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Void Drifter Character Guide

Void Drifter Character Guide

Table of Contents
 II.  Skills
III.  Equipment
IV.  Line-ups


I.    Overview
Void Drifter is an augmented form of A-ranked Kiana Kaslana's Valkyrie Ranger, the same as Mei's Striker Fulminata and Bronya's Drive Kometa. To upgrade, you need the Epiphanion (Drifter Core) and Smelted Core.

Void Drifter comes with an additional Honkai power to bash the enemies, brought by what's left of Herrscher of the Void's power in Kiana's body after she returned to normal (I assume you already know about what happened to Kiana and Himeko in story chapter VII).

Pretty much the same as Valkyrie Ranger's normal form, which is specialized at shooting from distance and creating black hole to draw enemies in 1 place. Different is, now Void Drifter also gains a new and powerful melee attack, making use of what's left of the Honkai power inside her body. Downside is, using too much of this Honkai power will make enemies around you and Void Drifter herself to be stunned. Yes, every enemies around her, including herself, are stunned for a majestic 3 seconds. Sounds ridiculous right? But it's useful in its own way, and this will be explained later.

“Then how am I supposed to use the Honkai power if all I get is stun?” Good news for her, “An Ultimate a day keeps the stun away”, which means that her Ultimate will clear all her disease instantly, even when she's stunned. Bad news is, the Ultimate is costly (100SP), so it's actually not a pretty good solution. Since her medicine is very expensive, always keep her balanced between ranged and melee attack.

This guide is built to provide readers a better understanding of Kiana Kaslana's Void Drifter augmented battlesuit. Readers can find out more about Void Drifter's best equipments, her skills, and how to best play her in the game.

II.    Skills
Most of the skills are the same with the normal Valkyrie Ranger form, but some of the branch skills are augmented, which means it either get buffed, or even changed altogether. Also note that her new augmented skills cannot be upgraded like normal. Instead, you have to level up the Core Augment (from 1* to 6*), and the skills will be automatically upgraded.

Void Drifter's skills will be explained below.

1.    Basic Attack – Void Kata

Kiana attacks the enemy with her dual guns. The 4th Basic Attack sequence creates a 3sec Enerstrom (black hole) to pull in enemies, with a 10sec cooldown. Enemies hit by 4th Basic Attack sequence directly, or being pulled in by Enerstrom, are Voidmarked for 12sec. Performing either 4th Basic Attack sequence or Enerstrom makes her lose 50 Herrscher Charge.

Branch Skills:
Concentrate Fire

Repeated attacks against the same enemy gain Attack Speed.

Bleeding Shot

Basic Attack that score a critical have a chance to bleed enemies.

QTE: Twilight Ranger (Augmented Skill)

Triggered when enemy is impaired. Knocks enemy airborne while damaging them, and inflicts a 12sec Voidmark.

2.    Evasion – Zeitstrom

Generates a 3sec Enerstrom that pulls in enemies, dealing damage to surrounding enemies, and inflicts 12sec Voidmark. Cooldown: 15sec. Creating Enerstrom also reduces 50 Herrscher Charge.

Branch Skills:

Rift Aegis (Augmented Skill)

After Ultimate Evasion or switch entry, character gains Ignore Interrupt and Total Damage Reduction.

Time Bender

Shortens Cooldown of Ultimate Evasion.

Rift Siphon (Augmented Skill)

Creating Enerstrom from any action (for example: 4th Basic Attack sequence or Ultimate Evasion) restores SP.

3.    Passive
List of her passive skills:
•    Herrscher Charge starts at 0. Max: 600.
•    Void Drifter gains 50 Max SP (Note: Max SP is different from Current SP).
•    At full Herrscher Charge, Void Drifter enters Inner Turmoil state for 3sec, stunning herself and other enemies surrounding her. Under Inner Turmoil state, she cannot do anything, except from casting Ultimate or switching to other Valkyries.
•    When Inner Turmoil ends, Void Drifter's Herrscher Charge slowly decays to 0. When Herrscher Charge is still decaying, she cannot do Combo Attack until it reaches 0.


Branch Skills:

Antimatter Rounds

Deal more damage against shields.

Volatile Energy (Augmented Skill)

When character enters Inner Turmoil, teammates gain SP and Total Damage Multiplier for 12sec. Cooldown: 18sec.

This skill is very useful for either carry or supportive role. By filling the Herrscher Gauge to the max on purpose, everyone in the team gains Total Damage Multiplier buff.

Tenacity (Augmented Skill)

Void Drifter gains Critical Rate and Critical Damage.

4.    Leader Skill – Source Protocol

At SSS Valkyrie Ranger or Sündenjäger, team gains 25% Move Speed. Mech-type characters in team gain 14% Attack Speed.

5.    Combo Attack – Void Flechette

Summons a huge version of Subspace Lance (the 3 floating lance in Herrscher of the Void's back used for attacking), taken from what's left of her Honkai power, and used it as a melee weapon. Though not as powerful as back when she had the Herrscher of the Void's power, it's still powerful enough to deal devastating damage to enemies around.


Do note that swinging the Subspace Lance greatly increases her Herrscher Gauge. With only 2 full Combo Attack sequences (or if you use Combo Attack 6 times), the Herrscher Gauge will already be at maximum, stunning her and enemies surrounding her.

Branch Skills:
Temporal Lag (Augmented Skill)

If Combo Attack hits a Voidmarked enemy, then deal another Physical Damage. 3rd Combo Attack sequence further inflicts Time Slow.

Rift Drifter (Augmented Skill)

For each Combo Attack performed, Combo Attack gains Total Damage Multiplier for 10sec. Max stacks: 5. Triggering this again resets the duration.

