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Herrscher of Reason Character Guide

Herrscher of Reason (HoR) Guide by Reinbex

This guide will be covering v3.3's new Valkyrie: Herrscher of Reason (HoR). She is Bronya's S-Rank Mecha Awakening Battlesuit. We will be reviewing her skillset, how to use her, her recommended gear, and gamemodes she excels at.


Table of Contents

  1. Skills
  2. Recommended Weapons
  3. Recommended Stigmatas
  4. Recommended Support & Teammates
  5. Conclusion



HoR has a unique 4 bar meter called Konstruktyom Energy (KE). Each bar presents 120 KE, for a maximum of 480 KE. KE can only be consumed through the Charged ATK and Ultimate's follow up attacks.

KE energy can be filled from:

  • Basic Attacks
  • Casting Ultimate
  • During Ultimate
  • Ultimate Evasion
  • QTE
  • Reverting out of Bike Mode (SS only [Share skilled])

Basic Attack - Zeroth Drive

HoR has a 4 part melee basic attack sequence that involves 3 punches followed up with Drills. They can be invoked by simply tapping the basic attack button several times. Keep in mind that her basic attacks are not considered Charged ATKs!

The 2nd & 3rd punches fill 25 KE each; these aren't that impactful. However, the most important attack sequence are the Drills.
The Drills do the following:

  • Gain 0.50 SP per hit
  • Gain 225 KE (1.875 bar)
  • Applies 6s Analyzed Debuff afterwards
  • Pulls in nearby enemies
  • Nullifies all frontal and side damage and +30% Total DMG Reduction behind

HoR's basic attacks, especially the drills, are very important because they help her gain SP and more importantly KE. It's highly recommended to finish her basic attack sequence to make the most out of it. Not to mention, while drilling, she has front-side protection and partial back protection, making it quite safe for her to attack.

Note that the 2nd punch lifts enemies into the air. This can be very useful for triggering certain Valkyrie QTEs!

Special Attack - Charged: Weaponized Build

HoR's ranged special ATK, her main output of DMG, consumes 1 bar of KE per use. To start using it, tap and hold down the basic ATK button. To keep using it, just keep tapping the button the first shot. If HoR has less than 120 KE, she cannot use her special ATK.

Using her special attack is how she enters Herrscher Mode. While in Herrscher Mode, she gains the following:

  • +30% Total DMG Multiplier
  • An additional +40% Total DMG Multiplier against PSY enemies
  • +50% Total DMG Reduction
  • (While not riding) +5 SP and +15% Ice DMG Buff per Charged ATK (Max Buffs: 3)

Be careful of timing your Charged ATKs. If your Herrscher Form wears off before the charged ATKs connect (for being too far away), the attacks will not receive any benefits from Herrscher Mode and Welt Yang T.

Depending on her weapon type, HoR's special ATKs will perform differently, but they will all perform a total of 660% ATK of Ice DMG. Despite the same amount of DMG, the charged cannon-type attacks are the best type for HoR.

Evasion - Instant Freeze

HoR's Ultimate Evasion does the following:

  • 3s Time Fracture
  • Gain 120 KE (1 bar)
  • Next Atk inflicts 4s Analyzed Debuff
  • Heal 400 HP
  • Inflicts 6s Analyzed Debuff to all affected by the Time Fracture (SSS only)

While it's a short time fracture, HoR recovers a lot from just one Ultimate Evasion, giving her more sustainability and time to breathe.

If Ultimate Evasion isn't in cooldown and you get hit, can tap the evasion button to trigger ultimate evasion. You only have a very small time frame after getting hurt to still trigger ultimate evasion. So only treat this feature as a “graceful fall” if you failed to properly time your ultimate evasion earlier. 

Don't forget that this specific feature does not recover KE!

Even while Ultimate Evasion is on cooldown, any successful evasions will recover KE.
So even on cooldown, take advantage of evading attacks!


