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Fervent Tempo Guide: Line up, equipment and more


Hello my cultured Hyperion drivers, I'm happy to see you here in this "Fervent Tempo Delta" guide.
*This guide was made in v4.3 beta - v4.3. In the entire guide I use abbreviations to refer the valks (for example FT: Fervent Tempo), you can check them here


The guide will be based on 5* Fervent Tempo (although she's SSS in the beta account, I only upgraded her core to 5*), also it may not be 100% accurate, try to also read other people's guides to get a global understanding of waifu Assaka.

Fervent Tempo Delta/ Delta/ Waifu Assaka/ Rossaka or whatever you want to call her, FT from now, is the new S rank augment battlesuit that is coming in v4.3. FT is MC(Rozaliya)'s augment core, and like her non-augment version, she's a very strong physical dps in MA, and somehow also in abyss.

Molotov Cherry's fragments are already farmable in the war treasury, and her augment cores will be as a reward in events and in the shop for a price of 600 asterites per core.

Amount of augment cores and Smelted Cores needed for each level:

Now, looking at FT's design and behavior, I hope that nothing happened to Liliya.

ε-(´∀`; )

Let's start taking a look about her skills.



1. Leader skill: Showtime: Team gains 40% melee physical damage.


2. Special/Charged attack: Dissociated Harmony: When both energy bars (the blue and pink thing above her hp bar) are filled, FT can perform a charged attack, dealing a 400% ATK of physical damage and entering Fervent state


3. Ultimate: Phantom Memories: Her ULT can be performed as Retaliation, somehow similar to BB(Lili)'s one. Normal ULT deals 800% ATK of physical damage and boosts both FT's crit rate physical damage by 15% for 9s.
By performing Strike Back EX (retaliation), Phantom Memories deals 700% more physical damage and triggers 1.6s of time fracture. At core 6, Strike Back EX has 30% more crit rate and 20% more crit damage
After using ULT, FT fully charges Cyan and Pink bars and immediatly enters Fervent state.


4. Basic attack: Blazing Tones: FT's main source of Cyan juice. A full sequence of 6 basic attacks deals 1180% ATK of physical damage and restores 900 Cyan juice. Attacks can be chained after evasion. Under Fervent state, FT deals 50% more total damage to BIO enemies and a full sequence of basic attacks will be set as 3 attacks, dealing 1040% ATK of physical damage in total.
QTE: Triggered by weakened enemies or when teammates gets hit. Has a little gather and stuns the enemie for 5s, recovering 600 Pink and Cyan juice and can be immediatly connected into a charged attack.


5. Evasion skill: Trick Evader: FT's main source of Pink Juice. Each evade restores 200 Pink juice (doesn't need trigger ultimate evasion skill). 
Ultimate evasion skill triggers a global time fracture of 3s, immobilizes nearby enemies, restores 400 Pink juice and gains a shield that absorbs total damage equal to 15% of FT's max hp that lasts 6s and has a cooldown of 15s, FT gains 25% crit rate when shield is active.
Under Fervent state, Fervent energy will not be consumed during 3s after triggering the time fracture from the ultimate evasion skill.


6. Passive: Double Stencil: FT's crit rate and crit damage are boosted by 15%, after a crit hit she gains another 15% crit damage for 5s, she gains 20%/50% TDM at 10/30 combo hit respectively and 40% TDM against enemies affected by weaken or time slow.
FT has two Juice(energy) bars: Cyan and Pink. Starts with 0 and maxes at 1200 each. When both bars are full, FT can eneter Fervent state by performing a chaged attack, changing FT's attack patterns.

We can see that FT's main source of damage comes from basic attacks, which means that some farmable T1 physical stigmas like Michelangelo can be used on her also you have to keep evading while doing basic attacks to gain both Cyan and Pink juices.



FT's BiS equipment is supposed to be Dickens set, however Kafka TM, Michelangelo/Lier B is better for shorter fights (like MA); about the weapon, Sleeper's Dream is the best option without discussion.

