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Key of Reason Weapon Guide

Key of Reason Weapon Guide by Reinbex  

Hey, Captains! Today we're featuring the new Heavy weapon released in v3.3: Key of Reason.

Weapon Intro

5★ ATK: 294; CRIT: 19

Bronya constructed this cannon using the Core of Reason. It can be mounted on Project Bunny or deployed as hover guns. The Power to Rebuild of the Herrscher of Reason required years to fathom, but Bronya understood this cannon in mere seconds thanks to her prior knowledge of war and weaponry.

Weapon Skills
Stats below are all Lv.50 figures.

Universal Blueprint
Charged Cannon. 1st Sequence: Single Shot. 2nd Sequence: Empowered double shot. 3rd Sequence: Super-powered triple shot. Wielder deals 30% more Ice DMG.

Logical Construct
[SP: 5] [CD: 25s] Unleash a constructor weapon ATK that deals 500.0%+9*85.0%+300% ATK of Ice DMG. Final Hit freezes enemies for 6.0s. After use, wielder ATKs gain 35% Total DMG Multiplier for 7s. 
Herrscher of Reason equip bonus: Active Skill inflicts 7s Analyzed debuff on enemies. Casting the Ultimate gives 5 SP.

Skill Review

Universal Blueprint
The passive offers bonus Ice DMG, which makes Herrscher of Reason even stronger since her main type of damage is of the element Ice. Herrscher of Reason's built in skills buffs her Charged ATKs, so having a cannon such as the Key of Reason synergies well with her playstyle.

Logical Construct
An assault skill which deals high AOE Ice DMG, and freezes enemies upon the last hit. A low-cost skill for easily freezing enemies. In addition, the instant after this weapon skill is used, the user gains a temporary Total DMG Multiplier bonus. This bonus buffs all quick burst amounts of damage including the weapon skill itself for the short time the bonus is applied.
Casting this weapon skill as Herrscher of Reason further inflicts Analyzed debuff status to enemies, making them take 40% more Total DMG from her and freeze instantly for 1.5s at the start of the weapon skill. This increases the amount of damage the enemies take from the weapon skill even more and any quick bursts of DMG that Herrscher of Reason deals, something that she excels at very well.
And to top it off, if Herrscher of Reason uses her ultimate, she gains 5 SP back, effectively making this weapon skill cost-free.

Recommended For

Herrscher of Reason


Welt Yang Set

Herrscher of Reason (HoR) is Bronya's 3rd awakening battlesuit and fights with great mobility, power, and sustainability. Key of Reason's passive straight up buff's HoR's Ice DMG, which is a great boost.
The active skill is even better because it's considered a non-Charged ATK. Its multiple hits triggers Welt Yang (M) and (B)'s effects as well as the 2-pc effect. Because it also inflicts freeze  in an AOE, it pairs well with the 3-pc effect's gathering. And lastly, when on Bronya, she can easily apply her Analyze Debuff to inflict even more DMG. This weapon has been made just for Herrscher of Reason; it increases her damage and synergies well with both her skill set and the Welt Yang stigmata set.


Wolf's Dawn, an elemental support battlesuit (starting at SS rank), can utilize the Key of Reason as a niche support weapon. The Key of Reason has a very low-cost weapon skill that can freeze. An easy freeze like this enables freeze-trigger QTEs such as Valkyrie Pledge

Because (currently) only Bronya battlesuits can equip Heavy-based weapons, the Herrscher of Reason is the only ideal Valkyrie to equip the Key of Reason. Reason being that none of the other existing Bronya battlesuits utilize Elemental Damage. The Key of Reason's passive provides Ice DMG bonus and the secondary effect is not worth the temporary 35% Total DMG Multiplier to equip to other Bronyas. There are much better Heavy weapons that suit the other Bronya battlesuits. The only and best choice of Valkyrie to equip the Key of Reason is none other than the Herrscher of Reason.