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The Unforgotten Memento


This comprehensive guide will take a quick overview of the S-rank Battlesuit, Goushinnso Memento, and dive into specific aspects of gameplay where she excels the most. 
Goushinnso Memento is Yae Sakura's Mech Elemental Battlesuit, which specializes in high Burst Damage
Base-S Characters are, per tradition, evaluated at S-rank compared to their SSS A-rank counterparts. Her Rank-up implications will be explored but will not be the core focus. 


Video Walkthrough: 

Goushinnso Memento's Profile: 
Alignment: Mecha
Damage Type: Elemental
Class: Midrange AoE DPS
QTE Trigger Condition: Shield Break
QTE Triggers: Freeze 
Special Weapon: Ice Epiphyllum

Rank Upgrade:
SS Skill-Link (From Shadow Dash): Critical Strikes recover an additional 15 Kinetic Energy
SS Non-Linked: Ultimate recovers an additional 200 Kinetic Energy; Recover 10 Kinetic Energy while undeployed. 
SSS: Evasion Skill has a 30% chance to freeze enemies hit by the Clone.  

Skill Breakdown: 
Kit Focus: High Burst through Combo Attacks with minimal Ramp Time
Primary Damage method: Combo Attacks that consume Kinetic Energy

Resource: Kinetic Energy (200 units per bar, 5 bars)

Effect: Every full bar of Kinetic Energy allows Goushinnso Memento to perform one Combo Attack (Zankeki Ultra). It is charged through Switch Skill, Weapon Passive, Basic Attacks, Dodging, and Ultimate.  

Combo Strike: Zenkeki ULTRA

Effect: Consume Kinetic Energy to unleash devastating damage against all enemies in front of her. 
Uses: Primary Damage-dealing method. Very powerful burst easily stacked with Buffers and Debuffers. 

QTE Skill: Freezing Art

Effect: Freezes all enemies in a line in front of her, and recover 205 Kinetic Energy if any enemy is hit (Normal switch will also regain Kinetic Energy if enemies are hit). 
Uses: Supplements some damage when necessary. Her QTE skill is weak but easy to trigger. 

Evasion Skill: Clone Step

Effect: Recover Kinetic Energy and summon a Clone that deals some Ice damage. 

Ultimate: Frigid Rave
Ultimate Type: Activated 

Effects: Deal high Ice and Physical damage to a wide area in front of her, recover 250 Kinetic Energy, and recovers Health if any enemy is killed. 
Uses: Memento charges her SP very slowly, and is often used to fuel her Weapon skill, which means that her Ultimate is not used very often. However, the heal can come in handy in Abyss and she can do respectable damage afterwards thanks to the influx of Kinetic Energy and a damage buff to Combo attacks after using the Ultimate. 

Gear and Comp

Gear/Comp Recommendations: 


Building Memento: 
Goushinnso Memento relies exclusively on her Combo to do damage. This means that you should only pick stigmatas that buff Combo All or Ice/Elemental Damage. 

Core Skills: 

Her Switch/QTE skill, Falling Sakura, will be the primary way for you to regenerate Kinetic Energy, which fuels her Combo Skill. 

Frost Fang provides the DPS increase to her Combo Skill as long as you have any Kinetic Energy left. 

Since Memento have only one passive that provides a damage multiplier (40% Elemental against Frozen, Stunned, Paralyzed and Time Slowed enemies), it is recommended you mix and match Stigmatas that provide different multipliers. However, note that Elemental Supports (Such as Phoenix, Jin Shengtan 2-set, and others) often provide only Elemental Damage increase, which makes All Damage modifiers slightly more valuable. 
Nohime Set, for instance, provides only high Elemental Damage (with T providing some restricted All Damage increase). Couple this with Memento's lack of innate Freeze/Slow abilities, Nohime Set is actually quite suboptimal compared to the builds listed below. 

Build 1: Ice Epiphyllum, Schrodinger-Beach Party Mei-Shakespeare

This is her ultimate set to handle everything, which pushes her advantages to the limit. Schrodinger T provides massive increase to the first 3 hits of her Combo Attack, and Beach Party Mei and Shakespeare provides the highest possible increase to her damage with a mix of All and Elemental damage. This build does require a particular playstyle that may not be intuitive or easy to use, so do make sure to familiarize yourself with the special way to play Memento under this build before attempting to use it. 

Build 2: Ice Epiphyllum, Robert Peary-Robert Peary-Shakespeare

This set provides higher versatility, allowing those who are not particularly good at using her Schrodinger build (which requires high precision controls). It also consistently provides a mix of All and Elemental damage, giving her a smoother curve compared to Nohime Set. 

Build 3: Ai-Chan's Crutch, Lier Scarlet-Higokumaru Formals-Darwin

This is the strongest set without using any Gacha piece (with Lier Scarlet T grindable through Bounty Mark/Time Swirl). All pieces here provide a decent damage increase applicable to both her Combo and her Ultimate (with the exception of Lier Scarlet T). 

