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Night Squire Character Guide

Night Squire Character Guide


Night Squire (NS) is A-rank Fu Hua battlesuit that came to global server around late November 2018. Ever since her introduction, she has always been one of the major physical powerhouses. This guide is to help players understand her abilities and how to utilize her better in the relevant fields.

Table of Contents

  1. Basics
  2. Skills
  3. Gears
  4. Compositions
  5. Tips & Tricks
  6. Conclusion



Battlesuit Grade: Base A-rank | Non-awakening
Alignment: Creature
Damage Type: Melee Physical
Branch attack mode: Combo Attack
QTE Trigger Condition: Float

  • Extremely strong against bosses when SS+ rank
  • Good typing (vs bulky psychic enemies)
  • Good control skills (can constantly apply strong float)
  • Easy to rank up due to relatively cheap stages and non-awakening A rank battlesuit.
  • Can still do explosive damage outside of burst with enough support & gears (unlike other burst-reliant valks like FS / Miko)
  • Good survivability (almost invincible during ultimate)


  • Limited AoE capability
  • Multiple movesets, hard to use at first
  • Usually reliant on ultimate.  



Lead Skill

36% crit dmg is quite decent but not too great so she doesn't often stay as lead and leaves it to other good lead valks like YA / KMB.

Passive Skills 

NS has her special blue energy (i.e Ripple) bar that fuels a lot of her skills and bonuses. For example, Magister gives +40% physical dmg for 4s, Imperator gives 30% Total Damage Multiplier (TDM) versus bleed / ignite / movement slowed enemies, and Catastrophe gives mark that will deal 200% ATK dmg once you clear. All these bonuses require consuming 1 bar.

Another note regarding Catastrophe, while 200% ATK sounds significant (around 2000 damage in the late game), this damage is indirect physical damage, so it won't damage shield or crit. Once you're certain a single ultimate will finish the fight, you can simply focus on gathering SP instead of alternating between attacks to get Catastrophe's bonus.

  • All 3 skills unlocked at S-rank

Evasion skills

NS has one of the longest fracture durations (4.5s) plus 11s evasion cooldown when maxed. This goes well with Zorro 2 set that triggers once very 10s since it has ~1s window you can trigger the effect. +25% crit rate increases her damage output by a lot, especially during ultimate.

Unlock (if the skill is not mentioned, it's unlocked at start)

  • Inquisitor: S-rank

Basic Attack Skills

NS has 2 attack buttons instead of 1 like other non-FuHua valks. This leads to NS having multiple attack “variations” which have different uses. I'll mention more about NS's skill system in the Moveset section below. Just briefing about the bonuses, NS's Chancellor skill is very useful. It provides Iron Body after using her basic attack, which helps you ignore interruptions such as DXY's rushing that pushes you out, Homu King's stomping attack and Assaka's rampaging stomps.


  • Marshal: S-rank

Combo Attack Skills

Since she's Fu Hua, NS has a variety of attacks she can perform by alternating between attack button (A) and burst button (B). That, along with her basic attacks (straight A or straight B), makes up a total of 6 attack variations you can pull off. 

Combo attacks are her main source of damage. She gets quite some good bonuses from them too, e.g 300% ATK when doing combo attack, maximum 20% crit rate. Because the whole team gets 15% TDM for 10s when NS empties her bar and switches out, it's generally a good idea to empty it before switching out. Her bar completely recovers from 0 to 5 after 12.5s of switching out as well.


  • Enigma: SS-rank

Ultimate Skills

NS's ultimate is her biggest damage dealer. Red Princess and Authority are the reasons behind her power spike at SS and SSS rank. Bonus physical damage taken is very rare so Authority will be most likely undiluted.


  • Devouring Wolf: S-rank
  • Authority: SSS-rank
  • Red Princess: SS-rank


NS battle flow revolves around her blue bar that comprises of 5 minibars. Upon consuming 1 bar, she enjoys some nice bonuses, so usually it's recommended to always have at least 1 minibar filled.

I'll list all possible attack variations below and briefly talk about their uses.When I write AAA it means pressing A (and wait for each "action" to finish) 3 times. If you press A 3 times too fast, but NS has just done 2 "actions" then it won't count as the whole AAA.

Ri-Ki Darting Kite (AAA)

This is the slower basic attack variation. It has quite a far reach with the ending punch so it's mainly used to close the gap. 

