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Herrscher of Reason Character Guide

Table of Contents
  I.    Overview
 II.    Skills
III.    Equipment
IV.    Line-ups

I.    Overview
Herrscher of Reason (HoR) is an S-ranked Bronya Zaychik, an Awakened form of Dimension Breaker. She is Mecha-typed, and mainly deals Elemental Ice damage. Different from the other Bronya battlesuits' Basic Attacks, which only sparks a little beam and nothing else, HoR has a newly developed Basic Attack. This involves punching the enemy with the newly upgraded Project Bunny 19C (like Yamabuki Armor's Ultimate), and then drills them (literally). And different from other Bronya battlesuits, HoR's improved Project Bunny 19C has 2 hands, and 2 Main Weapons. Your selected Main Weapon, be it Lasers, Cannons, or Missiles, will become 2 pieces when equipped, each on Project Bunny 19C's shoulder.

Charged Attacks are also changed drastically. Instead of the normal 1st, 2nd, and 3rd charging, HoR can charge them instantly, as long as there is enough Konstruktyom (Will be explained later). Although the Missile Weapon Charged Attack stays the same – you will shoot missiles from both weapons – the Charged Attack pattern for Lasers and Cannons are changed. Cannon Weapons shoot 4 projectiles, 2 from each weapon, while Lasers now work like Cannons. Instead of the normal charged overheating Lasers, HoR shoots 2 lasers at the same time for approximately 1 second.

This guide is built to provide readers a better understanding of Bronya Zaychik's Herrscher of Reason battlesuit, since HoR has a very different gameplay from other Bronya Zaychik battlesuits. Readers can find out more about HoR's best equipments, her skills, and how to best play her in the game.

II.    Skills
The skills will be explained below.

1.    Basic Attack – Zeroth Drive

Project Bunny 19C attacks the enemies with a series of punches and drills. The 4th attack sequence is the most important, since it will recover a lot of Konstruktyom (see Passive). A successful basic attack sequences from 1st to 4th recovers 275 Konstruktyom, or approximately 2 gauge bars.


Branch Skills:
Cracked Construct

Shockwave after the 4th sequence attack inflicts Analyze (see Passive) debuff to enemy hit.

Power Link

If 4th attack sequence hits, gain SP

Stop Array

When performing 4th attack sequence, become immune to any attacks that come from the front-side, left-side, or right-side. Bronya can still receive back-side attacks, but the damage received is reduced.

This skill is pretty overpowered, since you gain damage immunity for approximately 2 seconds when drilling your enemy. Although, I still haven't tried on Jizo Mitama's 999999 damage explosion skill, to test whether it's really immune to damage or not, or maybe it's just an Ignore Interrupt skill while still taking damage.

2.    Evasion – Instant Freeze

Generates a Global Time Fracture upon a successful Ultimate Evasion, and increases Konstruktyom (see Passive). The next attack inflicts Analyze (see Passive) debuff to the targeted enemy.

Branch Skills:
Freeze Threshold (Unlocked at SSS-rank)

Reduces Ultimate Evasion cooldown. Also inflicts Analyze (see Passive) debuff to every enemies on the field (powerful indeed).

Emergency Damper

Just like Knight Moonbeam and Herrscher of the Void, HoR's Ultimate Evasion can be triggered manually shortly after taking damage. Also heals her for a significant amount.

QTE: Data Storm

Triggered when enemy is Paralyzed, or inflicted by Time Slow or Global Time Fracture. Deals Physical Damage + Ice Damage, gain Konstruktyom (see Passive), and inflicts Analyzed (see Passive) debuff.

*Author's Note: Kind of weird why they put this on evasion skill tab. But since the Charged, Ultimate, and Basic skill tab is already full of skills, makes sense I guess.

3.    Passive

The passive will be explained below:

I privately call this the “Herrscher Gauge”, since it looks like Herrscher of the Void's gauge bar. Flame Sakitama, Goushinnso Memento, Umbral Rose, etc. etc. has this kind of gauge as well, though they all work differently.

