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Welt Yang Stigmata Guide

Welt Yang Stigmata Guide by Reinbex  

Hey, Captains! Today we are taking a close look at a new stigmata set released in v3.3: the Anti-Entropy Sovereign set Welt Yang.

Stigmata Intro
Stats below are all Lv.50 figures.

Welt Yang (T)
5★ HP: 435; ATK: 113; DEF: 22
Sovereign: Gain 20% Total DMG Multiplier. Herrscher Form: Gain 50% Ice DMG


Welt Yang (M)
5★ HP: 531; DEF: 199; CRIT: 3
Conviction: Gain 20% Ice DMG. Every Hit (CD: 0.3s) on the enemy causes it to take 1.0% more Ice DMG from the host for 5s. Max Stacks: 10. Each stack gained resets the duration.

Welt Yang (B)
5★ HP: 459; ATK: 53; DEF: 111; CRIT:8
Legacy: Gain 15% Total DMG Multiplier. Gain a shield when freezing enemies and heal 50 HP/s for 10s. CD: 15s. Shield shatters when hit, but host will not be interrupted.


2-pc bonus: Tenacity
Each 15 non-Charged ATK gives a Charged ATK buff: Next Charged ATK and following Charged ATK for 5s gain 60% Total DMG Multiplier. Count ends after the buff ends. Host directly gains Charged ATK buff when entering the battle (triggers 1 time per battle).


3-pc bonus: Anti-Entropy
Gain 40% Ice DMG. For 16s after casting the Ultimate, Charged ATKs will generate a 3s Gravity Vortex that pulls-in nearby enemies. CD: 4s.

Stigmata Skill Review

Welt Yang (T): Unconditional 20% Total DMG Multiplier bonus. Great for any Valkyrie looking to deal more damage. The secondary effect that boosts ice DMG while in Herrscher mode is tailored for the Herrscher of Reason.

Welt Yang (M): Bonus Ice DMG, and debuffs enemies into taking more ice damage based on hits, stacking up to 10 times. A strong pick for battlesuits who can deal many hits quickly, such as Herrscher of Reason, Argent Knight: Artemis, and Six Serenade. 

Welt Yang (B): Another unconditional 15% Total DMG Multiplier bonus. Provides a single-use Ignore Interruption Shield that also heals up to 500 HP in 10s when freezing an enemy. Good for game modes with bleeding such as Dirac Sea and Q-Singularis. The Ignore Interruption shield provides a bit of consistency even when attacked.


2-pc bonus: A whopping 60% Total DMG Multiplier bonus for charged attacks for 5s after performing 15 non-charged attacks. This is ideal for ice valkyries who can do many non-charged attacks quickly so they can “burst” with a charged attack 15 hits later for massive damage. It also provides 60% Total DMG Multiplier buff the first time the Valkyrie enters battle, allowing the Valkyrie to quickly deal large bursts of DMG during the start of a stage.
3-pc bonus: Unconditional Ice DMG bonus. And for 16 long seconds after casting the ultimate, the host's charged attacks can pull-in enemies every 4s. In addition to more ice damage, the host's charged attacks does crowd control, which is great for keeping multiple enemies together for aoe attacks.


Recommended For

Herrscher of Reason

The Welt Yang set is arguably most powerful on Herrscher of Reason. Bronya can hit multiple hits very fast, which helps trigger both the M stig and 2-set effects. She benefits from the Total DMG Multipliers and Ice DMG Bonuses. And currently, she is the only Valkyrie that enjoys the Herrscher Mode-only ice DMG bonus from the T stig.
Herrscher of Reason can spam fully charged attacks quickly that can make good use of the small time frame bonuses regarding Charged ATKS from the 2-pc and 3-pc set effects. 

Individual Welt Yang pieces can also be mixed and matched to cope with different scenarios.
Argent Knight: Artemis can fully utilize almost every piece of the Welt Yang effects, save for the Herrscher-mode only bonus from the T stigmata. Because she can perform charged attacks and has a cheap ultimate as well as a fast basic attack sequence, she can trigger the 2-pc and 3-pc effects quite effectively.

Welt Yang (T) can be used for any DPS Valkyrie because it provides an all-time Total DMG Multiplier bonus by just simply equipping it. It's a great substitute for all DPS scenarios. 
Welt Yang (M) fits perfectly on battlesuits like Argent Knight: Artemis and Six Serenade who can perform multiple hits quickly to fully debuff enemies for maximum ice damage. 
Welt Yang (B) works best with valkyries that can freeze easily such as Argent Knight: Artemis. Goushinnso Memento can somewhat use this stigmata by QTEing into battle to freeze. Doing so provides her a one-time Ignore Interruption so she can perform her combo attack uninterrupted. Additionally, Welt Yang (B) can be paired with Nohime (T), a stigmata that provides the host with frequent freezing on basic attack hits.