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Domain of Revelation Weapon Guide

“After taking in the Herrscher of Reason's core, Bronya has become ever more proficient in harnessing the power to rebuild, and also growing with time is her understanding of the infinite possibilities brought by this power. She now stands fully ready to protect her partners and uphold her promise.



[ATK: 409; CRT: 27]



 Active Skill – Structural Truth 

[SP: 0][CD: 20] Unleash a constructor matrix attack dealing 3x600% ATK of Ice DMG. Final hit freezes enemies for 6s. Casting the skill boosts wielder's Total DMG by 40% for 7s. Herrscher of Reason equip bonus: Active skill renders enemies Analyzed for 7s and restores 180 Konstruktyom in 3s.


 Passive Skill 1 – Divine Masterplan 

Charged cannon. 1st Sequence: Single shot. 2nd Sequence: Empowered double shot. 3rd sequence: Super-powered triple shot. Herrscher of Reason equip bonus: Triggering Ultimate Evasion skill creates 3 hover guns and each deals 3x60% ATK of Ice DMG.


 Passive Skill 2 – Total Analysis 

Charged and Ultimate ATKs deal 30% bonus Total DMG. Herrscher of Reason equip bonus: Charged ATKs restore 3 SP in non-bike mode.




Unsuprisingly, DoR provide various bonuses toward Herrscher of Reason:

  • First of all, right after triggering Active Skill, the wielder will gain 40% Total DMG for 7s. 40% is a very big number for Total DMG, it even surpasses Domain of Sanction's buff which only gave the wielder 20% TDM.  This means that both her Ultimate and Special Combo ATK, her two main source of damage, can take full advantage of this damage increase.
  • Secondly, active skill renders enemies Analyzed for 7s. In case you do not remember, Herrscher of Reason will gain 40% Total DMG Multiplier against Analyzed/Frozen enemies. This means that combining this buff and before, Bronya will gain 80% Total DMG for 7s after Active Skill. If this is not awesome enough for you I don't know what is.
  • Active skill also restores 180 Konstruktyom. It is equal to 1 ½ of the bar. While it is not that many but it will save us some time rather than spamming Basic ATK to fill it.
  • Moving to Passive Skill, by triggering Ultimate Evasion, it will create 3 hover guns and each deals Ice DMG. CD for HoR's Evasion is 15 second, so in a way, you can create these hover guns every 15 second.
  • Next, Charged ATK will restore 3 SP when in non-bike mode. So with full bar of Konstruktyom, you can restore 12 SP. This will make HoR charge SP faster and can spam Ultimate. In case some didn't know, HoR's Basic ATK also restore SP; the 4th sequence of Basic ATK, when hit enemies will gain 0.5 SP. SP regen from this is not many but the SP regen from Charged ATK is. With each of Charged ATK, HoR will restore 5 SP. To make it simple, when HoR is equipping Domain of Revelation, she will restore 32 SP with full bar of Konstruktyom
  • Last but not least, the passive skill will grant another delicious 30% bonus Total DMG for Charged and Ultimate ATKs. Combining with the previous TDM buff, HoR will receive 110% Total DMG. The best way to benefit these buff is definitely using Active Skill > Ultimate.




Do you even need to ask? It's definitely

Herrscher of Reason

There is no other Cannon-user that is an Ice DMG Dealer so the only one that can gain benefit from Domain of Revelation is definitely HoR only. Compared to Key of Reason, Domain of Revelation obviously have myriad of upgrades:


Without a doubt, Domain of Revelation will defeat Key of Reason in every way possible, I provided below the damage comparison between these two and another PRI-ARMs:

I actually want to put Briareus EX in the comparison, but its weapon skill is not suitable for HoR at all, it is more toward Physical Support Valkyrie, that is why I did not include it in. 
While for Star Destroyer 19C-X, this cannon is mainly for Physical Valkyrie so HoR as an Ice DMG Dealer could not use it to the full benefits. That is why even this PRI-ARMs lose to Key of Reason in term of HoR's DPS.





Ice DMG Dealer Valkyrie is quite limited even though we are already at version 4.3, that is why Ice Main DMG Dealer such as AKA and HoR are important. All more the reason to upgrade their equipment as higher as you could. 

That is to say, if you have both Herrscher of Reason and Key of Reason, it goes without saying that you should upgrade KoR into PRI-ARMs to make the powerful Herrscher of Reason even stronger. Do not worry as the resources used for upgrading Domain of Revelation is definitely worth it. 


That is all from me, Captain Hoshina, thank you for reading and have a nice day!