Triggerable by either Paralysis or Time Slow, HoR's QTE does the following:

  • Invokes a very short Time Fracture
  • Gain 120 KE (1 Bar)
  • Inflict 6s Analyzed Debuff

HoR has an easily triggerable QTE that inflicts an Analyzed Debuff. It's very easy for her to set up and come in to deal huge bursts of damage. After QTEing, she can use at least 1 Charged ATK afterwards to burst down enemies.


HoR has introduced a unique type of Debuff that only she can inflict: Analyzed. When enemies are Analyzed, they get frozen for 1.5s and HoR gains 40% Total DMG Multiplier against them. When enemies are analyzed, they get a blue ring visual effect as depicted in the picture above.

Analyzed Debuff can be inflicted through the following means:

  • Last hit from Basic ATK's Drills
  • A hit after Ultimate Evasion
  • Ultimate Evasion itself (SSS-only)
  • QTE
  • Ultimate's Bike Spin ATK
  • Key of Reason Weapon Skill

Her Analyzed Debuff is very powerful and she can apply is quite often and easily. The best time to apply it is before using your Charged ATKs and Ultimate.

HoR has passive skill that makes her Charged ATKs deal even more Ice DMG. This skill can be maxed out at SS-rank. At max, Charged ATKs deal 72% more Ice DMG.

HoR has two other passive skills that are very important but are SS-rank locked.

The 2-Pass Coding skill provides 2 bars of KE at the start of the battle. This skill is extremely important to getting top scores against Memorial Arena bosses! With this skill, HoR can use 2 full charges of shots without needing to waste time building her meter, thus saving a lot of time. At SSS-rank, you can max this skill out so she starts out with 360 KE (3 bars) in battle instead.

The Build Reboot Skill is however shared with Dimension Breaker's SS-rank Dark Matter Furnace Skill. So if you don't wish to rank up HoR, you can still get access to the Build Reboot Skill through ranking up Dimension Breaker. This skill provides the user with 2 bars of KE whenever she exits out of Bike mode. HoR exits out of Bike mode after her ultimate wears off and when she enters battle from Open World (such as Dirac Sea).

Ultimate - Cyberangel.cfg

For 125 SP, HoR can activate her ultimate to deal a huge amount of AOE Ice DMG and enter both Herrscher mode and Bike Mode (considered Burst Mode).  Casting her ultimate will fill up her KE meters completely (480 KE).

During Bike Mode (17s), HoR gains the following:

  • +40 KE per second (⅓ Bar)
  • Hover Guns that attack automatically (only works while you move)
  • Death Immunity (1 HP retention)
  • Charged ATKs +20% Elemental Breach Buff (Ignores enemy Elemental resistances)
  • Take 30% less Indirect DMG (Such as Dirac Sea Bleeding)
  • Regenerate 40 HP/ 0.5s while below 50% HP
  • Regenerate an additional 60 HP/ 0.5s while below 25% HP
  • Attack Button only used for Spin Attacks (consumes 240 KE [2 bars])
    • Spin Attack inflicts a 4s Analyzed Debuff
    • HoR cannot use Basic ATK button for anything else for the duration
    • This is considered a Charged ATK
  • Evade button performs a wheelie and moves forward a bit
    • The evasion attack does inflict small amounts of ICE DMG
    • Inflicts a 4s Analyzed Debuff
    • HoR can still perform an Ultimate Evasion with the Evade Button

The Herrscher of Reason's Ultimate is without a doubt, very powerful. Not only does she have a very strong spin attack and automatic attacks, she gains a huge boost in mobility, durability, and survivability. During Bike Mode, which is also considered Burst mode, she cannot die and can recover health rapidly for 17s. This kind of power gives HoR the upper edge in stages such as Dirac Sea and Q-Singularis. However, keep in mind that she stays in Bike mode for 17 long seconds, and the amount of damage the Bike can do lessens very quickly. So one way to deal with this issue is to end the ultimate prematurely by switching her out. 

