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Celestial Hymn Character Guide

Celestial Hymn (CH) Guide by Reinbex

This guide is built to provide readers a better understanding of Theresa's Celestial Hymn battlesuit aka CH. Here, readers can find out more about CH's kit, how to upgrade her, and how to best play her in the game. 

Table of Contents

  1. General
  2. Skills
  3. Recommended Gear
  4. Recommended Teams
  5. Conclusion


CH is a gacha-only S-rank BIO valkyrie who specializes in gathering & impairing. Because she is an S-rank, CH will be evaluated at her S-rank. We will be looking into her most significant skills, her recommended gear, and who she can support in a team.  

We will be analyzing Celestial Hymn's skills to see why she's one of the best if not the best physical support valkyrie. Keep in mind that impairment is a debuff that makes the affected intake more physical damage. Also, any new impair, of any % and duration, will overwrite the current (if any) impairment of the affected.

Special Attack - Glorious Smite  

CH has, by far, the easiest way to impair enemies. She can, on demand, impair enemies within range during any attack sequence through simply holding down her attack button. All enemies within the attack range of her special attack will immediately add a 50% impair status for a max potential of 7s.

CH can always impair multiple enemies at once without spending any sp with this method.

Ultimate - Celestial Judgement

The 2nd method of impairment that CH is her ultimate. She summons a “bubbled” black hole that continuously sucks enemies within a large vicinity to its center for 3 seconds. After 3s, the bubble pops (no longer sucks) and impairs all close by enemies by 75% for 10s. There will be continuously damage inflicted for a short while but the impair infliction only happens once during the bubble pop. The 10s impair is based on the real clock time; it cannot be extended through any means. 

CH's ult is rather amazing since it can gather enemies and impair them by huge 75% for a long time. It's great against many enemies. However, it costs a hefty 125 sp, making it difficult to always use. With sp-gaining stigmatas such as her signature stigmata set Kallen Hymn 3-set effect and/or in stages with provided initial sp, it's possible for CH to use her ult early enough to make a difference. Otherwise in stages where time is short and/or there's only a few enemies, it's almost never worth saving up to her ultimate.

QTE - Torrent of Swords 

CH's final method to impair is through her QTE. Triggered by nearby time-slowed foes, CH falls in with multiple blades during a time fracture. Any enemies hit by the QTE will be impaired 50% for 7s

Leader Skill - Sacred Arias 

CH's leader skill increases her team's max sp threshold, and if her team has 3 BIO valkyries, they gain 20% physical DMG. 
While CH's leader skill is a good one, other valkyries' leader skills such as Knight Moonbeam's or Herrscher of the Void's leader skills are preferred instead.

Celestial Hymn has a very useful passive that gives her the opportunity to always have enough SP to set down a cross at the start of any match.

CH also has two other very strong passives that benefits her entire team just by being in the team.

These two skills gives physical valkyries in the team a huge edge over competitors in game modes such as Memorial Arena and Dirac Sea. Even placing down a simple cross will provide a buff, so it's encouraged to impair and place down the cross right before having your valkyrie do a big attack.

Evade - Blade Barrier

CH's evasion comes with very good protection since it transfers over to the next active valkyrie if it hasn't worn off yet (5s). It provides her teammates with a better chance of doing what they need to do without being interrupted while also resisting 50% Total DMG (such as from attacks and in-stage bleeding).
Keep in mind that if you tap the attack button the moment after CH performs an ultimate evasion, she will perform her special attack even if you didn't hold down the attack button. 
This means that if an enemy that had been impaired by 75% for 10s were to be suddenly hit with CH's special attack, they will now be impaired by 50% for 3-7s instead! 

Be aware of who Blade Barrier is currently protecting. Any hits the Blade Barrier deals is considered the active Valkyrie's attacks. This means that if CH provides her active teammate that has equipped a Newton B with a Blade Barrier and the Blade Barrier hits an enemy, Newton B's debuff will be immediately applied onto that enemy.

If CH does not have her ultimate evasion on cooldown, she can invoke a Blade Barrier for her team upon exiting through her optional sub-skill Divine Protection. This is a good way to complete the “Ult Evade x amt of times” objective.

