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Fervent Tempo Character Guide






Greetings, Captain. Today we will talk about the new Augmentation [Fervent Tempo] by Molotov Cherry; Psychic-type battlesuit that can sustain damage at close range. Not only her Ultimate deals high burst damage, but she also deals high Physical DMG in Fervent Mode. Is she worth the resources to upgrade into SSS 6⭐Augment Core? Let's find out.


Opinion on the battlesuit:

  • Very easy gameplay that can be learn in just a few minutes.
  • Saviour of F2P Captain, very friendly with F2P gear.
  • Signature equipment provide a lot of SP for FT.
  • Very convenient in self-healing when enemies are nearby.


Core required to evolve Augment Core:

  Fervent Core Smelted Core
1⭐ 20 -
2⭐ 30 -
3⭐ 40 -
4⭐ 50 5
5⭐ 60 10
6⭐ 70 15

Unlock new augment costume with upgrading her into 3⭐ Augment Core.


Advance Overview:

1⭐ Augment Core: Unlock 50% of her potential.
Unlock basic skills such as QTE, new character moves and output.

4⭐ Augment Core: Unlock 80% of her potential.
The charge rate multiplier of the attack is increased, and the overall output is greatly improved.

6⭐ Augment Core: Unlock 100% of her potential.
Improve critical rate and critical damage of DEF Stance.




(Valkyries are based on SSS-rank Lvl.80, with 6⭐ Augment Core)
*Please note that instead of MC(Molotov Cherry), I will call her FT(Fervent Tempo) in this guide.


 Leader Skill – SHOWTIME! 

Entire team gains 40% Melee Physical DMG.



 Passive Skill – Double Stencil 


  • CYAN & PINK Juice: Starts at 0 and maxes at 1200. Different moves restore different Juice. 
  • With full CYAN & PINK Juice, Charged ATK consumes all Juice to induce Fervent Mode and evolve Valkyrie's skillset.
  • Valkyrie enters Fervent Mode with 2400 Fervent Juice and consumes 75 per 0.2s. Fervent Mode ends when Fervent Juice runs out.


 Cognitive Fuzz 

  • When Combo Hit Count exceeds 10/30, character gains 20%/50% Total DMG Multiplier buff
  • Character gains a 40% Total DMG Multiplier buff against enemies affected by Weaken or Time Slow.



Heal 15 HP/s when enemies are nearby.


 Unsynced Cycle 

Valkyrie has 15% bonus Crit Rate and deals 15% bonus Crit DMG. Crit hits further boost Crit DMG by 15% for 15s.



 Basic ATK – Blazing Tones 



 Storm Dervish 

Attack in Fervent Mode and Ultimate deal 50% bonus Total DMG to BIO-type enemies.


 QTE: Neon Impact 


  • Triggered when an enemy is weakened or when teammate is attacked (does not work in co-op mode) to deal 1000% ATK of Physical DMG to enemies nearby, gather, and stun them for 5s.
  • Restores 600 CYAN/PINK Juice and can be connected into Charged ATK at full Juice.


 Graded Momentum 

During the 4th and 6th sequence of Basic ATK, Valkyrie has higher Ignore Interrupt, takes 40% less Total DMG, and every hit restores 1 bonus SP.



 Special ATK – Dissociated Harmony 



 Infectious Mood 

In Fervent Mode, enemies take 18% bonus Physical DMG from Molotov Cherry's attacks.


 Flash of Inspiration 

Charged ATK deal 400% ATK of bonus Physical DMG.



 Ultimate – Phantom Memories 


[Ultimate - Strike Back]


[Ultimate - Strike Back EX]


 Odette's Curse 

Ultimate boosts Valkyrie's Crit Rate by 15% and Physical DMG by 15% for 9s.


 Talia's Wound 

Strike Back EX has 30% bonus Crit Rate and deals 20% bonus Crit DMG.



 Evade – Trick Evader 



 Mind Lock 

Activating Ultimate Evasion skill immobilizes nearby enemies for 4s.


 Illusive Mirage 

When the Ultimate Evasion shield is active, gain 25% Crit Rate.