The Ultimate's animation takes about 5.5s before entering Bike Mode. This means her ultimate cannot be used with most short-timed debuffs such as Newton B's and Mei Pool Party's debuff. HoR's ultimate can only take advantage of debuffs that last longer than 5.5s and debuffs that can be applied while off-field.

An example would be a WD equipped with Newton B. WD's Project Bunny can hit the enemy after HoR has switched in. The debuff will apply only when WD's Project Bunny has hit the enemy, even while WD has switched out already.

Leader Skill - Source Protocol

Bronya has a very powerful leader skill. It provides her team with 24/27/30% Elemental DMG bonus and any Bronya, Seele, Liliya, and Rozaliya in the team gains an additional 21/23/25% Total DMG Multiplier bonus. This provides a hefty DMG bonus to a vast pool of Valkyrie battlesuits. And don't forget, HoR shares her leader skill with Dimension Breaker! So if you rank up DB, you can also rank up HoR's leader skill! 

Recommended Weapons

There aren't many choices that suit the Herrscher of Reason, but of the few that could, the Key of Reason suits her best. It passively buffs her Ice DMG by 30% and has a weapon skill that deals 1565% of ATK as Ice DMG.
In addition to freezing, it applies an AOE Analyzed Debuff and a 35% Total DMG Multiplier Buff to enemies and HoR respectively. 

This weapon breaks through walls with its sheer amount of effects. And to top it off, it has a very cheap weapon skill that gives back the same amount of SP after casting an ultimate. 

The best way for HoR to use its weapon skill is right before she uses her special attack or Ultimate to maximize DMG output.

Other weapons you can utilize for HoR:
There aren't really any other Heavy Weapons right now that benefit Elemental Valkyries directly. So the best substitutes are the ones below or just a cannon with the highest ATK stat. CRT doesn't matter since attacks from Elemental Valkyries such as HoR do not crit. 

Chiyou Cannon:
This is honestly a very terrible weapon because of its slow charging speed. However, HoR ignores charging time through using her KE meters. It has a high ATK and is an alright substitute. It's not advised to max out this weapon for HoR. If you already have one maxed out, it's a different story. Otherwise, save your Honkai Cores for maxing out other Cannons.




Book of Fuxi:
While its attack is not as high, it does have a good 20% Total DMG Multiplier Bonus against Frozen Enemies. HoR freezes enemies
every time she applies the Analyzed Debuff, making this (Cannon-mode) weapon another alright option.




Star of Eden:
If you lack any gacha Cannons, you can opt for the Star of Eden. It's a free weapon you can max out without requiring any Honkai Cores. It's a safe free choice that comes with high ATK for a free weapon.




Recommended Stigmatas


The Welt Yang set is the best set for HoR. This set provides the most amount of  Ice DMG and Total DMG Multiplier bonuses for Herrscher of Reason. The M stig and 2-pc effect rewards HoR for using her basic attack sequences. Both effects revolve around dealing many hits quickly, and HoR's drills are perfect for raising combo count. Because the Welt Yang Set strengthens Charged ATKs, HoR's best weapon choice is Cannon. 

The Robert Peary set is an alright option for Ice DPS such as HoR. However, it's not suited for HoR because this set encourages mainly spamming basic attacks. HoR's main source of DMG comes from her special attacks. If HoR focuses more on her basic attacks than special attacks or vice versa, her dmg will go down. 

The Nohime set is a great substitute for HoR due to its various bonuses of Ice DMG and buff against Frozen enemies. HoR can easily apply freeze often, making his set a viable second option. Keep in mind that this set does better against multiple enemies that can be frozen/slowed.

Thales TM and Shakespeare B straight up boosts both Total DMG Multiplier and Ice DMG. Together, they can provide HoR up to a 1.96 more Ice DMG. The 2-pc Thales eff can buff HoR's Charged ATKs. This buff works also during Bike mode.