Basic Attacks

The Ablution of Light skill is, while not too significant, a very nice aspect to know about. If you ever wish to gain some more SP for the team, you can have CH use her basic attacks when the combo count is over 45.

Recommended Gear
There's plenty of varying gear for Celestial Hymn but they all place her under the support role in her team. As a matter of fact, Celestial Hymn can perform pretty nicely even without proper gear, which is to gather, debuff, and buff. Once again, Celestial Hymn is a Physical Supporter Valkyrie.

Survivability Set:

Set Explained: 
This set is considered the “survivability set”. Both the T and B stigs increases CH's “strength” despite the fact that she isn't the damage dealer; these two parts do not contribute much other than barely support the Ablution of Light skill. The more important effects come from the M stig, 2-set effect, and 3-set effect.
The middle stigmata's effect provides the host with a Grace Shield that resists 30% indirect Physical Damage. This is crucial for long term survivability in bleeding stages from Dirac Sea and Q-Singularis.
The 2-set effect provides a 7s Total Damage Multiplier for the team based on the spent amount of SP. 8% if 15 sp (placing down a cross), 15% if 70 sp, and 22% if 125 sp (using her ult). This effect does* stack within itself! Meaning CH using Ult and then a cross = 30% buff!
And the 3-set effect provides the host a whopping 8% HP and 5% SP (CD 8s) if the user hits an impaired enemy. This works great for CH who can impair anytime.

Between the Oath of Judah (creates an AOE where enemies cannot enter into and move if inside) and the 11th Sacred Relic (increases your team's crit by 10%) depends on both the stage and your taste in playstyle. Judah gives your team breathing space, and 11th gives your team a slightly higher crit rate. Personally, Judah is a better option such that you won't get interrupted and overwhelmed by crowding foes while it's active.

Purpose of Set:
This set is mostly for stages that have a lot of enemies to gather, especially those that do not give out enough sp. The set encourages survivability for CH and enables her to endure strong in-stage bleeding while your team is recovering from their cooldowns. Not only does it heal, the stigmatas makes it easy for CH to almost always have enough SP for a cross and ultimate. So CH can stick around and build enough SP until she's set up an ultimate and cross for her team.

Passive Set:

Set Explained:
While this set has the same weapons as the Survivability Set, it has some very different key features that encourage a passive and quick tag-out playstyle for CH. Tesla Band T increases the user's physical dmg and atk speed but if the user is not out, the team gains 10% Physical dmg.
Both Mei Pool Party and Newton B apply a 4s and 5s debuff to intake more Total Damage respectively. These debuffs cannot be extended through any means.

Purpose of Set: 
This set is ideal for fighting bosses or a strong elites. Because the effects of these stigmatas work best for a brief moment or while CH isn't out, she will sit back in the roster of her team for most of the time until she switches or (preferably) QTEs into the stage to apply her impairs, debuffs, and/or cross deployment. After her appearance on stage, she's to switch to a DPS who can make quick use of the debuffs that will expire shortly. The setup from this uses very little time so it's great for timer-based-score boss stages.

Boss Support Set:

Set Explained:
This set can be both good for taking many enemies or just a boss. 
11th Sacred Relic can be used for both situations while Blood Embrace is for breaking the boss's shield. When an enemy's shield is down, they take more physical damage.
Newton B is there to apply a 5s debuff that makes the single target intake more Total DMG.
Gustav M and its 2-set effect provides a 20% physical buff for the team and an AOE 10% physical debuff for enemies only when the weapon skill is used. Gustav's effects synergizes brilliantly with CH's Psalms of Life skill (increases her team's physical damage by 25% for 7.5s upon cross deployment).

Purpose of set: 
Like the Passive set, this set doesn't encourage CH to be out for too long before switching back to the DPS. CH just comes in, sets her cross to activate all her stigmata effects and impairs before swapping out. This setup by CH uses very little time so it suits boss stages that have scores based on the timer.