Konstruktyom bar, located just above the HP bar

Konstruktyom has 4 gauge bars, 1 bar contains 120 Kontruktyom. As explained in the Basic Attack Skill page, a successful basic attack sequences from 1st to 4th recovers 275 Konstruktyom, or approximately 2 gauge bars (2 bars = 240 Kontruktyom). So to fully recharge the Konstruktyom to 4 bars, you need to do Basic Attack 2 times, especially the drill part, cause it recovers a lot of Konstruktyom.

Konstruktyom is used for Charged Attack (see Charged Attack). Each Charged Attack consumes 120 Konstruktyom, or 1 gauge bar. So when the Konstruktyom is charged to the maximum, you can do 4 times Charged Attack.

Pro tips: Since Basic Attack recovers a little more than 2 gauge bars, I suggest to do Charged Attack after you do Basic Attack only once. Doing a successful Basic Attack twice would recover your Konstryuktom by 550, but since the max is 480, the rest is wasted. Simply said, use your Charged Attack whenever you can, since fully charged Konstruktyom has no benefits whatsoever.

Some of Herrscher of Reason's action gives the enemy the Analyze debuff (for example when HoR does QTE). This debuff lingers on the enemy for some time, and makes all your Valkyries (not just HoR) that attacks the Analyzed enemy to gain 40% Total Damage Multiplier.

Analyzed enemies, marked with blue colored circles

Analyze debuff works just like Newton (B)'s debuff, and they can be stacked, making HoR a powerful Support – if used for Supporting. HoR's signature weapon skill can also inflict Analyze, so it is recommended to use it, if you have it.

Branch Skills:
2-Pass Coding (Unlocked at SS-rank)

Starts battle with more Konstruktyom.

Build Reboot (Unlocked at SS-rank)

When USAGI Kinetik (HoR's ultimate, see Ultimate) reverts to Armored Bunny (which means your Ultimate is done already), HoR gains Konstruktyom.

If your Dimension Breaker is already SS-ranked or above, this skill is automatically unlocked, as it is a Shared Skill. I strongly suggest that you obtain Dimension Breaker, then upgrade it to SS-rank. SSS-rank Dimension Breaker is good as well, as it also increases Herrscher of Reason's Leader Skill level (30% Elem DMG + 25% TDM is super imba).


Chilling Build

Charged Attack deal more Elemental Ice Damage.

4.    Leader Skill – Source Protocol

At SSS Dimension Breaker or Herrscher of Reason:
1.    Team gains 30% to all Elemental Damage
2.    Any Bronya, Seele, Rozaliya, or Lilia in team gain 25% Total Damage Multiplier


5.    Charged Attack – Weaponized Build

When you have at least 120 Konstruktyom (1 gauge bar), simply hold Attack Button to change into DEA Raison Herrscher Form, and HoR will begin shooting projectiles with her twin cannons. It can be done anytime: from idle state, or during your Basic Attack sequence, or after evasion, as long as Improved Project Bunny 19C is not in “Bike Form” (see Ultimate).

After you released the first shot, you can instantly do another Charged Attack by tapping the Attack Button, as long as you have another 120 Konstruktyom (1 gauge bar). So at the maximum of 4 gauge bars, you can shoot projectiles for a total of 4 times.

As explained before, Charged Attack works differently, unlike any other Bronya battlesuits. The attack animation is also changed, depends on the weapon, whether it's laser-type, cannon-type, or missile-type. Despite all of them being different, if all the attacks hit, the total damage is the same: 660% Attack of Ice Damage. 


Lasers work like Cannons now. Instead of the normal charged overheating Lasers, HoR shoots 2 lasers at the same time for approximately 1 second. Both of these lasers deal damage separately, so make sure you hit the enemy with both of it. Very suitable for a large quantity of mobs and large monsters, such as elites and bosses.

In my opinion, Laser-type is the perfect weapon of choice for HoR. Good news is, Quantum Destroyer Type-II is a perfect choice for her, since its Weapon Skill is able to create black hole and draw enemies instantly in one place (and it deals minor Ice Damage as well, even though it's not much). And good news is, it's free. You can get it at Time Swirl (prior to v3.2) or Bounty Mark (v3.2 and above).