Ri-Ki Phoenix Soar (BBB)

The faster attack variation that also deals more damage on average than AAA. However it kicks enemies away and has a short range so you have to run up to them afterwards. If the enemy keeps staying at one place, then this is the recommended way to build the Ripple bar.

Ri-Ki Raptor Strike (AAB)

Fastest combo attack, also marks enemy. Also applies a strong float with the last hit so can control enemies quite effectively.

Ri-Ki Rending Claw (ABB)

While also marks enemy and has higher power per sequence, it has slower execution so overall it's worse than AAB. Avoid using this move if possible.

Ri-Ki Talon Storm (BBA)

This combo attack has many uses: 

  • clear mark 
  • ramp up combo count
  • lock enemy's movement
  • shorter execution time to clear mark

Ri-Ki Moon Anseri (BAA)

This move is in the same situation as ABB. It's worse than its counterpart on almost all aspects so avoid using this.

Generally, NS battle flow involves building bar and consuming bar while alternating between marking and clearing mark. Here I include a table listing all the attack variations she can do and some comparison between them. 

Notes: You may see that in those demonstrations, I did BAB instead of BAA or ABA instead of ABB. Basically the game only cares about the first two moves in those cases, so the 3rd button doesn't matter. This only applies to BAA and ABB though (plus you won't be using these 2 attacks much anyway).

The most efficient way to do it according to the chart is to BBB -> AAB -> BBB -> BBA.

Realistically, the enemy doesn't stay at 1 place for you to hit, plus your BBB will kick the enemy away so you have to close the gap. So the most common pattern you'll find yourself doing is AAA -> AAB -> BBB -> BBA.

As you advance in the game you'll find more situations that you will branch off from this. I'll briefly talk about some notable ones and go into detail later.

Have to keep enemy afloat so its shield doesn't regen: AAA -> AAB -> AAA -> BBA.
Have to build bar fast for ult: spam BBA (even if bar depletes)
Have to do fast attacks and hope for crits to save time (e.g in MA): spam AAB

Overall, her most common attacks are gonna be AAB, BBA, AAA & BBB. You can basically forget about the other 2.




Skoll & Hati         >         Stellar Vortex >= Tai Xuan     >     Ranger Gloves > etc.

Skoll & Hati offers the biggest damage output, especially with its active skill. Next best is Stellar Vortex / Tai Xuan. Damage-wise, Stellar > Tai Xuan, but since Tai Xuan offers QTE trigger (timelock active) and is much easier to level up, they are kinda the same in the end. Ranger Gloves is also a decent 5 star weapon without consuming cores, though you need to build more SP to activate its skill before burst.

Should I upgrade Stellar for NS?

Many people have asked this question. It's not an easy question since it depends on your available assets and your competitiveness. Theoretically Stellar performs at 90% the firepower of Skoll & Hati without active, but needs 3 cores, which Tai Xuan and Ranger Gloves don't. Especially if you have got all necessary stigs like Schrodinger Band (SchBand) set and are not willing to top up much, then you can settle for Stellar and upgrade it. Otherwise, you can just use Ranger Gloves / Tai Xuan and save your cores for until you pull Skoll & Hati instead.
NS can go with a lot of stigmatas (except those that are restricted to basic attacks when you go with burst build). As long as it offers one or more of the following bonuses, it's fine on NS:

  • TDM
  • (Melee) physical attack
  • Crit damage
  • Crit rate

Affix-wise, NS is good with either ATK or SP/s. If you go with burst, you should get at least 1+ SP/s. That will speed up your time to burst a lot.

I'll mention some notable stig sets that go well with NS. They are ordered in performance, but your fighting style also matters. NS has 2 major styles: burst-oriented and basic-oriented. Most of the builds I mention will be burst-oriented since the latter is heavily aimed for Memorial Arena (MA) with specific setups.

1. SchBand T + SchBand M / Ekaterina M (Eka M) + SchBand B

This is arguably the best general build for NS in the long run. SchBand TB offers really nice bonuses to NS, including physical damage, TDM, attack speed and SP regen. Eka M is slightly better than SchBand M because NS has a somewhat acceptable crit rate, the extra crit rate can be traded off for more pure physical bonus. With this set, you can tackle a lot of MA bosses. Between Eka M and SchBand M, take Eka M if you're doing boss and SchBand M if you're doing mob.