Falling Comet

When Performing Combo Attacks, gains Ignore Interrupt and increased Defense. As long as you have unlocked this skill, you will almost never be interrupted when using the Subspace Lance.

6.    Ultimate – Void Impact

Kiana jumps and slams the ground, dealing huge damage and resetting her Herrscher Charge. That's it, nothing else. Pretty boring, if I must say.

Whenever the Herrscher Charge is full and Void Drifter is stunned, you can immediately use this skill. But you don't have to wait until the Herrscher Charge is full; you can use it anytime you want, as long as you have enough SP.

Branch Skills:
Valkyrie Impact

The last hit of Ultimate stuns enemy.

Void Sync

During Ultimate, character gains Critical Rate.

Valkyrie Frenzy

Ultimate gains Critical Damage.

III.    Equipment
Since Void Drifter mainly deals Physical Damage, and all of it is Basic and Combo Attack (except Ultimate), all of her weapons and stigma should increase Physical Damage (especially that which increases Basic or Combo Attack Physical Damage) to make Void Drifter even more deadly. Do note that all of this is based on writer's opinion, and could be wrong instead.


Keys of the Void

Keys of the Void increases both Physical and Critical Damage, not only perfect for Herrscher of the Void, but also suitable for Void Drifter alike. The active skill is not that useful for Void Drifter, so better if you just leave it alone.

Tranquil Arias

For Memorial Arena, this weapon is a great asset, since at max level, it gives 15% Physical Damage + 50% Total Damage Multiplier for 5 sec. 5 seconds is more than enough to blast the enemies with her Subspace Lance.


Like her normal form, Mjolnir is also a great choice for Void Drifter, since she can pull enemies into one place, cast the Weapon Skill, and bam. Enemy defenses are decreased by 80%. When immediately followed by Combo Attack, she can deal tons of damage. Mjolnir also increases Critical Rate, so this is a great choice.

4-starred Stigma


Attila Set

Everybody knows about Attila, especially its B part, which increases a huge 31% Physical Damage. Even in late games, the B part is might still be used, and it even beats the 5-starred Fu Hua: Pride (B), which only gives 30% Physical Damage.

Though the T and M part are not worth mentioning, when all 3 sets are equipped, you gain 30% Critical Damage and 40% CRT (different from Critical Rate, see another guide about CRT). Since Void Drifter's Critical Rate is very high, these passive skills are very useful.

Naoe Kanetsugu (T) – Elizabeth Bathory (M) – Attila (B)

Mixed Set

Instead of going for 2 or 3 Stigmata Sets, sometimes we only want the singular buff in each part of Stigmatas. Naoe (T) gives you Total Damage Multiplier / Critical Rate, while Bathory (M) and Attila (B) gives you Physical Damage.

I myself prefer this over the Attila Set, since increasing Raw Damage is better than Critical Damage. You won't strike criticals everytime you attack, even if it's frequent enough, and Raw Damage will also buff your Critical Damage, in case you do a critical.

5-starred Stigma

Schrodinger Band

Schrodinger Band Set

The most recommended Stigma for Void Drifter. Since she needs plenty of SP for her Ultimate (100SP), Schrodinger Band is the perfect choice. You might want to change the Middle part to Ekaterina (M) or Plank (M).


Zorro Set

Like Schrodinger Band, Zorro is able to recover plenty of SP through by evading (especially the T part, it recovers 3SP per evasion). When you equip Zorro at least 2 sets, for every 10sec (won't occur if there are no enemies around), a light from heaven shines upon your character. When the light goes small, tap on the Evasion Button to do an Ultimate Evasion (will be a Normal Evasion instead if it's on cooldown). Both Ultimate and Normal Evasion can trigger the T part buff to gain an additional 3SP.

Zorro is incredibly useful if the enemies somehow won't attack you, but you want to trigger Void Drifter's Ultimate Evasion to create a black hole. This is where Zorro's skill comes in.


Ekaterina Set

When equipping Ekaterina, you need to keep your Combo Hit Counts high, by always prioritize evading rather than always attacking, and never let yourself get interrupted. Since Void Drifter's Attack Speed is pretty high, reaching 70 combos won't take long, and you can enjoy the 120% Critical Damage. What's more, it's free; you can get it at Bounty Mark at v3.3 and above.

IV.    Line-ups
Void Drifter's line-ups depend on whatever you want her to be, but mostly, especially in Memorial Arena, you play her as carry. You might want to bring Divine Prayer, Yamabuki Armor or Celestial Hymn, since 3 of those can inflict impair on enemies, triggering Void Drifter's QTE. You can also bring Drive Kometa for the 10% Critical Rate bonus and 25% Melee Physical Damage (for her Subspace Lance) as long as her shield is active, but she won't inflict impair like Yamabuki Armor, so you have to bring other Valkyries that can impair enemies.

Line-up 1: Drive Kometa (Leader) – Void Drifter – Divine Prayer

Drive Kometa's leader skill increases Critical Rate, perfect for Void Drifter which mains on Physical and Critical Damage. Accompanied with Divine Prayer abilities to passively impair enemies by 80% every 10sec, Void Drifter is as deadly as her former self, the Herrscher of the Void.

Line-up 2: Herrscher of the Void (Leader) – Celestial Hymn – Void Drifter

Specialized for Memorial Arena purposes. Starts the battle with HoV.
• When enemy shows up, immediately evade towards it, triggering CH's QTE.
• Switch to CH, impairing the enemy, and triggering Void Drifter's QTE. Don't forget to summon the cross if you have the SP.
• Switch to Void Drifter, and immediately do Combo Attack until the Herrscher Gauge is full.
• Switch to HoV again, and repeat the process.
With the right equipment, this would score 31500 and above. Check other guides about Void Drifter at Memorial Arena.