Jin Shengtan makes for a good Ice DMG set. It strengthens HoR's Ice DMG, Defenses, and Attack Speed. This allows her to perform her basic attack sequence faster and therefore charge up her KE bars faster as well. Its 2-pc effect and 3-pc effect creates a field that buffs Elemental DMG and debuffs enemies into intaking more Elemental DMG. These effects are great but it's difficult without a gatherer. Enemies need to stay put inside the field as well as HoR. It can also be difficult for HoR to stay in the field while she is in Bike Mode. 


For F2P options, you can go with Roald Amundsen TM + Edwin Hubble B or Einstein B. Roald Amundsen strengthens Ice DMG and Charged ATKS. Hubble B provides a 30% Total DMG Multiplier to frozen/slowed enemies. Einstein B provides a 20% Total DMG Multiplier to Charged ATKs. Depending on if enemies can be frozen/slowed would be the decision between choosing your B stig. 

Recommended Support and Teammates
Listed below are valkyries that supports HoR very well. 

Wolf's Dawn (SS rank)
WD at SS rank provides a Barrier for the team such that while active, the team gains 30% Elemental DMG. Her evasion and QTE both trigger a Time Fracture that can help trigger HoR's QTE. In addition, the farmable Briareus PRI's weapon skill can apply a small AOE Time Slow Bubble; another method that WD has to trigger HoR's QTE. WD is a safe all-around situation support for Elemental Valkyries such as HoR.

Kriegsmesser (S Rank)
KM provides her team with 30% more Ice DMG against move slowed, attack slowed, or frozen enemies by just being in the team. With Blood Dance's weapon skill, she can apply a 9s debuff that makes enemies take 36/43/51/60% more Elemental DMG. KM can apply a stronger support but it does not last enough and requires a lot of SP to be influential. She's great as a support for boss fights where there's usually only one target to apply Blood Dance's debuff.

Phoenix (SS Rank)
Phx is an amazing support for HoR. At S rank, her Rainbow Pinion passive skill strengthens the team's Elemental DMG by 30% after her last combo ATK hits while over 200 Prajna (2 bars). And at SS rank, her Oriole combo skill makes enemies intake 12 or 20% more Elemental DMG after she switches out with 100 or 300 Prajna (1 or 3 bars) respectively. Both skills last for a good long 12s! This is long enough for HoR to take advantage of with her Special ATKs and Ultimate. Lastly, her Ultimate Evasion, Ultimate, and the F2P weapon Grips of Tai Xuan all can trigger HoR's QTE. She's a highly recommended support for Herrscher of Reason.

Phantom Iron (S Rank)
PI has two useful skills at S rank. While in the team, her team gains 15% Elemental DMG against enemies with Active Shields. In addition, her team gains 30% Elemental DMG while in her Ultimate's Psycho field. Her ultimate evasion also paralyzes, providing a trigger for HoR's QTE.

Valkyrie Ranger / Void Driftor (S Rank) 
While VR cannot do much to increase HoR's DMG output, she can easily gather with her Ultimate evasion and apply a time slow with Artemis' Guardian, thus triggering HoR's QTE. 
As VD, her Volatile Energy passive can provide 12 SP and 20% Total DMG Multiplier for 12s for her teammates. She's a great support for both Dirac Sea and Q-Singularis.

Listed below are stigmatas that can be equipped to the suggested valkyries above. You can mix up the combinations below but keep in mind of 2-pc and 3-pc effects.

Jin Shengtan can also makes for a great support set for HoR. The M piece provides Ice DMG bonus and the 2-pc effect creates a field that strengthens valkyries' Elemental DMG while inside of it. A 3-pc effect prolongs the field from 6s to 9s, enabling HoR's ultimate to benefit from the field as well. However, as mentioned earlier, the field isn't too big, so a gatherer is recommended to use this effect if there are multiple enemies.

