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Sleeper's Dream Weapon Guide

“A specialized greatsword crafted alongside Odette the Silent. Delta's best companion in battle. The dream has long faded, but the two greatswords are still keeping her company just like the old days.”



[ATK: 404; CRT: 55]



 Active Skill – Cradle of Thorns 

[SP: 0][CD: 18s] Deal 1 damage to self and 800% ATK of Physical DMG to enemies nearby after 0.5s. In the following 5s, wielder's attacks cause an explosion on hit, dealing 100% ATK of Physical DMG. CD: 1s.


 Passive Skill 1 – Source of Nightmares 

Wielder has 15% bonus Crit Rate. When equipped by Molotov Cherry, entering Fervent Mode restores 6 SP (CD: 20s) and she takes 20% less Total DMG in Fervent Mode.


 Passive Skill 2 – Lucid Dreamer 

Wielder has 35 bonus initial SP (ineffective in Open World). When equipped by Molotov Cherry, Basic ATKs deal 35% bonus Physical DMG in Fervent Mode.




I will call Sleeper's Dream as SD

Also, Molotov Cherry = Fervent Tempo


In term of bonuses, SD is a bit lackluster compared to Shuhadaku of Uriel and Surtr Muspellsverd. The only Valkyrie that can fully benefit from this weapon is only one, and you can guess who it is; Molotov Cherry [Fervent Tempo].


  • First of all, the Active skill only grant a small buff to the wielder which is bonus Physical DMG. Other than that, this skill deals AOE ATK of Physical DMG. The damage to self is very little (-1 HP) so I do not think this is a big issue to the wielder. And the most important part is that by using the active skill, it can trigger Strike Back EX of Fervent Tempo's Ultimate. And that is all, as I said before, this active skill did not play a big role in the battlefield. Let's move to the passive skill.
  • The first passive skill provides Crit Rate buff. It is not little by any means, but it is not a massive buff either, it is decent and just right. The great bonus that granted by this passive skill can only be applied to Molotov Cherry after entering Fervent Mode which are; Restore 6 SP and take less Total DMG. The SP bonus is a great addition to Fervent Tempo because her signature stigmata Dickens really love Ultimates so the more SP Fervent Tempo can get, the more Ultimate she can do and at the same time activating the buff from her stigmata.
  • Last but not least, provide bonus initial SP and bonus Physical DMG. As I said before, the more SP the better, so this is definitely a good buff. And the bonus Physical DMG, in my opinion, is the best buff that was provided by this weapon. The condition is two, which is must be equipped by Fervent Tempo and in Fervent Mode. As you know by now, Special ATK Fervent Mode is the main source of DPS for Fervent Tempo, so with the bonus Physical DMG, it can boost her DPS even higher.





[Fervent Tempo]

Compared to Sleeping Beauty, this weapon contains a variety of upgrades and differences:


With Sleeper's Dream myriad of bonuses, it can beat Sleeping Beauty with ease in term of damage output for FT, but compared to other PRI-ARMs? Let's find out:

Shuhadaku of Uriel and Surtr Muspellsverd are both very strong PRI-ARM, but their DPS are low in this comparison because their attribute didn't match with Fervent Tempo. Fervent Tempo deals Physical DMG and both SoU and SM gave buffs and are more suitable with Fire Valkyrie. But I put both their DPS in the comparation just in case Captains are curious about it. 


FT DK CH vs BKE (31466pts):


Blueberry Blitz

Other than FT, BB are probably the only one who's in the good term with Sleeper's Dream. The reasons are the increase base stats, active skill and the passive skills where she gains bonus Crit Rate and bonus initial SP. 

Other than these two, I suggest you do not pair it with other Valkyries.


BB KMB CH vs HOMU Emperor (31306pts):




Sleeper's Dream is the 3rd PRI-ARMs for weapon Greatsword but the 1st Greatsword for Physical DMG Valkyrie thus there is not many comparation that can be done. But in my opinion, for those who want to use Fervent Tempo as their main Physical DMG Dealer, Sleeper's Dream are the best weapon that she can use.

If you do not intend to use Fervent Tempo, then you should not upgrade Sleeping Beauty into PRI-ARMs because honestly the only Valkyrie that can use it to its full advantage are Fervent Tempo only. It would be a waste of resources if you upgrade it but did not have/use the only suitable wielder.


That is all from me Captain Hoshina, thank you very much for reading and have a nice day!