Sleeper's Dream|Dickens (T)| Dickens (M)| Dickens (B)


FT signature equipment are as shown above, for the weapon it is the PRI-ARM of Sleeping Beauty while the stigmata sets are a freshly new one specifically created for FT Rosaliya.

Sleeper's Dream deals 800% ATK of Physical DMG to enemies nearby after 0.5s and another 100% ATK of Physical DMG in the following 5s by an explosion. There are also other bonuses when equipped by FT:

  • Wielder gain 15% bonus Crit Rate.
  • Wielder has 35 bonus initial SP
  • Restores 6 SP when entering Fervent Mode by FT.
  • Takes 20% less Total DMG in Fervent Mode.
  • Deals 35% bonus Physical DMG in Fervent Mode.

As you can see, half of the bonuses can only be gain by FT and not by other battlesuits.


Dickens (T) help to boosts Physical DMG by 30% and provide 1 charge upon hit to enemies (Basic, Combo, Charged ATK) with 5 charges max. These charges will be consumed after Ultimate to restore 40 HP.
Dickens (M) have a similar attribute as (T) which is boosts Physical DMG by 30% and provide 1 charge upon hit to enemies. The only differences are that these charge will instead deal 100% ATK of Physical DMG in a small area.
Dickens (B) grants 25% Total DMG and also 1 charge upon hit to enemies with 5 charges max. Ultimate consumes all charges and for every charge will restore 1 SP.
2-pc boosts Physical DMG by 20% for Basic, Combo and Charged ATKs and another 15% bonus Physical DMG against MECH enemies. While after Ultimate, it will boost another 20% of Total DMG of Basic, Combo, and Charged ATK for 8s.
3-pc will reduces Total DMG taken by 30% after casting Ultimate and improve Ignore Interrupt for 8s. If equipped by either Rozaliya or Liliya, charges of individual stigmata starts at 5 and max at 8.

For FT who is a sustained PHYSICAL melee DPS that heavily depends on Charged ATK, all of the Dickens Stigmata provide a MASSIVE boost in both Physical DMG and Total DMG while at the same time can restore HP and SP and reduce Total DMG taken. It is a combination of both offense and defense making these set perfect for Physical Damage Dealer like FT.

Charged ATK | Ultimate



FT gameplay using Dickens Set:




In term of Physical DMG Dealer, there are lots of other stigmata that are suitable for FT that can provide tons of Physical DMG bonus or Total DMG bonus.



Sleeper's Dream|Jingwei (T)|Marco Polo (M)|Lier (B)


Jingwei (T) provide 31% Total DMG Multiplier when there are only 1 enemy on the battlefield. This stigmata are widely known across every Captain that are suitable for any Damage Dealer Valkyrie.
Marco Polo (M) increase Crit DMG by 25%. When Combo Hit Count exceed 30, gain another 25% Crit DMG.
Lier (B) provide 46% Physical DMG at 100% or higher HP.

This set is another set of equipment that are mostly for Physical Damage Dealer. For F2P Captain, this set is the best set you can acquired from Foundry. If Lier (B) is a bit expensive for your tight budget, you can easily change it into Attila (B). Even though Attila is 3* Stigmata, it still do the job in increasing Physical DMG.

Charged ATK | Ultimate



FT gameplay using this Stigmata Set:




Sleeper's Dream|Kafka (T)|Kafka (M)|Isaac Newton (B)/Lier (B)


Kafka (T) provide a 2.5% Total DMG Multiplier and 2.5% Crit DMG buff for 5s upon scoring a Crit hit, with max stack 8.
Kafka (M) boosts Physical DMG by 5% for 5s after scoring a Crit hit with max stack 8.
Kafka 2-pc gives the host 45% Total DMG Multiplier buff for 12s after triggering Charged ATK.
Isaac Newton (B) initiates Challenge Mode after attacking enemies that lasts for 5s. During Challenge Mode, attacks gain 41% Total DMG Multiplier but hits taken also gain 31% Total DMG Multiplier.
Isaac Newton can be replaced with Lier (B) because of the similarities of the buff given. 