Newton B is a strong universal stig but it only lasts for 5s. It can at best help HoR with her QTE, Basic Attacks, and Special Attacks. However, unless Newton B's debuff can be applied off-field, a support Valkyrie cannot use it to help HoR's ultimate. As for Caravaggio, the most important effects are from the M stig and the 2-pc effect. The team gains 10% Elemental DMG from the M piece. The 2-pc effect buffs the team up to 20% and even 40% Elemental DMG. Carravagio best suits summoner-based Valkyries such as WD and PI.

Since the v3.3 update, Ogier T has been reworked such that after the host exits, the team gains 7% Elemental DMG. The Fua Hua Musician set has a nice 2-pc effect that boosts the team's Total DMG Multiplier by 10% after the host exits. You can use any two pieces to match with any 3rd stigmata piece in order to support Herrscher of Reason. 

Roald Amundsen also makes a great F2P support. The 3-pc effect gives the entire team an indefinite 10% Elemental DMG bonus even when the host is switched out.


Don't forget the ELF!! ELF Selune's Elergy is the best ELF choice for supporting HoR. She debuffs enemies into taking more Ice DMG.

Gameplay Demonstration
The following below are some gameplay featuring valkyrie rotations with HoR.

This features a gameplay of HoR, WD, and KM against Memorial Arena's Hellmaru. There are only 2 full rotations here.
WD's main role was to send out Project Bunny to activate Caravaggio's effects. From here, WD triggers KM's QTE to trigger HoR's QTE. Briareus PRI is an option but needs more SP, so having a weapon to ignite is easier. 
KM's role is to simply set up Jin Shengtan's field and gain SP from Beethoven B for appearing on the field. 
Then enters HoR, where she deals damage while also gaining SP.
On the second rotation, both KM and HoR will have enough SP their weapon skills. The main idea here is to set up debuffs and buffs to HoR can quickly take down the boss.

This gameplay shows how to set up with Phx's buffs and debuffs before switching to HoR to deal more damage. 
PI's passive buffs her team just by sitting back. She makes a bigger influence when she gains enough SP with Beethoven B. 
This team displays a build up for a big set up such that HoR can quickly take down the enemies instantly.

And the last gameplay features the difference with having SS-rank HoR, where she starts off in battle with 240 KE (2 bars). The enemy here is the new MHT-3 PAX, a foe that shrugs off a lot of damage unless its core (hidden in the center) is hit.
Here, HoR doesn't need to waste time building up KE bar. This means that she can easily use her Charged ATKs, her best method of DMG output, at the start of the battle.
Here, we have LE use the Pledge of Rain's weapon skill to slow the enemy (for KM's passive buff). Quickly switch to KM to use Blood Dance's weapon skill for the debuff and set up Jin Shengtan's field. 
Once it's HoR's turn, she uses her weapon skill to apply an Analyzed Debuff to  the enemy before she starts attacking. With everything set up, she uses her Charged ATKs to once again do big bursts of DMG. 
Note: Because only PAX's core takes in the most amount of DMG, if you have HoR face away from PAX such that Project Bunny is inside of PAX while preparing to shoot, HoR will be able to shoot directly into the core, dealing huge bursts of DMG. This effectively nearly kills PAX and you can finish off PAX rather quickly.

The main strategy with playing with HoR is to set up debuffs and buffs so when she uses her weapon skill (long cooldown), she can make the most out of her set up. 

Thoughts on her
Herrscher of Reason is currently the best Valkyrie in the game; she can go up against mobs and bosses from Memorial Arena, Dirac Sea, and Q-Singularis. She comes with strong bursts of damage, protection, self-healing, and built-in durability. HoR is very F2P-friendly. She is able to do well even without her gear, but she scales amazingly with gear. However, she does need her signature weapon and a good support team. Captains do not need to rank her up to SS or SSS rank unless they desire to be in the highest leaderboards. She's a highly recommended Valkyrie for all Captains.