmented Core upgrades, you will be able to unlock VD and continue upgrading her with her core specific material (Epiphanion) and Smelted Cores, 267 Epiphanion and 20 Smelted Core are needed for level 6. Both will be available in the Asterite shop, limited weekly. In addition, you will be able to get more Epiphanion through VD's introduction event's rewards, event shop, and event missions. VD may be a heavy asterite cost, but it will also be accessible to everyone, and it is worth the investment.


  1. Skills Analysis

The New Mechanics



VR have always been extinguished for her ultimate evasion gathering skill. That ability is now called Enerstrom. Enerstrom is created by VD's ultimate evasion skill and VD's 4-sequence basic attack. This means VD can gather without cost, like VR, but also much more reliably, without the need to rely on triggering her ultimate evasion. In addition, Enerstrom will also apply Voidmark onto your enemies (more on this later). Unfortunately, VD no longer has a skill which buffs the gather's duration and range, making it significantly weaker in terms of pure gathering capabilities.


Herrscher Charge and Inner Turmoil

Herrscher charge was previously introduced with Herrscher of Void (HoV), but the name and bar are all that it has in common. In fact, it functions very similar to Molotov Cherry's (MC) Spice. Herrscher charge has a maximum limit of 600.  It will increase by 100 for each Combo attack, whether it lands or not. Meaning without interruption, you can only chain together six Combo attacks. Once the Herrscher charge is full, VD will get affected by Inner Turmoil. VD will stun everyone close to her for 3 seconds, including herself. However, VD will have the added benefit of being able to switch out for a teammate. Casting her Ultimate while in Inner Turmoil will also dispel the debuff and reset her Herrscher charge to 0.

After Inner Turmoil is triggered, VD's Herrscher charge will quickly deplete at a rate of 66.67 per second, taking 9 seconds to return the charge to 0. It will continue decaying if VD switches out during Inner Turmoil. There will be a visual indicator showing when Herrscher charge has returned to 0. While Herrscher charge is draining, VD would not be able to perform a Combo attack. VD can also reduce 50 Herrscher charge by completing a 4 sequence basic attack or with her ultimate evasion skill, but that is usually too slow and ineffective to play a role in VD's playstyle.



Voidmark is a new status unique to VD; it is not the same as HoV's mark from her charged attack. It is visually seen as a black cloud over the enemy. Voidmark can be inflicted through four different sources, all lasting for 12 seconds. It can be triggered by the fourth attack of her basic attack sequence, from her ultimate evasion skill, from her QTE ability, and her ultimate. The status rewards VD's combo attacks an additional 120% ATK and causes the final combo attack sequence to trigger time slow for 3 seconds.

This means VD is a reliable source of time slow to trigger QTE. Also, Voidmark is very easy to trigger. VD's QTE triggers on both weaken and impair; the widely popular Drive Kometa (DK) provides an easy source of weaken and almost all physical teams will have a source of impair. A very common and effective rotation would be to gather and apply crowd control (CC) to the enemies, apply impair, QTE into VD, do two sets of combo attacks, and then switch out to start the rotation over again. This rotation is both very fast paced and hard hitting.


Important Skills

VD's augmented skills has allowed her to focus on dealing heavy damage in quick and frequent bursts. VD has kept most of VR's damage related skills while replacing VR's utility skills with even more damage skills. Listed below are the relevant skills, the new Augmented skill are colored orange.


Skill Name/Core Level



Antimatter Rounds

Deals 60% more damage against shields


Volatile Energy/Lv 4

Teammates gain 12 SP and 20% total damage multiplier for 12 seconds

Activates when VD enters Inner Turmoil

Tenacity/Lv 1-3

Gains 10% Crit rate and 15% Crit Damage


Rift Aegis/Lv 3-6

Gains Ignore Interrupt and 40% Total Damage reduction for 8 seconds

Activates upon switch in or ultimate evasion

Concentrate Fire

Gains 2% Attack Speed per hit on the same target repeatedly. (Max: 35%)

Must hit the same target repeatedly.

Valkyrie Frenzy

Ultimate gains 20% Crit Damage.

Only works for ultimate.

Void Sync/Lv 6

Gains 20% Crit Rate for 7 seconds

Activated during ultimate.

Temporal Lag/Lv 1-3

Combo attacks deal another 120% ATK of physical damage to Voidmarked enemies. 3rd Combo sequence hit time slows for 3 seconds

Only works with Combo attacks and against Voidmarked targets.