For ? Captain, aside from Dickens, this set also another powerful set that can bring out FT potential as Physical DMG Dealer.

Charged ATK | Ultimate



FT gameplay using this Stigmata Set:




Sleeper's Dream|Michelangelo (T)|Planck (M)|Michelangelo (B)


Michelangelo (T) increases Physical DMG by 7.2% for 3s every Basic ATK (including Charged and Combo). Stacks up to 5 times.
Planck (M) boosts Physical DMG by 51% but the host will take 72% more Physical DMG when hit.
Michelangelo (B) increases Crit DMG by 14% for 3s every Basic ATK (including Charged and Combo) and stacks up to 5 times.
Michelangelo 2-pc provide 15% Total DMG Multiplier. Upon entering the battlefield, further gain 15% Total DMG Multiplier for 15s.

Charged ATK | Ultimate



FT gameplay using this Stigmata Set:




Sleeper's Dream|Jingwei (T)|Zorro (M)|Zorro (B)


Zorro (M) provide 41% Crit DMG. After Ultimate Evasion, gain an additional 15% Crit Rate for 5s.
Zorro (B) boosts Physical DMG by 20%. After Ultimate Evasion, gain an additional 20% Physical DMG for 5s.
Zorro 2-pc grants 20% Total DMG Multiplier for 5s after Ultimate Evasion, Combo/Charged ATK.

Evade > Charged ATK | Evade > Ultimate






Fun fact: Every instances does not even reach  30-hit combo and finish within an average of 20 seconds. 

Drive Kometa Equipment: [Briareus EX], [Picasso (T), Picasso (M), Isaac Newton (B)]

Celestial Hymn Equipment: [11th Leitourgia], [Gustav Klimt (T), Gustav Klimt (M), Isaac Newton (B)]





Fervent Tempo|Drive Kometa|Celestial Hymn


  • As a melee damage dealer, FT benefit a lots from Drive Kometa's shield protection and also bonus 25% Physical DMG and 10% Crit Rate as long as the shield holds. Beside that, DK's QTE and Ultimate can gather enemies so that FT can deal more damage consistently. Lastly, DK's single shots also create a Crippling Field where enemies within will suffer reduced Ignore Interrupt, take 50% more shield DMG and are weakened. With this field, it will trigger FT's passive damage boost.
  • CH are widely known as the best Physical Support especially when equipped with 11th Leitourgia. Her QTE alone will impair the enemy by 50% and with the weapon's active skill, teammates will gain 20% Crit Rate


FT DK CH vs Shadow Knight (38016 pts):




Fervent Tempo|Drive Kometa|Divine Prayer


  • DP also does not lose in term of support, her passive skill will impair random enemy to lower its DEF by 80% for 6s every 10s. This passive skill occurs when she is on standby.


FT DK DP vs Kallen (37824 pts):





First of all, every Captain will have the chance of acquiring Molotov Cherry battlesuit in version 4.3 as there will be free gifts in conjunction of Honkai 4th Anniversary where Captain can choose either Molotov Cherry Character Card or 600 Ancient Willpower or 160 Fervent Core.


So does upgrading her into 4⭐-6⭐ Augment core worth it? In my opinion, Yes.


Take this opinion with a grain of salt, but as an F2P Captain myself, I can see that the damage of Fervent Tempo even with F2P equipment set (Jingwei T, Marco Polo M, and Lier B) is just as good as her signature Dickens set. Even with SS rank 4⭐ Augment Core, with the help of support valkyrie, she can defeat Memorial Arena SS-Boss such as Shadow Knight, Kallen and Hephaetus with ease.


Especially Captains who lack Physical Damage Dealer, upgrading MC into FT is a very good choice and option. Incase you are wondering which Augmentation is better between Danzai Spectramancer and Fervent Tempo, I would definitely think FT are much more functional than DS in term of Main Damage Dealer. I personally stop upgrading DS just to save my resources to upgrade FT into 6Augment Core.


You have reach the end of this guide, this is Captain Hoshina, thank you reading and have a nice day!