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Void Drifter Strategy Guide

Full video guide (Alternative text guide below):

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Skills
3. Weapon Choices
4. Stigma builds
5. Team synergy
6. Strengths & Flaws


Void Drifter is a MECH-type Battlesuit that arrived in the 3.3 content update. She is the augmented form of Valkyrie Ranger, and therefore can be obtained through regular farming and events.
Even though her sustained damage capability isn't as desirable, her ability to attract enemies and apply debuffs is valuable enough as a supporting position in Dirac Sea and Q-Singularis
Furthermore, she has stellar potential in Memorial Arena, being able to kill many bosses at seconds. Therefore, Void Drifter is recommended for both endgame players who want a cheap Memorial Arena scorer, and new players looking for a supportive character for their arsenal. 

Special Mechanic: Herrscher Energy

Unlock a 2-level Herrscher Energy gauge that maxes at 600. Similar to Bronya's Heat meter, this gauge works as cooldown meter for Void Drifter's Combo Attacks.

  • Each Combo Attack gains 100 Charge.
  • 4th Basic Attack and Ultimate Evasion lose 50 Charge.

  • At full Herrscher Charge, Void Drifter enters a Dizzy state for 3 seconds. In this state, Drifter cannot evade, use any attack or skill, and nearby enemies will be stunned for 3s. 
  • For 12s after Dizzy state is activated, all teammates gain 12 SP and 20% Total DMG.
  • Dizzy state can be cancelled by casting Ultimate or switching to another character.

 Special Mechanic: Voidmark

A special debuff that is exclusive to Void Drifter. At max Core Level, Void Drifter deals another an additional 120% ATK of Physical Damage to Voidmarked enemies per Combo ATK, and 3rd Combo ATK further applies a 3-second Time Slow.

Since this ATK can be enhanced by Stigmas, applying Voidmark to enemies can greatly increase Combo ATK damage.

Basic Attacks, QTE, Evasion and Ultimate Attack all apply Voidmarks to enemies.

Basic Attack

Perform a 4-sequence gun attack to the targeted enemy, dealing a total of [100% + (3x50%) + (2x80%) + 150%] Ranged Physical damage. 
If 4th attack hits, Drifter casts a blackhole that pulls in nearby enemies, and applies a 12-second Voidmark to them. Blackhole has a 10-second cooldown.

At max level, Basic Attacks that score a crit will have a 80% chance to bleed enemies.

Combo Attack - Void Flechette

Void Drifter attacks enemies with a Subspace Lance. Combo attacks deals [200% + (2x150%) + 300%] Melee Physical DMG, and each attack will gain 100 (1 Cell) of Herrscher Charge.
At max Core Level, for each Combo Attack performed, each subsequent Combo Attack gains 10% Total DMG for 10 seconds, for a maximum of 50%.
If Herrscher Gauge is on cooldown, it must be emptied before Combo Attacks can be performed again. Therefore, the ideal damage cycle for Void Drifter should be:

  • Perform 2 Combo ATK sequences on gathered enemies
  • Cast Ultimate to reset Herrscher Gauge
  • Perform another 2 Combo ATK sequences
  • Switch to another character.

Ultimate Attack – Void Impact

IImmediately unleashes Herrscher power to attack enemies in a large circle. Deals 2,000% Physical DMG to enemies, knocks them airborne and applies a 12-second Voidmark to them.
At max Core Level, casting this attack gains 20% Crit Rate for 7s, and another 20% Crit DMG.

Evasion skill – Zeitstrom

Ultimate Evasion deals 300% Physical DMG to enemies, and generates a 3-second Blackhole that pulls in nearby enemies, with a 15-second cooldown. 
At max Core Level, performing Evasion skill restores [8 + 2] SP for the user.
It's worth noting that all Blackholes casted by Void Drifter are smaller than those from original Ranger, and might not attract all enemies on the field.

QTE Skill

Triggers when an enemy is impaired. Deals 750% of Physical Damage, knocks enemies airborne and applies a 12-second Voidmark to them.
Since this skill has decent damage and shield breaking, it's recommended for Void Drifter to enter battle with QTE to maximize her damage output.

Weapon Choices

Tranquil Arias is the best offensive weapon for Void Drifter, granting her a massive bonus in Burst damage. This weapon unconditionally gives 15% Physical DMG, and increases Total DMG by 50% for 5 seconds after switching in or casting Ultimate. 

Key of the Void increases Physical DMG by 20% and Crit DMG by another 30%, being a good alternative for Void Drifter. The weapon's Active skill also deals plenty of damage to enemies, suitable for quick damage bursts.

Mjolnir can quickly damage and impair enemies with its Active skill, further enhancing Void Drifter's shield breaking capabilities.

Being a Kiana Battlesuit allows Void Drifter to inflict a lot of debuffs via her weapons' Active skill, from Freeze, Paralyze to Time Slow. Depends on the situation, Void Drifter can use a variety of supportive weapons to fit in the composition.

Stigma Builds

The essential setup for Memorial Arena. This setup increases Physical DMG for a maximum of 97%, and Combo ATK Total DMG by 205% for a short duration. 

The classic setup for sustained damage, providing 76% Physical DMG, 30% Total DMG and 70% Crit rate at 40 combos and above. Just try not to fill up the Herrscher Gauge to avoid downtime.

Equipping Void Drifter with these stigma sets can greatly enhance her supportive capability. Gustav Klimt set can buff teammates' Physical DMG, while Elemental characters will enjoy Jin Shengtan's Elemental bonuses. Newton B also makes an enemy take 41% more Total DMG, overall a solid choice.

F2P setup for boss fights. Since Ekaterina Mid requires 40 combos to take effect, it's not recommended for Burst damage. Lier Bot can be crafted inside Bounty Mark's Crafting menu.

Team Synergy

Void Drifter's switch and burst playstyle suits Vermillion Knight like a glove. Void Drifter can gather enemies, buff Total DMG, and recover SP for Vermillion Knight. Add in Phoenix and you'll have an excellent Abyss challenger.

Memorial support. Herrscher of the Void and Celestial Hymn can freeze an enemy in place, apply Impair, and increase the team's Crit rate and Crit DMG, allowing Void Drifter to kill a Memorial boss in no time.

Once being the strongest team of the game, the Ranger – DB – Memento setup has been outperformed by a lot of new characters. With Void Drifter (Ranger's Augment) coming into play and Memento's upcoming buff in 3.4, this setup might hopefully see the light of day again.

Memorial Performance

At max Core Level, Void Drifter's performance in Memorial Arena is nothing less than stellar. Her strong burst damage and shield breaking capability allows her to instantly kill many bosses, including but not limited to:

  • Asaaka
  • Doom
  • Hellmaru
  • Himeko (Cursed Soul)
  • Jizo Mitama
  • Kallen
  • Shadow Knight
  • ...

I have included some of her Memorial Arena footages in my video guide. Check it out!

Void Drifter - Strengths & Flaws


  • High supportive capability, making Void Drifter suitable in many Abyss team compositions.
  • Excellent Memorial Arena capability at maxed Core Level.
  • Compatible with a wide range of equipment setups, can mix & match equipments to suit her needs.
  • Completely free to obtain and level up.


  • High downtime in her combos making Void Drifter unsuitable as a sustained damage dealer.
  • Shorter attraction range compared to original Ranger.
  • Requires SSS Ranger for max Core Level, which is a long grind.

Thanks for reading!