P.S.: M134 Vulcan Minigun is considered a Laser-type weapon. When equipped on Herrscher of Reason, it will produce lasers, not gunshots. It is still unknown if miHoYo would update this in later versions or not.


Shoots a total of 4 projectiles, 2 from each weapon, followed by an AoE explosion which deals huge damage. These projectiles are shaped like a drill, instead of the normal cannon projectiles. The AoE explosion is quite big, and it's centered around the target.

Herrscher of Reason's signature weapon is also Cannon-typed, but I prefer Lasers more, since lasers' AoE is much bigger and longer – and it's so much cooler, unlike cannons. Well, you know the drill.

P.S.: Currently, Book of Fuxi cannot change form, as its skill cannot be used (marked with a Stop sign), so it stays at Cannon form. It is still unknown if it's a bug or a feature.


It's sad to say (or should I be happy instead?) that Missile-type weapons are the same. No big changes, because it still shoot the same amount of missiles as any other Bronya battlesuits would. The only thing that changed is the animation, because now, she shot the missiles with both weapons, and instead of the normal gray-colored projectile, now it becomes small, blue colored missiles, followed by blue trails, making it look like a bunch of comet or starfalls targeted at the enemy.

Do note that even though HoR brought 2 Missile-type weapons, it still shoot the same amount of missiles in its 3rd charge sequence, which means if the maximum projectiles that can be charged is 11 missiles (for example Star Destroyer 19C), it shot 5 projectiles from the left, and 6 from the right, or vice versa. The same goes for Super Missile-type, which shoots 15 missiles (for example Flint Sanada).

In my opinion, Missile-type is the worst type of weapon for Herrscher of Reason, since 1 projectile can only damage 1 enemy. The range is also limited, because if the enemy is too far, the missiles will be destroyed midway, unable to reach the enemy. The total damage is still 660% Attack of Ice Damage if every projectiles hit. Conclusion: there are no benefits whatsoever in equipping Missile.

Despite Missile being useless in most stages, you can still use it in stages that only have 1 monster, like Memorial Arena or Armada Boss, which might prove useful if you use it right.

Branch Skills:
Speed Decypher

When in Herrscher Form (DEA Raison), Attacks gain Total Damage Multiplier, and another plus for Psychic-type enemies.


When in Herrscher Form, gains Total Damage Reduction.

Stream Transfer

When in Herrscher Form, each Charged Attack performed gives SP and Ice Damage Buff. Max damage buff stacks: 3.

6.    Ultimate – Cyberangel
Transforms your Improved Project Bunny 19C into a motorbike, codenamed: USAGI Kinetik; and rides on it – even though it's illegal for a 14-year-old girl to ride a bike, at high speed even. Oh well.

After the beautiful transformation scene and you gain control once more, you can ride your bike. HoR's Konstruktyom is maxed out and is regenerating every second when used. Doing Ultimate also makes HoR enter Herrscher Form. In USAGI Kinetik form, You can do 3 things:

  1. Pressing Evasion Button will make HoR to do a wheelstand / wheelie (can't believe a 14-year-old girl did this) and charges towards the direction she's facing at (must be controlled manually to be able to charge at the enemies). Inflicts Analyze (see Passive).

  2. Pressing Attack Button will make HoR to spin her bike around the targeted enemy, dealing damage. This is considered a Charge Attack, and it consumes 240 Konstruktyom (2 gauge bars). You can also do it when you only have 120 or more Konstruktyom left, consuming all of it. If your Konstruktyom is not enough, you can't do this attack. Inflicts Analyze (see Passive).

  3. Moving around summons HoR's signature weapon every 0.6sec, shooting lasers at the targeted enemy. Make sure you move around if you want to continue summoning lasers, since idling won't.

Branch Skills:
Fast Decryption

When in USAGI Kinetik form, Charged Attacks gain All Elemental Breach Buff.
My guess is that this skill allows HoR (and only HoR) to deal more Elemental Damage when doing Charged Attack (pressing Attack Button).



When in USAGI Kinetik form, takes less Indirect Damage, such as bleeding and ignited.


