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Tesla ZERO ELF Guide



Tesla ZERO is the new S-rank ELF, starts off with 2⭐ and maximize at 4⭐. The higher the star the higher her stats and and skills. In this guide, we will go over her abilities, skills, and her performance compared with other ELFs.



2⭐ - Unlock 60% of her skills.
3⭐ - Unlock 85% of her skills.
4⭐ - Unlock 100% of her skills.



2⭐ 743 100 72 Physical
3⭐ 795 100 80 Physical
4⭐ 873 100 89 Physical





  • Basic ATK deals 400% ATK of Physical DMG.
  • ELF's Basic ATKs restore 5 bonus SP on hit for itself. CD: 2s.
  • ELF's attacks have a 20% chance to deal 150% bonus Physical DMG. CD: 10s. (Unlock at 3⭐)
  • ELF deals 6% bonus Total DMG for 10s after landing a hit. 3 stacks max. CD: 1s. (Unlock at 4⭐)



  • [SP: 75][CD: 35s] ELF enters burst mode and launches fast attacks in midair for 10s. Each sequence deals 100% ATK of Physical DMG. ELF's Crit Rate increases by 12% every second (5 stacks max) until burst mode ends. ELF skill button is lit up at max stacks.
  • The 1st attack in burst mode bleeds enemies for 10s, dealing 100% ATK of Physical DMG per second and enabling ELF to deal 12% bonus Total DMG to bleeding enemies within 10s.
  • ELF's initial SP increased by 50.
  • ELF's Ultimate deals 20% bonus Total DMG. (Unlock at 3⭐)



  • Team deals 3% bonus Physical DMG and an additional 2% bonus Physical DMG if all 3 members are the same type.
  • With at least 1 Fast ATK Valkyrie, team deals 4% bonus Physical DMG and the last hit of ELF's Ultimate becomes Heavy ATK with strong trauma charge. (Unlock at 3⭐)
  • With at least 1 Burst Valkyrie, team deals 4% bonus Physical DMG and every hit of ELF's Ultimate deals 50% ATK of bonus Physical DMG. (Unlock at 4⭐)



  • When ELF skill is cast again during burst mode or when burst mode ends, ELF leaps up to deal 1800%x2 ATK of Physical DMG and ELF skill enters cooldown.
  • When the last hit of Ultimate crits, ELF restores 1.5 SP per second for 5s.
  • The last sequence of Ultimate makes enemies take 6% bonus Physical DMG for 10s. (Unlock at 3⭐)




Tesla starts at 2⭐, and to rank up to 3⭐, she will need another 100 fragments. From 3⭐ to 4⭐, she needs another 150 fragments


Tesla at 2⭐:

  • Provide secondary Physical DMG with her Basic and Ultimate.
  • Inflict bleeds to enemies for 10s thus making Tesla gain bonus Total DMG for higher DPS.
  • Provide 3% Physical DMG to the whole teams and an additional 2% bonus Physical DMG when the whole team are the same type.
  • High initial SP and fast SP-recovery.


Tesla at 3⭐:

  • Tesla have a chance to gain bonus Physical DMG every 10 second.
  • Tesla's Ultimate gain massive bonus Total DMG.
  • New team skill, adding another 4% bonus Physical DMG with a (Fast ATK) Valkyrie.
  • Tesla's Ultimate becomes Heavy ATK, meaning more DMG against shields. With this skill, Tesla can replace Blood Embrace ELF.
  • After Ultimate, make enemies take 6% more Physical DMG.


Tesla at 4⭐:

  • Tesla's Basic ATK increase in term of DPS.
  • New team skill, adding another 4% bonus Physical DMG with a (Burst) Valkyrie.
  • Tesla's Ultimate deals more power.





The comparison below is between Tesla and previous ELFs. It is a simple damage comparison versus Wendy at QS Red Lotus 255 Intensity, all of the ELFs are paired with optimal Team synergy, and at maximum rank.

In the comparison above, in term of DPS, Tesla have the highest DMG output following with Selune. That is purely DPS and did not count their bonuses and buffs into account. All of the S-rank ELF have different DMG Type, so it is hard to make a Total DMG comparison between all of them. At most, Tesla can be compared with Blood Embrace because of similar DMG Type, but with A-rank BE and S-rank Tesla, Tesla can easily outshined BE with her various skills and bonuses.


Following are the buffs and bonuses that every ELF give toward Valkyries and debuff toward enemies.




 Tesla needs to be 3⭐ and 4⭐ to unlock more powerful team buffs. 


 To gain the team buffs when she is 2⭐ is a bit tricky because you will need to use 3 members with the same type. Possible team lineup to gain the buff (Physical Valkyrie only):

  • Celestial Hymn | Night Squire | Starlit Astrologos
  • Fervent Tempo | Drive Kometa | Umbral Rose
  • Bright Knight Excelsis | Void Drifter | Danzai Spectramancer

Of course, there are others possible lineup, but for some Captains, they probably have limited Physical Valkyrie with the same type.


 For Tesla to truly shine, she needs to be at least 3⭐, but that doesn't make her basic skills and stats at 2⭐ weak. Her kits in 2⭐ are mostly for being secondary DMG dealer and minor buff for the team while at 3⭐, her new skills are even powerful and useful in various situation. Not only she can do shieldbreak, but then she can also buff the whole team and debuff the enemies.

Speaking of buffs for the whole team, in term of Physical DMG, for now Tesla is the only ELF that can boost Valkyries' Physical DMG. That automatically makes her the best option for Physical DMG team while for Elemental DMG Team, Book of Fuxi is the most versatile in her skills.


 Truth to be told, because of Tesla's reliant for her ⭐ ranks, it is best to not invest in her unless you are aiming for at least 3⭐. Like I said before, her team buffs in 2⭐ required 3 Valkyrie with the same type, which might not be the most ideal condition because some of Captains' lack of Physical DMG Dealer&Support Valkyrie with the same type. 

For F2P Captains, it is best to just keep relying on Blood Embrace in Physical DMG Team like me because although BE is an A-rank ELF and have far lower DPS than Tesla, it is better than nothing. While for veteran Captains who wants to fully optimize and upgrade their Physical DMG teams, then replacing the old BE with the fresh and new Tesla is a good choice.