Let's take a look about the Dickens set: 
Dickenns, a beautiful grey hair waifu with blue eyes, that impresses everyone of us with her gentle look... has a very useless 3 set effect, and that's why, in some occasions, Kafka, Mich or even the almighty "Jing T, Marco M, Lier B" is better.

Dickens (T): Boosts physical damage by 30% (Jingwei (T) boosts TDM by 31% against solo enemies).


Dickens (M): Boosts physical damage by 30%, basic attacks (including combo and charged) grants 1 charge on hit, can stack 5 charges, ultimate consumes all charges and deals 100% ATK of physical damage per charge.


Dickens (B): Boosts total damage by 25%, basic attacks (including combo and charged) grants 1 charge on hit, can stack 5 charges, ultimate consumes all charges and gains 1sp per charge.


Set Bonuses:
-2 set: Basic, combo and charged attacks deals 20% more physical damage. Deals 15% more physical damage against MECH enemies. After ultimate, basic, combo and charged attacks gains another 20% physical damage for 8s.

-3 set: When equipped on Olenyevas, max charges for single pieces increases from 5 to 8. (Yep, that's all)


Now the weapon:

Sleeper's Dream

Active: Deals 1 damage to self (which can be used to proc. FT's ultimate's Strike Back EX) and 800% ATK of physical damage to nearby enemies, Hits will also  deal adittional 100% ATK of physical damage (1s CD between each hit), lasts 5s.


Passive: Gains 15% crit rate. When equipped on FT restores 6 sp unpon entering Fervent state (20s CD).

Gains 35 sp upon entering battle. When equipped by FT, basic attacks gains 35% physical damage under Fervent state.

As we can see, Dickens set is pretty mediocre, however, Sleeper's Dream is very important makes a huge difference, mainly because of that "active retaliation".


Damage Comparison

Here I compared the damage of waifu Assaka with different gears. (Ordered from higher damage to lower)
The line up I used is this: FT DK CH

And the rotation I used is: DK block + non charged attack + Bri EX's active > CH qte + cross > FT's charged + ULT + 4 full sequences of basic attacks.


1. Sleeper's Dream + Kafka TM, Michelangelo/Lier B.

Total damage: 3.192.664


2. Sleeper's Dream + Kafka set.

Total damage: 2.763.400

3. Sleeper's Dream + Dickens set.

Total damage: 2.406.816

4. Sleeper's Dream + Jingwei T, Marco M, Lier B (Only against solo bosses and needs to maintain self HP above 100%).

Total damage: 2.403.792


5. Sleeper's Dream + Michelangelo TB, Fuhua Knight M (If you lack hands or you want to use FT against mobs/non solo bosses).

Total damage: 2.293.152

6. Sleeper's Dream + Michelangelo TB, Dark Xuanyuan M (Sightly inaccurate, depends on how much time you can proc/maintain a time fracture).

Total damage: 2.115.192


Line up

Now I'll recommend some supports that works very well for FT. 

1. Celestial Hymn:
Best Line up for every melee physical DPS (except BK, because BK), use DK's lead if you can't 1 rot the boss.


2. Non CH line up:
For those plebians who don't have CH but somehow a decent SA, requires Bri EX.


3. Budget line up:
Althought it seems like extreme poverty, this line up is also very strong.


Budget FT (2 gacha: SB pri and Vikrant) vs Exalted SK


Some extra stuff
First, FT is the best daughter in the world, so you all better give her some nice headpats whe v4.3 comes.

Now being serious, FT will definetly be a T0 phys dps, and except of SB pri, she's pretty f2p friendly, so yes, she's a very high priority in both War Trasury and Asterite Shop.
About her gear, you only have to spend for SB; Jing, Marco, Lier is more than enough, and Mich is also farmable now.
For those who haven't unlocked MC, there will be a login event with a free MC character card, so don't miss it. 

And to finish, thanks to Mihoyo to give me this opportunity to be in the v4.3 beta test, really, thank you Mihoyo for keep bringing all those quality content every patch. And of course, thank you my fellow Hyperion cleaner for reading and I hope that this guide was somehow useful for you. 

For any questions about the game, I invite you to join HI3's official Discord, there's a very nice community and big leviathans or boomers who can help you with anything.










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