2. Jingwei T + SchBand M + SchBand B

A slightly different variation of SchBand 2-set. This is better for finishing boss fights quickly; you deal more damage to bosses at the beginning. A typical application of this set is when you want to kill the first HP bar fast to pick up the SP pack. In the long run, this set deals less damage than the standard SchBand TB + Eka M. You can replace Jingwei T with Wilde T or Newton T as you see fit, but Jingwei T is the safest and cheapest choice.

3. Zorro T + Zorro M + Zorro B / Dirac B

These stigs got introduced recently in global and their performance is amazing. In fact, they can give you better results than the traditional set in a shorter fight. Zorro 2-set offers on-demand fracture with high physical bonuses shortly afterwards. Both Zorro T and Dirac B give a huge SP regen so you can get your ultimate sooner while Zorro 3-set impairs nicely.

Notes on Zorro set:
Zorro set is very powerful on NS. She can use any 2 piece combinations and still come out strong. For NS, I rate TB > TM > MB, simply because the T piece offers SP regen for NS. For the 3rd piece, it can be any physical / TDM bonus piece such as Eka M (even Planck M if you're doing punch build) / Knight M for Zorro TB, Lier B / Pride B for Zorro TM, or Jingwei T / Wilde T for Zorro MB.

4. Jingwei T + Fu Hua Knight M (Knight M) / Eka M* + Pride B / Attila B / Lier B*

This is a more f2p version for NS. The stigmatas above can be obtained without gacha, while offering nice bonuses to NS. You may need to turn your affixes up to 1.2+ SP/s since you'll be lacking SP regen from SchBand B. Knight M is also very nice if you need a quicker start in MA. Eka M / Lier B is a bit less f2p since they are from Bounty Mark and take a very long time to gather.

5. Ryunosuke (Ryu) full set

If you don't want to spend much time mixing stigs and / or are at an earlier stage of the game, Ryu set is the best lvl35 set you can go with.

Special mention:
At very late-game, you may find it's hard to score high (31k+) with NS if you rely heavily on ultimate. That is where her famous punch build comes in. Due to high crit rate and bonuses, she can do her normal combo attacks and kill MA bosses in a few hits provided you give enough support. This is done mostly on Assaka / Kallen / DXY / Homu King.

Usually this is done in tandem with Knight Moonbeam (KMB) + Celestial Hymn (CH) support, with at least 1 Newton B in play. NS then use stigs that are restricted to basic attacks such as Planck M or to more extreme, Schrodinger T (Schro T). I'll mention these special cases to show NS's power is not just limited to ultimate.

6. Schro T + Planck M + Lier B

This set offers the most explosive damage to NS, which can kill some MA bosses in seconds. Almost +100% physical dmg, on top of maximum +205% TDM for a very short period which fits 1 combo attack. Of course you're in for a lot of resets to get a good proc and crits.

7. Schro T + Zorro M + Zorro B

This set has a more balanced firepower and can still kill off bosses in a short amount of time. On-demand fracture helps a lot to slow the timer, not to mention all the nice bonuses from Zorro 2-set during the fracture. Schro T can be replaced by Newton T / Wilde T / Jingwei T if you're going for a couple more hits and less RNG.

8. Michelangelo T (Michel T) + Planck M + Michelangelo B (Michel B)

Nothing wrong with good old Michel set. 87% physical damage, 70% crit damage and 30% TDM, probably the best generic physical set. Straight up punch enemies like Kallen to death.

I'll list some reference videos here featuring one-punch NS.










NS doesn't thrive too well in Dirac / Quantum Abyss past Red Lotus, but she can still deal with single elite mobs. Once you get her to SSS, she can even fight group mobs with proper supports.

1. Drive Kometa (DK) + Divine Prayer (DP) + NS

This comp is cheap to build and scales with the amount of support gear. You will need DK at least core lvl3 and as much damage on NS as possible. The battle flow is to have NS gather enough SP for an ultimate, then enter with DK to tap and ult-gather mobs,and finally re-enter with NS to hold the B button for profit.

2. CH + Snowy Sniper (Snowy) + NS

This comp is more expensive, but it boosts NS's damage by a lot. If you want NS mobbing to be viable in Red Lotus, this is the way to go. The flow is the same as the previous one: collect SP with NS and CH, while keeping Snowy Sniper (SS+ rank), equipped with Bronya Sloth B, in the backlines for automatic SP regen. When all valks have their ultimates available, have CH gather and drop a cross, then ult with Snowy, and  quickly switch into NS for her ultimate.

Example: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av35575254 (example on old abyss but works similarly)

Memorial Arena

NS shines the most in MA, with several comps featuring her. Here's a list of the most common ones.