Rift Drifter/Lv 2-6

Gains 10% Total Damage multiplier for Combo attacks for each combo attack performed. Lasts 10 seconds, maxed at 50%

Only works for Combo attacks.

Falling Comet

Gains Ignore Interrupt and 60% DEF.

Only while performing Combo attacks.


From the list, we see that VD has some very strong shield break and Crit skills in Antimatter Rounds and Tenacity. This means VD would benefit a lot from the leader skills of HoV or Yamabuki Armor (YA), to focus on the Crit advantages.


Possibly the most important skill for VD is Rift Drifter. It gives VD up to 50% extra Total Damage, which is often undiluted by Stigmata bonuses for physical damage dealers. The tricky part is that the buff only lasts 10 seconds and requires 5 combo hits to reach the 50% buff, and VD enters Inner Turmoil after 6 consecutive combo hits. The best solution would be to have VD's ultimate ready to reset the Herrscher bar. Doing so lets you take advantage of Rift Drifter's damage buff while also benefiting from 20% Crit Rate for 7 seconds from Void Sync. 


Another skill worth taking a look at is Volatile Energy. This skill triggers once VD enter Inner Turmoil and will provide quite notable buffs to her teammates. Both teammates will be granted 12 sp, as well as 20% total damage. Going away from pure damage dealing, VD also has natural gathering power, shield break, and time slow capabilities. Another aspect worth exploring is to use VD as a gatherer and set up for another damage dealer, possibly one that can QTE off of shield break or time slow.


Important Core Levels

VD have access to many very strong skills; skills such as Rift Drifter, Void Sync, Tenacity, and Volatile Energy it makes VD into a physical damage powerhouse. Due to this, getting to level 6 augmented skill cores will be a top priority for those intending to use VD. There is no way around it unfortunately, the power spike of having Rift Drifter maxed and unlocking Void Sync will be huge. Other important core levels would include level 2, which unlocks VD's QTE, level 3, which maxes out Temporal Lag and Tenacity, and level 4, where you unlock Volatile Energy and the amazing looking Void Drifter costume.


  1. Gear Suggestions


VD is predominantly a strong burst melee physical damage dealer. You will want to tailor her equipment to your playstyle and where she is being deployed to, but being a non-burst physical valkyrie, any generic stigmata will work.


Optimal Weapon :


Tranquil Arias -- 275 ATK / 27 CRT

Waning Moon: When attacking enemies inflicted with Time Slow, deal 1,000 Physical damage and 1,500 Ice damage in an AoE.

Night Bringer: Gains 15% Physical and Elemental damage. When deployed, gain 50% Total damage multiplier for 5 seconds. Triggers every 30 seconds. Switching in or activating ultimate resets the cooldown.


As we noted in the Skills seconds, VD is heavy promoting a switch heavy playstyle with Inner Turmoil and Volatile Energy, which punishes VD for staying in too long and rewards her teammates when she switches out. Secondly, much of her damage comes in short bursts, which can easily fit into the 5 second window Arias provides.


Alternative Weapons:

Thunder Kikaku, Keys of the Void, Jingwei's Wings, and Judgement of Shamash will not be on the same level as Tranquil Arias, but they boast some pretty impressive passives that can enhance VD's physical damage. Since they do not reward you as much for the constant switches, it may also be better to adopt a playstyle where VD has more field presence, and only switching out in preparation for a large rotation with her ultimate.


Optimal Stigmata:

Michelangelo T -- Every basic attack (including charged and combos) adds 7.2% Physical damage, stacks 5 times for 3 seconds. 

Planck M -- Hits received deal 72% more physical damage to you but you gain 51% Physical damage.

Michelangelo B -- Every basic attack increases Crit damage by 14%, stacks 5 times for 3 seconds.

Michelangelo 2 set bonus -- Increases Total damage for 15%. Upon switch in, increase Total damage by another 15% for 15 seconds. Cooldown 30 seconds.


Your go-to physical damage stigmatas will work great for VD. Inner Turmoil will conflict Michelangelo's need for continuous attacks but casting VD's ultimate will solve this issue allowing you to prolong your damage. This means these stigmatas will work great in Abyss.


Alternative Stigmatas:

These stigmatas would be more suited for Memorial Arena (MA) fights. Schrodinger T and Newton B allows VD to capitalize on her high burst potential from her Combo hits. Also, since it is unlikely VD will stay on the field long enough to take damage in a boss fight, Lier B is also an excellent choice to burst down bosses.