F2P Set:

Set Explained:
The most important effects in the set are its M-stigmata effect, 2-set effect, and 3-set effect. The middle stigmata effect shortens weapon skill cooldown so CH can place her cross down sooner again to activate her passive Psalms of Life. Meanwhile, the 2-set effect provides CH with an increase in her SP limit, it also provides her team with some frontal defense. And the best effect of this set, while not very strong, is the 3-set effect. It provides the enter team with a 15% physical damage buff to basic attacks (including combo and charge) while the user is not out. This is very useful in supporting various Bronya battlesuits, Night Squire, and even the Herrscher of the Void.
As for the cross, it's rather irrelevant. The best things to look out for in choosing a 4-star cross for CH is status inflictions such as ignite and paralysis (to trigger other valkyries' QTEs and passive skills) and sp cost (to deploy more crosses).

Other Options:
You could opt for the other gear such as the Ranger's Cross and New Year Fire Works set if you have another Theresa using the above f2p gear instead.

Recommended Teams
Herrscher of the Void (GK) or Night Squire (NS) - Celestial Hymn - Dimension Breaker (DB)

The leader of this team is either GK or NS, in which GK promotes crit rate and both of them promotes crit dmg. In this team, you want to have CH frequently come out to impair and gain SP for her ult. Then you go back to your DPS. 
There are several possible rotations with this team set up:
Route A: CH (debuff)            -> DB (lift/timeslow)         -> GK/NS (QTE)
Route B: DB (block lift/timeslow)    -> CH (QTE & debuffs)     -> QK/NS (QTE)
Route C: GK/NS (ult evade)         -> CH (QTE)             -> Route A
Route D: DB (lift/timeslow)        -> CH (QTE)            -> Route A
When CH has her ult ready, it's very recommended that the DPS also has her ult ready as well to best utilize the 75% impair. So when you have enough SP for everyone, have CH gather the enemies into one area with her ultimate and place her cross down. Then switch to DB to trigger the DPS's QTE (and possibly apply any debuffs that DB's stigs may be able to perform). Immediately QTE to GK or NS and proceed to ult. (If in GK's case, snap into Herrscher Mode before ulting for more damage.)

Here's a sample video of utilizing GK-CH-DB in Q-Singularis where CH has her signature stigmata set.

Knight Moonbeam (KMB) - Celestial Hymn - Black Nucleus (BN) or Night Squire

CH works really well in KMB's 3-BIO physical team structure. KMB is the leader for her Total Damage Multiplier and Crit DMG leader skill. She is also the sub supporter and sub damager or just support in the team. The main support is CH while BN or NS is the main DPS. This team involves simply setting up time fractures and debuffs so the DPS can quickly take out the enemy(ies). Both KMB's and NS's ult evasion can time fracture, triggering CH's QTE for a quick entry. During the brief time fracture provided from CH's QTE, she can put down her cross, use her ult, or impair any additional enemies before quickly switching off to her DPS.


Note that the CH here uses the Boss Support Set. The Passive Support Set also works for this case.

In the video provided of a gameplay for Memorial Arena, where you lead off with KMB' to time fracture via ult evasion. This triggers the QTE for CH and BN. You can optionally set up debuffs with KMB if she has any debuff stigmatas such as Newton B. 
Then you QTE into CH, extending the time fracture, impairing the boss, and setting off Newton B's effect. Immediately have CH deploy her cross, break the enemy shield, and set off Gustav's effects.
From there, you QTE to BN to deal a good amount of Damage. In that brief moment when all the buffs and debuffs align, land a strong blow that can devastate the boss. In BN's case, she shoots out 3 charges worth of pellets while invisible and behind the boss to make the best use of her own kit.

Conclusion - Thoughts on Celestial Hymn
Celestial Hymn is an amazing support valkyrie. Despite being an S-rank gacha only battlesuit, if you enjoy playing with physical-based valkyries, she's a must-have, especially for late game content. But she does scale based on the level, meaning she won't feel as impactful on the lower levels with weaker enemies. Celestial Hymn is great in Q-Singularis, Dirac Sea, and Memorial Arena. She provides tons of protection, debuff, and buff for her team, making fights easier. I highly recommend her if you wish to conquer the high tier game stages. Hopefully, this guide has provided you with a better idea of how Theresa's Celestial Hymn battlesuit works.