Build 4: Gluttony Scimitar, Shigure Kira-Tesla-Tesla

This is the ultimate budget build for Memento, using no 4* or event equipment (with the Gluttony Scimitar easily obtainable from Befall). Shigure Kira T provides consistent improved damage, while Tesla M gives a buff against frozen targets (from either Ultimate or QTE), and Tesla 2-set provide improved damage against Shield-broken targets. The Gluttony Scimitar also provides invaluable SP gain for her teammates when scoring a kill. 

Building Around Memento: 
Goushinnso Memento is a DPS that requires very little Uptime, allowing for two team-building paths: One, using her as supplementary damage-dealer, opting for a hit-and-run style that scores hefty damage once in a while (similar to that of a QTE warrior such as Violet Executor), or the other, concentrating enormous support potential to make Memento's Burst obliterate any enemy standing in her path immediately. In either paths, it is essential to mitigate Memento's glaring weakness, which is her unsustainable damage output. By introducing a secondary DPS, you can minimize Memento's Uptime to make sure every second counts when she is on-field; and by providing the appropriate support, you can obliterate your foes directly without ever involving her low-DPS downtime. 

Comp 1: Dimension Breaker-Ranger-Memento

This comp is the epitome of concentrated burst: Ranger gathers enemies together, Dimension Breaker's Switch + Tyr Active decimate their shields, which triggers Memento's QTE and allows her to freeze + DPS all enemies that are gathered tightly. If any enemy survives the first onslaught, the process can easily be repeated by allowing Ranger to gather them again. 

Comp 2: Memento-Night Squire-Chariot

This comp provides for some additional flexibility, and makes Night Squire the core DPS of the team. Memento can perfectly cover for Night Squire’s short downtime (to regenerate Ripple) and supplement against Mech targets, which Night Squire is weak against. However, note that since this comp does not have dedicated support for either DPS, the usage is limited to stages where extremely high damage is not necessary (Event Stages, Apotheosis, Story Mode, etc). 


Memorial Arena, Abyss and Apotheosis

Memorial Arena and Abyss: 

Memorial Arena remains one of Goushinnso Memento's strong suits. With appropriate team building and powerful support, she can nail a wide array of Bosses for over 30k Score easily, and she was one of the longest record-keepers on numerous bosses that remained unchallenged (Phoenix-Executer-Memento on Benares, Memento-Chariot-Scarlet Fusion on Cursed Soul, Dimension Breaker-Scarlet Fusion-Memento on Padrino, Shadow Knight-Kriegsmesser-Memento on Herrscher of the Void, etc) until the addition of ELFs. 

In the Phoenix-Executer-Memento Benares fight, for instance, let us take a look at how the Burst-Stacking works (Refer to the video above for the clip): 

Starting with Phoenix, she applies the first Newton with her Evasion-Reflect, and we immediately switch to Executer, who will Time Fracture with her QTE and apply her Jin circle and Newton debuff. At this point, both Newtons will last for 5 seconds, and Phoenix's passive will last for 12 seconds. 
When Memento enters, she dodge backwards to create distance (and prevent the first, weak basic from proccing Schrodinger prematurely) and launch her attack. When her first attack connects, only 3 seconds have elapsed (pay attention to the upper-right corner timer). Memento then unleashes her combo strikes over the next 1.5 seconds, completely obliterating the first two bars of health on Benares. This whole process takes just a bit under 5 seconds, aligning perfectly with all the buffs and debuffs applied by Phoenix and Executer. 

Similar execution can be seen on many other Memorial applications,where Memento is able to devastate the Boss with precise application of buffs and debuffs from supporting Valkyries. 


Memento has fell out of favor in Abyss (Infinity, Dirac and Singularity alike) due to drastically increased health pool on enemies, as well as high, unreducible elemental resistance stemming from high Abyss Intensity/Disturbance/Temperature. It is usually not recommended to take Memento out for Abyss anymore as even some Free-to-play Valkyries (such as Bladestrike or Swallowtail) can perform better. However, should you still want to take her out in Abyss, please take a look at the video to see some tips for maximizing her uptime and damage potential. 

In Apotheosis, Memento is an excellent addition that can handle various Stage conditions, most notably any stage that favors Melee Elemental DPS (Yae Sakura Boss, for instance) or otherwise drastically improves SP gain or Elemental Damage done. 


Overall Recommendation:

Goushinnso Memento is often considered to be a relic of the past. Her applications in the present environment is heavily restricted, and newer Valkyries offer enhanced damage curve for only slightly weaker Burst damage. In addition, her difficult-to-maneuver Burst technique makes it very difficult for newer players to handle her efficiently. 
However, she still offers one of the strongest skills for Burst Stacking. The extremely short 3-second Burst Window allows perfect alignment with buffers like Newton B easily with enough practice. If you are willing to spend a long time mastering the arts of Burst Stacking, she will be a strong addition against numerous Memorial Arena bosses. 
Overall, I would not recommend her if you are interested in a Valkyrie appropriate for the current meta, which heavily favors sustained burst. However, if you are looking for an interesting addition to your Memorial Arena and Events Roster, Goushinnso Memento can pull through in all kinds of different scenarios that require swift dispatch of enemies.