1. KMB + CH + NS

This is a standard build that allows her to score well against any non-MECH or Physical-resistant bosses. If you can obtain  some very high tier support stigmatas (i.e 2 Newton B, Mei Beach Party M (Mei M), and Gustav Klimt set) for KMB and CH and all good gacha gears for SSS rank NS , then you only need KMB to perform 1-2 ultimate evasions to get a good score. Otherwise, you can go with mass evasion cooldown reduction stigs on KMB (Zhuge T / Shakespeare 2 set / Sirin Ascendant M) to slow down the timer as much as possible while collecting SP with NS.

Start the combat with KMB dodging, then QTE CH in and drop her cross before deploying NS to do damage. It's going to be 4-7 combo attacks before KMB's evasion is back online, depending on how much evasion cooldown reduction you have on KMB. Once you have enough SP, do the starting sequence again before ult so you get CH's buffs and impair.



DXY: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av27283495

DXY: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av44933543


2. Yamabuki Armor (YA) / DK + DP / White Comet (WC) + NS

This comp shines again in MA since DP impair skill works wonderful in 1v1 situations. Plus YA / DK perfect block allows NS to get more SP. 

The basic battle flow is like this: Switch NS in to attack then dodge the first boss' attack. This will trigger YA's QTE. Do another combo attack before switching DP in, then immediately QTE YA in. Hit with YA, then block the next boss' attack to get a long fracture. Switch NS in and attack again. Repeat this process until you have enough SP for ultimate.

A more extreme version of this is YA + WC + NS. You can get NS's ultimate faster thanks to YA & WC skills. However, you will be missing out on DP's impair, so only do it when you're sure about your damage output.

DXY: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av31266722
Assaka: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av43198397


3. Lightning Empress (LE) + DP + NS

This comp is mainly for when you have a lot of gears and ranks on all 3 valks so your NS ult can kill the boss in 1 go. The idea is to have DP using Jingwei Gun with Newton B so Newton B debuff is applied from the start to the end of the fight. In order to do this, LE should be at least at SS+ rank, so NS can gather 100 SP before the 2nd Newton B from DP gets applied. 

The battle flow is simple: switch to DP and use Jingwei Gun, switch to NS and kill the first bar fast, then ultimate whenever possible. It's even better if NS can fit an ultimate evasion in.

GK: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av41538893 
DXY: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av39809792 


4. YA / DK + Snowy + NS

This comp works okay if you don't have many valks to use. It doesn't score very high, but can offer a reliable way to get 29k-30k+, or even reaching 31k on some bosses. The battle flow is similar to YA + DP + NS, but minus DP switches. In other words, only alternate between YA and NS until NS has enough SP.

Assaka: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av35965004



Tips & Tricks

Once you've learned all of NS's movesets, there's little left to pick up. Here are some advanced tips you can learn to improve your NS's performance.

Physical damage > Melee physical damage

Since NS is a melee physical valk, physical damage bonus and melee physical damage bonus are mostly the same. However, melee physical bonus won't benefit NS's Catastrophe (clearing mark), Stellar Vortex's passive, Skoll & Hati's active or even NS's QTE. With that said, melee physical damage stigs are still very viable to NS. Just aim to replace them with a pure physical damage stig if it's possible.

Cancel ultimate's animation

NS has a slightly long animation after you hold the B button for ultimate. To offset this, you can press BB or AA, then hold B button. This will cancel the ultimate's first animation. Included below is  an example Raze's run vs DXY. The more detailed version can be found on 3C's channel.





Dodge during ultimate

The majority of NS's damage happens during her ultimate, but you can improve it by evading. Though you can't really control NS during her ultimate and there are a lot of hit-lags, you can still dodge. Always try to perform an ultimate evasion while ulting since it will save a lot of time and therefore boost your score. Be careful though because a missed evasion will waste time and decrease your damage a lot.

BBA movement lock mechanism

Interestingly, her BBA has the capability of “locking” enemy's movement during the multi-kick. This is useful when you want to secure the enemy's position or keep them in the air. The biggest application of this is when you versus DXY while charging(so you can get more attacks out of the charge) or GK (so GK doesn't move away from you).




You should get Night Squire to SSS rank as soon as possible! She's easy to farm, does well with f2p gears, and scales very well with gacha gears. She has a very good damage output and can survive decently well thanks to her multiple i-frames during ultimate. If you want to be competitive, NS is an absolute must-have.

Overall 10/10 would get another NS.