When in USAGI Kinetik form and at below 50% HP, heals HP per 0.5 seconds. At below 25% HP, heals another HP per 0.5 seconds.

III.    Equipment
Since Herrscher of Reason mainly deals Ice Elemental Damage, all of her weapons and stigma should increase Ice Damage to make HoR even more deadly. Do note that all of this is based on writer's opinion, and could be wrong instead.



Quantum Destroyer Type-II

Since there are no lasers that directly supports Ice Damage, Quantum is the best choice. Its Weapon Skill is able to create black hole and draw enemies instantly in one place (and it deals minor Ice Damage as well, even though it's not much). And it's free. You can get it at Time Swirl (prior to v3.2) or Bounty Mark (v3.2 and above).


Key of Reason

The signature weapon of Herrscher of Reason. It deals 30% more Ice Damage, and the only weapon that passively gives damage boost to Ice Damage. Its Weapon Skill is also able to inflict Analyze for 7sec. With the right stigma, the explosion caused with this weapon is able to deal tons of Ice damage.


Briareus PRI

Same as Quantum Destroyer, Briareus is free, and you can get it in Time Swirl (prior to v2.9 iirc) or Bounty Mark (v3.2 and above). Each projectile hits have a 10% chance to stun / paralyze / freeze the target for 2s and deal an additional 1,333 Fire / Lightning / Ice DMG. Even though it's random, and it has a very low chance to inflict a debuff, it's perfect for supporting roles, since its Weapon Skill can summon a Time Slow orb, impairing enemies inside the orb by 50%.

Why not Flint Sanada? Because Sanada deals Fire Damage, so the damage will overlap. Since the highest damage would definitely be the Ice, so the mini Fire Damage from Sanada (except the delayed explosive) is not counted.

4-starred Stigma

Roald Amundsen

Roald Amundsen Set

Normally, anyone would think of equipping Shigure Kira for Herrscher of Reason. And much worse, Roald Amundsen is a newcomer in the world of Honkai Impact, so nobody really knows about her, or what her skills are. Even the recommended section for almost every Elemental Damage typed Valkyrie is Shigure Kira, so Roald is always overlooked.

Fact is, Roald Amundsen is perfect for both carry and support roles, especially the latter. It gives you 20% Total Damage Multiplier to Charged Attack and 20% Ice Damage. For newbies, this is quite deadly, since 20% + 20% damage means everything. What's more, equipping 3 of these passively gives all of your team an additional 10% Elemental Damage for any type (Lightning, Ice, and Fire). This means that, when it is equipped on any 1 of 3 Valkyries from your team, all of them will get the buff without ever needing to change into the equipped Valkyrie. For late gamers, this is perfect if you want to make your HoR for supportive role.

Shigure Kira

Shigure Kira Set

The most common stigma for any Elemental Damage typed Valkyrie. For newbies, I would recommend this if you don't have the material for buying Roald Amundsen. Getting Kira is easier than Roald, since newcomers wouldn't have many Honkai Pieces for Roald.

5-starred Stigma

Welt Yang

Welt Yang Set

The most recommended Stigma for Herrscher of Reason. Although different from Herrscher of the Void who can't live without Sirin: Ascendant Set, HoR has more equip-tolerance, which means there are many alternatives besides Welt Yang Set.

It gives both Total Damage Multiplier and Ice Damage increase, especially in Herrscher Form (only the T part gives this buff). With 3 Set equipped, when doing Charged Attack, creates a black hole that pulls-in nearby enemies at the center of the target.

Robert Peary

Robert Peary Set

Robert Peary Set are known for its Attack Speed Increase, besides its Ice Damage Increase. This too is a perfect choice for her, since – although not too significant – Herrscher of Reason needs some Attack Speed Increase. But for some reason, I'm not too fond of Peary-chan, especially because of her useless B part – though without the B part, the most useful Attack Speed + Total Damage Multiplier Increase buff won't be there.