VD actually gains a lot of extra damage power by being able to cast her ultimate during the rotation. Schrodinger Band's additional sp power would help VD have her ultimate ready more often, making it a viable alternative. VD also gains 8 sp whenever she creates an Enerstrom, making Zorro another great alternative. Having the enemies gathered and Voidmarked also lets VD exploit Zorro's bonuses after an ultimate evasion.



Listed above are also many of the F2P options available through events or by farming. Any of these would be great options for VD. There are much more options if we delved into 3* stigmatas as well but you can decide for yourself which ones you enjoy most. Stigmatas that only boost Melee attacks are not optimal because it will not boost her ultimate's damage. Overall, anything that boosts her physical damage will be nice on VD.


  1. Team Line-ups and Playstyle


A Drifter's BFFs

Void Drifter will want to dish out damage immediately to make the most of Tranquil Arias and therefore will not want to use her basic attacks to apply Voidmark, giving her QTE a much higher preference. This makes valkyries that can apply weaken or impair on-demand amazing pairs with VD. Celestial Hymn's (CH) support capabilities are legendary, and DK's support for melee damage dealers is second to none, especially if you have the Beethoven set. VD's skill Volatile Energy is also very beneficial to both these supports, as the constant 12 sp boost with Inner Turmoil will help fuel DK's ultimate and CH's cross drops. As previously mentioned, VD enjoys quick rotations synced with Inner Turmoil and Herrscher charge, and these two supports both can trigger that rotation without cost.


Team 1

Ideal Gears:

HoV: Artemis' Guardian, Tesla Band T, Mei: Beach party, Newton B

CH: 11th Sacred Relic, Gustav T/M, Newton B

VD: Tranquil Arias, Schrodinger T, Planck M, Newton B or Lier B



This version is geared towards MA. HoV provides a great leader skill for VD to capitalize on, as well as reliable time slow to trigger CH's qte. This team is quick and reliable. VD is so very strong, most bosses will die to 2-3 rotations. For those that cannot use HoV, she can be replaced by Knight Moonbeam (KMB).



Ideal Gears:

HoV: Tranquil Airas, Alternatively: Keys of the Void, Sirin Ascendant TMB

CH: 11th Sacred Relic, Kallen Hymn Set

VD: Tranquil Arias, Michelangelo T/B, Planck M


Interestingly, this team can also be flipped around to have HoV as its main damage dealer for Abyss. It is not new to most people that HoV is an absolute juggernaut in Abyss, and she may have gained a powerful new ally. The rotation here will start with CH, she will gather sp and perform her charged attack to trigger VD's QTE. CH will ultimate and drop cross, lead into VD's QTE and two combo sequences. VD's shield break and/or time slow will trigger HoV's QTE, allowing her to clean up, while empowered by a 20% total damage buff.


Team 2

Ideal Gears:

DK: Star Shatterer: Vikrant, Tesla Band T, Beethoven M/B

CH: Oath of Judah, Gustav T/M, Newton B; Alternatively: Kallen Hymn Set

VD: Tranquil Arias, Michelangelo T/B, Planck M



Another VD Abyss team, this team is capable of enabling VD quite a bit. Both valkyries can trigger VD's QTE and since they trigger it with a different status, it refreshes the QTE trigger window on VD. I like to start the rotation with DK. The goal is to continuously gather and chain into VD's QTE for non-stop damage.


Team 3


Ideal Gears:

VC: Flint Sanada, Schrodinger T, Dark Jixuanyuan M/B

CH: 11th Sacred Relic, Gustav T/M, Newton B

VD: Tranquil Arias, Schrodinger T, Planck M, Newton B or Lier B



The Valkyrie Chariot (VC) team is a very traditional MA team that specializes in dealing burst damage and VD is a great addition to it as well. For VC teams, you need VC to be SS rank. The goal is to use VC's ultimate evasion skill to stack up two volleys of missiles which will be buffed by CH, and have VD come in for a secondary burst of damage. Since VC's evasion skill has a very short cooldown, you can remain in time fracture whenever the rotation is ready.


Closing Thoughts

Void Drifter will be a boon to many players, but I feel it will be especially great for newer and F2P players. Since the beginning, Shadow Dash (SD) has been championed as the great mecha F2P damage dealer but the truth is, SD has been overshadowed by many of the newer valkyries introduced, especially Night Squire (NS), leaving a void for mecha type damage dealers of the same caliber. VD is here to address that issue. Being an augmented version of the A-rank valkyrie VR, she will be accessible to everyone. Her innate damage multipliers and flexibility in playstyle means she can find a spot in a wide range of teams. I eagerly await by chance to unlock Void Drifter and seeing what she can add to my roster.