Nohime Set

Good news for you who spends little to no money on Honkai Impact 3, for the great Nohime Set is also perfect for Herrscher of Reason. Not only because it's semi-free (since you can get it on Stigma Exchange shop with Stigma Resonator), it's also a very good choice when fighting a lot of mobs. But not to be underestimated in solo monster stages, for Nohime 3 set gives you 80% increase in Ice Damage. Yes, you read it right, +80% Ice Damage. Even though the buff from each part of the stigma has very troublesome conditions to activate (either the monster has to be frozen or slowed first), when combined, Nohime Set is a force to be reckoned with.

In v3.4, the B part is buffed, for Move Speed Increase is changed to Attack Speed Increase, making Nohime Set stronger than ever.

Schrodinger (T) – Mei Pool (M) – Shakespeare (B)
“The Memento Set”

Originally popularized by some pro players for [Yae Sakura – Goushinnso Memento]'s best equipment, this “Memento Set” is actually useful for Herrscher of Reason. Like any other Bronya battlesuits, Schrodinger (T)'s very famous “205% Total Damage Multiplier Increase” is also suitable for HoR, along with Mei Pool which passively increases Total Damage Multiplier, and Shakespeare (B) which passively increases Ice Damage.

Edwin Hubble

Edwin Hubble Set

Want a more “free version” of Nohime? Pick Hubble Set, for it can also freeze and slow enemies, and it also increases Total Damage Multiplier and Ice Damage very significantly. Do note that when buying Hubble, buy the M and B first (B is more preferable), for the T is almost useless (it only freezes enemies for 1 sec, while it has a 8 sec cooldown).

Jin Shengtan (T + M) – Newton B

Supporting Set

Want to set your Herrscher of Reason for supportive roles? Roald Amundsen is not enough for you? Then try this, for it creates an aura on the field which increases Elemental Damage for any Valkyries in that field, added with the famous Newton (B)'s debuff, which increases Total Damage Multiplier against the affected enemies. Plus, when HoR is also doing QTE and inflicts Analyze to the enemy, imagine how much Damage Increase buff it would cause.

IV.    Line-ups
Truth be told, Herrscher of Reason is almost always paired with Wolf Dawn, since Wolf Dawn's Prismatic Refraction (her Elemental Barrier) increases team's Elemental Damage by 30% (unlocked at SS-rank). This gives a massive boost to HoR's attack which mainly deals Ice Damage.

Line-up 1: HoR (Leader) – Phoenix – Wolf Dawn

Each Valkyrie on this team has at least one skill that can increase team's Elemental Damage, making it the best line-up for HoR. Combined with Phoenix's ability to increase Elemental Damage for the team and conjuring a short Time Fracture when evading, added by Wolf Dawn's Prismatic Refraction (as long as the shield is not broken), HoR can conjure a powerful QTE at the enemies, Analyzing them, and then blast them to smithereens.

Line-up 2: Sixth Serenade (Leader) – HoR – Phoenix or Wolf Dawn

When using this line-up, choose one from either Sixth Serenade or Herrscher of Reason, whoever has the highest Elemental Damage leader skill buff, to be the team leader. Sixth Serenade most likely has a higher stat (32% Elemental Damage at SSS, either from Divine Prayer or Sixth Serenade).

Strategy: This line-up is more focused on Sixth Serenade as a carry, rather than HoR. Equip either Phoenix or Wolf Dawn with Fu Hua Musician Set or Roald Amundsen (if you don't have musician set). Finally, equip HoR with Jin Shengtan (T + M) and Newton (B) (or you can use carry role stigma set, like Nohime).

Line-up 3: HoR (Leader) – Valkyrie Pledge – Phoenix or Wolf Dawn

Same as line-up 2, this line-up is more focused on Theresa as carry, and HoR as support. Just equip Roald Amundsen or Fu Hua Musician Set on Phoenix or Wolf Dawn, and HoR with Jin Shengtan (T + M) and Newton (B) (or you can use carry role stigma set, like Nohime).

Strategy: Deliver Time Fracture by evading with Theresa, followed by summoning her cross, then switching into Phoenix / Wolf Dawn, do some combos if you're using Phoenix until her Prajna is over 300, then switch to HoR (more preferable when using QTE), then back to Theresa.